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 An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift

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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:23 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 19

“Zeldafan! Start the adminmobile!” shouted Simian to his friend as he leaped into the spare adminmobile in the fashion of a character from The Dukes of Hazzard.

Zeldafan realized that he hadn’t received the keys from AFL yet and shouted a curse word that he didn’t know he had in his vocabulary, along with several others that he improvised into existence at that very moment.

Zeldafan and Simian got out of the ice cream truck and took the elevator out of the secret underground cave housing the spare adminmobile. They ran madly around the base back and forth looking for AFL.

“I accuse… Colonel Mustard… In the Ballroom. With the Candlestick!” shouted Shadow, pointing a finger accusingly at Kitchensink, just because he had chosen to use the mustard yellow game token and in a way represented “Colonel Mustard”.

Shadow reached for the yellow envelope in the middle of the Clue game board and opened it up hastily. He slowly pulled out the cards and read what really happened.

In Shadow’s mind, his thoughts went “Candlestick… Yes…” as he saw the card with the candlestick on it. He pulled up the next card with his thumb. “Wewt. Two for two… Ballroom. Yes. I’m so awesome…” He read the last card and went silent for a few seconds.

Bloogoo and Kitchensink stared at him in anticipation. Kitchensink nervously drank a Wild Cherry Pepsi that he had spiked with Splenda. The slurping noise made Bloogoo lean even further on the edge of his seat in excitement.

“Damn it!” muttered Shadow, throwing his fist forward and releasing his clenched fist, sending the three cards onto the table, all landing face up and ruining the game. Mr. Green had been the actual killer, who he had coincidentally picked to play as.

“Aw man! What’d you do that for!? Me and Kitchensink were still playing! Now we need something else to do!” shouted Bloogoo, grabbing one of the murder weapons from the board.

“Please don’t hurt me!” shouted Shadow with big fearful eyes as Bloogoo bludgeoned him in the shoulder repeatedly with the tiny wrench. “Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.”

“All right that’s enough you guys. We know why we’re here. We need to discuss theories on where Elvis is hiding, since we know he isn’t dead.” Kitchensink said aloud, biting noisily into an apricot.

“Agreed.” Shadow and Bloogoo said simultaneously.

“Now we must continue to come up with theories on why the government is lying to us and why Elvis has to stay in hiding so they don’t kill him.” Kitchensink told them, grabbing a notebook and a ballpoint pen.

“Poor Elvis. We’ll find him!” said Bloogoo, chugging a can of Wild Cherry Pepsi.

“Wait but you guys, if we do find Elvis, and you’re right with this theory of yours… That Elvis was the witness to some alien crash landing and the government wants him dead because he wanted to inform the public through his music using his celebrity status as the king of rock… Wouldn’t he be pissed? I mean… The government is trying to find him and wants him dead. If we tell everyone where he is… They’d go there to kill him.” Shadow said, suddenly beginning to use his head since joining the "Elvis Isn’t Dead Club" that Bloogoo and Kitchensink had made him join.

“Huh?” said Kitchensink, completely missing the point.

“You do have a point…” said Bloogoo, scratching his chin thoughtfully.

“What was the name of this crash anyway?” asked Shadow.

“Roswell, New Mexico. 1947.” Kitchensink informed him winking, as he doodled a picture of a bowl of ramen on his notebook.

“This theory makes no sense…” said Shadow raising a brow.

“Huh?” said Bloogoo, noisily chewing on a juicy apricot.

“The rumored Roswell crash took place in New Mexico in 1947 you guys. Elvis didn’t die until 1977. That’s a thirty year difference…” Shadow said, walking up to a chalkboard and picking up a white piece of chalk.

Shadow struck out “Witness to Alien Crash” from the list of reasons that Elvis was in hiding on their chalkboard listing preposterous reasons for why Elvis would be hiding if he wasn’t really dead.

“What the hell Shadow! Now because of you we have no leads!” Kitchensink yelled furious.

“Your leads sucked anyway.” Shadow said, preparing for a fight.

“Let’s kill him! Now we’ll never find Elvis!” Bloogoo shouted angrily.

Soma and Laclipsey ran into Zeldafan as they turned a corner of the base. Zeldafan fell against a mirror, shattering it, and stumbling halfway to the ground before pushing himself back up by pressing his arm against the wall for support. Zeldafan put his arm against his side and tried to keep at a steady pace as he searched for AFL. Soma and Laclipsey followed him as he searched the base.

“What are we doing!? What’s the plan!?” Soma shrieked deliriously.

Laclipsey’s eyes shifted back and forth from each of his friends, as he tried to fully understand what was happening a bit better. He remained silent. Zeldafan didn’t say anything either.

“Zeldafan! What are we doing!?” said Soma, grabbing Zeldafan’s Holy Golf Club of Doom from his side and bonking him on the head, demanding his attention immediately.

“Plan? What plan? I don’t plan. I just do. Our future is only what we make of it. I refuse to compromise. Things like that you don’t plan ahead because you can never fully foresee all the tiny little things that could screw you over.” grunted Zeldafan, turning back to look her in the face.

Zeldafan thought she looked nice but didn’t say anything. He was kind of shy. He simply smirked and grabbed his golf club back.

“I need to find AFL. He has the keys still. You guys seen him?” Zeldafan asked them.

“Yeah. He’s still in the room with all the TVs and stuff. I’ll go get them if you want. You go round up whoever else is coming and head to the adminmobile. Take the elevator behind the bookcase! It’s faster than the other elevator to the secret underground cave!” said Laclipsey, running off to find AFL and leaving Soma and Zeldafan alone.

“Which one!?” shouted Zeldafan as Laclipsey ran like Forrest Gump.

“The one with the books nobody likes to read!” he hollered back before he was out of sight.

“Why do we keep the adminmobiles in a secret underground cave anyway? And why is it a secret also if everyone in Megabuddies HQ knows that it exists?” Soma wondered aloud.

She turned to look at Zeldafan, expecting him to come up with at least a witty remark, if not the answer she hoped for.

“Uh. I have no idea actually Soma. That is a very good question. Anyway let’s go.” Zeldafan said, grabbing her hand and running to find Simian.

Soma held his hand tight. She kind of liked him. But she wasn’t going to say anything. Zeldafan was the same way.

Simian suddenly kicked down the door of the room that was hosting the “Elvis Isn’t Dead Club” meeting. He didn’t have time for doorknobs. Not today. Not one second. He looked at Shadow, who was currently flying around in a circle on a ceiling fan, with the back of his shirt hooked on one of the fan’s blades.

“Help me Simian!” Shadow gasped, looking kind of green.

“Whoa!” Simian said, quickly turning off the switch.

“He’s free! We’re in trouble! Run!” said Kitchensink and Bloogoo, jumping behind the sofa out of sight.

“Aaaaaagh!” screamed Shadow as he flew into a wall as his shirt came loose from the fan.

He hit the wall with a thud and dizzily stood up. Shadow pointed at the sofa.

“You’re dead…” he muttered, dizzily walking for the couch and tripping on an apricot.

“Do you think he knows where we are?” Bloogoo whispered to Kitchensink.

“Yes I do…” answered Shadow, trying to push himself up, then laying back down on the ground. He put his finger to his lips for a second. “Excuse meh… BLECK.”

Shadow vomited Pepsi and apricot chunks all over Kitchensink’s notebook.

“Our theories and notes! NOOOOO!!!!” shouted Kitchensink at the top of his lungs, placing his arm over dramatically into the air at the notebook.

“WE FAILED YOU ELVIS!!!” cried Bloogoo as his voice began choking up and tears formed in his tear ducts.

“You guys. Enough! There are bigger things going on then you and Elvis.” Simian told them, grabbing a Pepsi and sniffing it cautiously.

Simian took a sip of the Pepsi and coughed violently. His lips sputtered the liquid away from his mouth.

“Uh what the heck did you do to this?” he asked.

“We didn’t do nothing!” they told him.

“It sucks…” Simian said, tossing the can to the side.

“What can be bigger than Elvis?” asked Kitchensink, crossing his arms, refusing to even accept the idea that something could be more important.

“Crimson, Gbleek, and Cajun are trapped at a Wal-Mart. Their extraction mission went horribly, horribly wrong. Somehow Nathan and Belbell got trapped there too. Our orders from Brad are to get in and extract the precious cargo. Bring them home alive or die trying. We’re the cavalry.” Simian informed them dutifully.

“Wait… Crimson’s in trouble!? We must protect the leader! And minions... But especially the leader!” gasped Shadow, standing up and rushing out the door behind Simian.

Sink and Bloogoo quickly followed behind Shadow, needing to hear no more other than that the leader was in trouble, and bolted out the door past Simian.

Simian ran in a different direction than they did.

Zeldafan and Soma ran into Kitchensink, Shadow, and Bloogoo in the hall as they ran around looking for their friends.

“You guys! Follow me! Where’s Simian!?” Zeldafan ordered.

"He was with us a second ago!" shouted Shadow, looking behind him. "Where did he go!?"

"You lost him!?" muttered a disgruntled Zeldafan.

“He’s probably looking for Tom, Zeldafan.” Soma said calmly. “I’m sure he knows to head back to the adminmobile once he finds everyone. He’s his best friend. He’s not going to let Geo murder him over a freaking Disney movie…” she quickly added in.

“I can’t go with you. Take them. He doesn’t know that you and I are going to the adminmobile already and that Laclipsey’s heading out too. I need to find him.” Zeldafan said, letting go of her hand.

Zeldafan ran around the base looking for his friend.

Simian took a punch from Geo for getting in between him and his revenge. Simian fell to the floor and Geo resumed growling like a mad-man and pounding heavily on the wooden door to the bathroom that Tom was holed up in trying to hide from him.

“You will PAY!!!” snarled Geo, kicking on the door.

“How much!?” asked Tom nervously.

“With your LIFE!!! BURN IN HELL!!!” Geo shouted, banging his head on the door enraged that he couldn’t get in.

Simian stood back up. He heard footsteps and looked behind him. Zeldafan was strafing from the side of a corner up to Geo with his Holy Golfclub of Doom out like a baseball bat.

“PLEASE! NO!!! EEEEE… SAVE ME!!! DON’T LET ME DIE IN HERE!!!” screamed Tom, tearing through the medicine cabinet for some pills to overdose on, preferring suicide then the extreme pain that Geo had promised.

Zeldafan savagely whacked Geo on the back of the head and knocked him out again. Geo fell to the floor unconscious for now.

“You have good timing Zeldafan.” smiled Simian, smirking and kicking down the door to the bathroom with one powerful well placed kick. He had learned all his moves from observing Chuck Norris kicking butt in the Missing in Action trilogy and Walker Texas Ranger.

Once again, Simian didn’t feel that he had time to waste on doorknobs. Not one bit.

“Nice kick.” commented Zeldafan, putting the golf club back up as if it were a saber.

“Tom what are you doing!?” screamed Simian, running up to Tom and bashing his hands.

Several various pills fell from his hands and rolled down the drain in the sink.

“Um. Doesn’t matter anymore… Yeah…” Tom said, sweating nervously.

Tom and Simian grabbed opposite ends of Geo and carried him to the secret elevator while Zeldafan sprinted ahead to start the adminmobile so they could gun it the second they were inside the vehicle.

About two minutes later they arrived at the adminmobile. Tom and Simian shoved Geo into the freezer and locked him inside, figuring that as long as he was in a cryogenic state he couldn’t try and kill anyone.

“Go Zeldafan! Kierstin needs me…” Shadow shouted at the driver with frantic hand motions to describe his anxiousness, all while fantasizing her falling in love with him if he saved her. “Heh heh heh…” he smiled dreamily at the thought.

“I’m going!” Zeldafan screamed back.

Laclipsey pushed a button on the adminmobile and the entrance to the secret cave opened up. Zeldafan floored the adminmobile, this time using it’s nitro boosters to fly out of the base at rocket speed. Laclipsey pushed the button again and the entrance closed back up.

“Not very discrete are we!?” groaned Soma, pinned to the back of the adminmobile unable to move because of the great speed at which they were traveling, her mouth flapping as she tried to talk.

“Nah. But who cares?” said Simian as the adminmobile raced on public streets at super speed, recklessly endangering innocent civilians and other motorists as they swerved left and right randomly.

Outside all around them, everyone was screaming. Inside the adminmobile though, the passengers were eating ice cream and listening to rock music happily without a care in the world.

End of Act 19
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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:24 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 20

“Well well well. Look what I found.” Gbleek said to himself as he stared at a locked metal case attached to the wall. “Hey Cajun!”

“Yeah?” Cajun shouted off in the distance as he and Crimson carried a ladder that they had found over to the vent.

“Found the power box. We can shut off the security cameras and lights in the store!” Gbleek said, pulling on the handle, as the chain from the lock rattled against the metal each time he banged it slightly open and then closed it again.

“Coming.” Cajun said. “Crimson find some flashlights so that we aren’t stranded in the dark once we get it open.”

“K.” Crimson said disinterested, since she had night vision and believed it to be a waste of her time, humoring the mortals.

Crimson grabbed the crowbar from Cajun and climbed up the steps of the ladder. When she reached the final rung she began prying on the end of the vent, trying to rip it off.

Nathan had woken up by now and was holding some heavy duty rope that he had found in the back while he was looking for the ladder.

Cajun found Gbleek and stared at it.

“It’s locked.” said Gbleek, pointing out the obvious.

“I can see that.” Cajun confirmed.

“Think we could break it open with an axe?” asked Gbleek.

“Definitely.” said Cajun.

“Good. Stand back.” Gbleek raised an axe into the air, alerting Cajun to the fact that he was wielding an axe.

“Whoa holy *!@!” screamed Cajun, grabbing it from Gbleek. “I don’t trust you. I’LL do it.”

“But I wanted to hack things to hell…” whined Gbleek unhappily.

“Hmm double-bladed… Nice.” Cajun commented as he looked at the adamantium axe in his hands. “Where’d you get it anyway?”

“I nicked it off of Simian during a split second where he let his guard down. It only took me eight seconds.” Gbleek boasted proudly.

Cajun swung several times at the box, denting it badly at first, and then eventually breaking the lock. The chain and lock fell off and Cajun swung it open.

“Hey Crimson! Do you have the flashlights!?” hollered Cajun.

“YES, HUMAN. GEEZ. You don’t trust a vampire?” Crimson lied greatly annoyed.

Crimson swung the crowbar at the vent and woke up Belbell with all of the racket she was creating. Belbell quickly collected her “babies”, the Furbies, and stood up. She stared at Crimson. Crimson blinked.

“Yesh?” said Crimson, frowning, being unhappy that she was being stared at. “Yes I am skinnier than you. And I always will be. Ha ha ha. Go ahead. Get a good look at it? Done? Good now you might want to watch where you’re walking for this next part."

The lights flipped off as Cajun and Gbleek killed the power for the store.

“Aaaah!!! DARK!!!” screeched Belbell.

“Turn on the flashlights. We can’t see where we are Crimson… Help…” said Gbleek.

“What flashlights?” smirked Crimson, looking around with perfect 50/50 vision.

“CRIMSON! You didn’t get the flashlights did you!?” said Cajun, facepalming.

“Nah. I don’t need em.” smiled Crimson.

“WE do.” said Gbleek pissed.

“Oh yeah…” said Crimson realizing this. “Hold on…” Crimson stuck her tongue out of her mouth in a goofy fashion and dug her hand into her pockets. “No that’s not it… That’s not it either… AH” Crimson took out several flashlights from out of nowhere in her pockets and turned them on. “Happy? Ooooahahahhaha” said Crimson goofily, shining the flashlight at Belbell and the Furbies.

“BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT!!! SHIELD US MAMA!!!” chirped the Furbies in fear, hiding their faces from the flashlight.

“Huh…” said Nathan getting an idea.

“Don’t even think of scaring my babies with shadow puppets Nathan!” scolded Belbell.

“Um yeah… Shadow puppets…” said Nathan. He wasn’t thinking of shadow puppets.

Crimson shined the flashlights at Gbleek and Cajun so that they found their way back to the main group unharmed. She tossed a lit flashlight to each of her friends and lifted the remaining flashlight up to her face. She sniffed it cautiously and then opened her mouth and swallowed it whole.

Her stomach was glowing from the inside, and her friends could see the contents of her stomach, which currently was some sort of mush, probably the blood orange, a strawberry, two pennies, the flashlight, a Tom Kenny bobble head, and a Bumblebee Transformer action figure that she had bought on Ebay but had grown tired of.

Her friends stared at her awkwardly.

“What!? I get hungry sometimes…” defended Crimson.

Crimson swung at the vent again and the end of the vent fell off, landing on the floor with a heavy rattling clang.

Suddenly the emergency lights came on in the warehouse, flickering on one by one.

“No no no!!!” screamed Nathan. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be!”

“I gotz it. Vampire people first.” said Crimson, grabbing the end of the vent and pulling herself up onto the edge of the vent. Crimson pulled her body fully inside and began crawling away into the dark snaking vent.

Gbleek got onto the ladder next, followed by Cajun.

Cajun had just gotten inside of the vent and begun crawling when suddenly the doors burst open in the room. Their defenses had been weakened so much by Nathan they now proved impossible to contain the horrors of the main store.

“GO GO GO!!!” shouted Nathan, pushing desperately on Belbell’s butt that was above his face with both of his hands as hard as he could.

“How rude.” scoffed Belbell displeased, taking her time.

Nathan, who was currently last in line to go into the vent, was still climbing up the ladder, about halfway up.

Several employees in blue vests rushed ahead of everyone else breaking into the room. They screeched, foaming at the mouth, and leaped into the air over several boxes. They grabbed the ladder and began shaking it, trying to make Belbell and Nathan let go.

“RAAAAGH!!!” screeched an employee unintelligibly, biting on the sole of Nathan’s shoe.

“AAAH!” Nathan screamed, kicking him in the eye. “BELBELL! GO FASTER!!! DON’T STOP!!!” he screamed.

Employees were clawing at Nathan’s legs and trying to pull him off the unstable wooden ladder. “Help!!!”

“Gbleek! Crimson! Keep moving! We might have company soon!!!” shouted Cajun at the top of his lungs in the vent.

Cajun’s voice traveled down the vent, getting increasingly louder as it echoed further and further down the vent.

When it got to Crimson she began crawling super fast, quickly leaving Cajun and Gbleek behind. She turned to the right and out of the sight of Cajun and Gbleek.

“HEY WAIT UP!” shouted Gbleek, quickly following the leader and ditching Cajun.

End of Act 20
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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:26 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 21

Belbell pulled herself into the vent and began crawling, ignoring her love’s pleas for her to save him, more interested in protecting herself and her beloved Furbies.

Nathan kicked another employee in the face as they lunged for his leg with their arm and quickly climbed to the end of the ladder.

“TAKE IT DOWN! THIS AREA IS RESTRICTED!” screeched an evil employee. “The drone must die!” he said.

The other employees began shaking the ladder with Nathan still on it and he began wobbling about to fall off. Nathan’s hand quickly caught the metal vent right as they took the ladder away from him. As it fell to the ground, stirring up a mini dust mushroom cloud below him, he struggled to pull himself up to freedom.

Below him the employees were jumping up and down trying to catch his dangling body.

“Er…” groaned Nathan. “Belbell… Help me…”

Belbell sighed and put down her Furbies. “Go help Daddy! PROTECT!” commanded Belbell to her troop of Furbies.

The Furbies cocked their heads stupidly, then turned around and wheeled their bodies over to the end of the vent near Nathan’s hands. Nathan’s face was red as he struggled to pull himself. He wasn’t able to get a good grip before the ladder was pushed down.

“DIE!!!” snarled the employees below him, several were getting on each others backs and building a human pyramid so that they could catch their prey, dangling above their heads.

“Hurry Furbies…” said Nathan, fearing why the Furbies had agreed to help him.

An employee got onto a friend’s back and jumped up into the air, successfully grabbing Nathan’s left leg.

“AAAGH!!!” screamed Nathan in fear, as the weight pulled him down some. One of Nathan’s hands came off the vent momentarily but he quickly placed it back on.

The Furbies neared the edge and lined up to face him. Meanwhile the employee was dangling in the air with Nathan, inevitably dooming Nathan with his weight. The employee and Nathan were in the air above the rest of the employees below the vent.

“Please help me…” whispered Nathan to the Furbies nervously.

The Furbies eyes all suddenly turned red and Nathan heard them talking in his head again.

“Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh… Who ever said we were saving you? Good bye… Nathan. We don’t like you… We… HATE you… And your girlfriend is next. If only your friends weren’t so stupid. You’re the only one who sees through our act of benevolence.” the Furbies said in his head telepathically.

“NOOOOO!!!” screamed Nathan at the top of his lungs as the Furbies all began violently pecking at Nathan’s hands, trying to get him to let go of the vent.

Nathan’s red face had tears rolling down his cheeks as the Furbies attacked him.

Holes were poked entirely though his fingers and hand, and blood was gushing like crazy from his open wounds. “I’ll take one of you with me if it’s the last thing I do!” cried Nathan.

The Furbies continued attacking him until they realized he wasn’t going to let go! “EAT HIS TASTY FINGERS!!!” they chirped in his mind.

One of the Furbies knelt down and munched off his right thumb. Nathan’s hand slid off the metal from all the wet blood and dangled in the air with the rest of his body.

Nathan realized that he was screwed and put his hand back on the metal vent, he only needed three seconds. As another Furby lunged at his other hand to eat his other thumb, Nathan released his left hand and grabbed the Furby and then let go of the vent.

“EEEEEEK!!!” screamed the Furby as it plummeted below with Nathan.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” screamed Nathan terrified as he hugged the Furby as hard as he could, pressing it against his chest so that it couldn’t escape.

“EEEK!!! EEEK!!! EEEEK!” screamed the Furby as the employees tore him apart with their teeth.

“NOOOOO!!!! BILLY!” screamed the Furbies at their lost brother.

“CHOKE ON EM!!!” coughed Nathan as the Employees ate him alive like zombies, blood flying everywhere.

“Where are the others boy!?” the manager interrogated Nathan demandingly, as his workers ate their fill of fresh meat.

“I’ll never tell!” shouted Nathan in pain, spitting at the dude’s face with his last breath.

Nathan death rattled for thirty seconds and then there was silence, except for the loud eating sounds of the happy feast underway on his corpse.

“We failed you Mama… And mean man kill Billy because we fail Mama.” the Furbies chirped in unison with their regular eyes, feigning what really happened and sadness at failing to save Nathan.

The five remaining Furbies edged away from the end of the vent, faking great shame.

“I forgive you! Poor Billy!” cried Belbell, grabbing the Furbies as they went back to her.

Belbell didn’t mention any regrets on Nathan’s part. She picked the Furbies up and resumed crawling in the vents after Cajun, Gbleek, and Crimson.

Once Belbell had about caught up with the other she turned a corner and almost ran into Cajun.

“Where’s Nathan!?” Cajun asked her almost immediately, worried.

Belbell shook her head dramatically. “He didn’t make it.”

The Furbies laughed and grinned proudly with their mischief.

“NOOO!!!!” screamed Gbleek, punching a dent in the metal side of the vent in frustration with the loss of their comrade.

“Nathan…” said Crimson slowly. “Uh I didn’t say anything. He shall be sorely missed.” Crimson corrected herself quickly, embarrassed to admit her true feelings for her friends because she was prideful and thought it would damage how her friends respected her.

“HEY! THEY’RE IN THE VENT!!! UP THERE!” shouted an employee, lifting his chin up and staring at the vent, as blood dribbled down his face and he chewed on Nathan’s small intestine.
“Great Gbleek. Now you tipped them off. I know you didn’t mean it though… Let’s keep moving!” said Cajun, hearing the employee's new found discovery.

“The vent should lead back into the store. We’ll sneak back in at an empty spot.” said Crimson, taking a left as she crawled further on.

“Wait Crimson! Let’s go to the sporting goods! We must arm ourselves!” said Gbleek with a very very good idea.

“Okay.” Crimson said, still crawling.

“No! That’s the other way. We need to go right.” winked Gbleek.

“Oh yeah. I knew that.” lied Crimson embarrassed and blushing. Crimson turned around and crawled in the right direction this time.

Everybody behind her in the vent stared up ahead at the wondrous human flashlight that was Crimson, her belly illuminating the entire vent like a lantern.

End of Act 21

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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:27 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 22

Brad stared at the platypus as he sat in a small wooden chair much too small for his body. The platypus stared back at him smiling, eerily silent. The platypus broke the silence as he reached his webbed hand forward and grabbed a teapot.

“Sugar?” asked Phil as he poured Brad some tea into a white teacup.

“Um…” Brad pondered.

“It’s okay I know you like sugar. I’m a figment of your mind anyway…” said Phil, grabbing a pair of tweezers and picking up a lump of sugar from a container on the table.

Phil dropped it into the teacup with a kerplunk and put another in immediately after. He grabbed a spoon and stirred it some and then handed it to Brad.

“Thanks…” said Brad, as his eyes drifted around the burrow.

“Phil!? Is that you in the kitchen!?” shouted a female voice from somewhere else in the burrow.

“Oh *!@! We need to hide! She wasn’t supposed to be back til noon mate! We’re bloody screwed if she finds us!” muttered Phil with big eyes, dropping his own teacup as it was raised to his bill and he took a nice long sip.

The teacup shattered and Phil grabbed the teapot, sugar container, and a new teacup. As Brad looked around in fear, unsure of what was happening he followed Phil as they ran to a different part of the burrow.

“Quick! In here!!!” hissed Phil, pointing at a room full of portraits of old platypuses long gone.

Brad ran in, sipping his tea nervously, and Phil followed, quickly shutting the door after him.

Phil quickly locked the deadbolt to the room and sighed content.

“What was that!? Why are we hiding!? Who was she!?” asked Brad.

“That’s Pat, my live in burrow fiancé…” whispered a terrified Phil.

Phil’s tiny heart pulsated like crazy as Phil tried to recover from his close encounter with the nagging kind.

“Congrats...?” muttered Brad much in the fashion of a confused question, wondering why he was hiding from her.

“She’s a freaking gold digger… And you ever heard that thing about if you save a life it’s your responsibility. It’s a CURSE mate…” said Phil, looking around the room very paranoid.

“Okay I’m not going to ask any further questions…” said Brad.

“All right. Good. But when you get a chance… Can you imagine her to be younger, more sexy, and um less naggy?” said a gleeful Phil, placing his paws together and smiling. “See if your person ever comes to this world, if they think it then it comes true. Seeing as to how I’m a part of your mind. You… Brad you can directly influence my world. This is like a godsend.”

“Hmm okay buddy it makes sense I guess.” said Brad closing his eyes and imagining a bipedal platypus for Phil to go out with.

Phil told him a perfect description and Brad visualized it. Suddenly in the burrow, the nagging voice stopped and instead they heard a sexy seductive voice.

“It should be safe now. Sorry we had to hide in my office mate…” said Phil as he unlocked the door.

They went back to the kitchen and Phil’s eyes got big with red hearts as he saw a female platypus that was the girl of his dreams.

“Why hello hello… What’s your name love?” asked Phil, leaning in and kissing the platypus’s right hand.

The platypus giggled. “Pattè. It has accent. See?”

“I love you. And so I hear...” said Phil lovestruck.

“I love you too baby…” she whispered back, kissing him on the bill.

“Aww…” said Phil, almost fainting with happiness.

“Hey Phil. I did you a favor. Can you tell me what’s going on now!?” said Brad getting impatient, and feeling very very awkward as he watched two platypuses make out.

“Oh um… Sorry mate.” said Phil coming to his senses. “More kissing later Pattè.” Phil whispered in Pattè's ear.

“Aww….” sighed his fiancé disappointed.

His fiancé left the room and the two were alone again.

“Okay Brad. You somehow ended up in my world. My world is a part of your mind. I am your spirit animal. You are my human. Are we caught up so far?” said Phil sitting down and pouring himself another lovely cup of tea.

“Yes.” said Brad.

“More tea?” asked Phil, raising the empty teapot into the air and shaking it temptingly at Brad.


Phil filled the kettle up with water and turned on the stove. He put some tea brewing and sat back down.

“Spirit animals and their humans do NOT meet each other. Not every day at least. We communicate every day, I act as both your conscience and your sense of good judgment. I tell you good advice and send well wishes when you need me, but it’s always ultimately up to you if you are going to listen to me.”

“So… you influence my life… But indirectly?” said Brad raising a brow.

“Now you’re catching on mate!” said Phil, clapping his hands. “Mmm I love fish… Want one?” said Phil as he bit the head off a flopping fish.

“Um… You can have it.” Brad said, staring at the live fish.

“Suit yourself. More for me!” Phil ate the fish in three bites and resumed the conversation.

“What we must find out today is why. Why have we met each other?”

“Fate? It was inevitable?” asked Brad, thinking it was a question.

“I wasn’t asking. I was saying that was the question Brad. Try and keep up.” said Phil chuckling.


“There are three ways that a spirit animal can meet their human. The first way is to be stung by a Jumbawalyn Mingo Baum Beetle. Been stung by one of those lately?” asked Phil.

“A what!? No Phil…. I don’t even know what those are!” said Brad quickly eliminating their first choice.

“Nobody does Brad. Everyone always ends up using the other two ways.” said Phil quickly. “Hmm… Have you experienced extreme nausea or had any signs of pregnancy lately and eaten a Tic Tac while drinking Coca-Cola simultaneously?”

Brad stared at his spirit guide offended. “Do I look like a girl? Do I look pregnant to you!?”

“No…” said Phil, looking the other way embarrassed.

“What kind of retarded ways to meet are these? These make no sense!” shouted Brad, tugging on his hair stressed.

“Hey mate! I don’t make these rules! I’m just required to live by them!”

“I know…” said Brad slowly. “What’s the last reason…”

Phil didn’t say anything and was silent.

“Phil?” asked Brad, snapping his fingers trying to get attention.

“There is but one reason left…. The third reason… It means that you are currently dying in a desert as buzzards fly overhead and that I am supposed to help your spirit finish it’s unfinished business on Earth… I’m so sorry mate…” said Phil, bowing his head in sadness and unable to look at Brad.

“WHAT!? But I’m locked in a cage! Some carnies injected me with some serum that made me into some fox-like creature and then I passed out!” cried Brad in tears. “You’re saying they dumped my body in the desert and pretty soon giant raptors are going to be pecking my eyes out!? Oh…. Oh….” whimpered Brad hysterically.

“Wait… So you’re not in the desert!? This is a good thing…” said Phil quickly, raising his arm up in the air triumphantly. “Hooray I’m not dying!” shouted Phil, hugging himself and running up to Brad and hugging his human too.

“You’re dying? I’m the one that’s dying.” Brad said upset that Phil wasn’t pitying him.

“Hey I’m part of your mind. You die I die too.” winked Phil. “Mate. I could die just if you go into a bloody brain dead vegetative state.” Phil said educating Brad. “Hell. As long as your mind works… I’m still here. I don’t even age! Ha!!!” boasted Phil.

“This is good then… You say I’m not dying. But I don’t understand. How did we meet!?” asked Brad.

“Well… I wasn’t entirely honest with you mate. There are actually four different ways. The fourth one is just a legend though. It’s more related to “epic destiny” and “human and spirit guide are supposed to save the world from great evil”… I don’t really think it’s true… Legend had something to do with a wall… Any of that sound similar to you?” said Phil, placing his paw underneath his bill.

“Oh my god… My friends at the Wal-Mart!?” muttered Brad with big eyes.

“Wow… That’s it…” said Phil mesmerized at the epicness of his importance. “MY HUMAN. THE ONE TO SAVE THE WORLD. WOW…” said Phil with big eyes. “Oh boy oh boy oh boy. When I was just a little platypus they used to tell me stories about this. I can’t believe it’s true… I’m guessing the Wal-Mart is evil and the corporation wants to destroy the world. It’s always like that. Each version of the legend is different, but each one has the similar theme of a spirit animal guiding their human as they save the world from an evil Wal-Mart.” gasped Phil in shock, still trying to get over the fact that the story had been true.

“Whoa… What do I do?” whispered Brad, gulping his tea down hastily.

“Your friends need you now. You must go to them. You do not have much time. If you do not reach them in time, they will all die. And the world will turn to ash… Hurry my friend!” said Phil. “Remember this though. Whenever you need me, I’ll always be here. Once you establish a connection with your spirit animal it is unbreakable. You will always be able to see me in a portal in your dreams. And when you are awake you will always be able to directly hear my advice now when I try to talk to you. Imagine in your head something like Snake talking on the radio to his superiors. Except on one side you’d see my face talking and on the other side instead of Solid Snake's face you'd see your own. You’ll be able to see something almost exactly like that in your mind whenever I try and talk to you. It’s impossible to ignore them so don’t even bother trying buddy. They’ll come at random times when you need me most.”

“Sounds freaking awesome.” muttered Brad, feeling pretty important right about now.

“It IS.” squealed Phil really excited to go kick some Wal-Mart employee &*(.

“Oh and btw… You’re going to wake up in about one minute… So listen up mate.” said Phil to his human.

“How do you know?” asked Brad, interested on knowing more.

“I just know. It’s the seventeenth sense. Only spirit animals have it. Does it really matter!?” snapped Phil. “Now listen up mate! We don’t’ have much time.”

“Okay.” smiled Brad.

“You’re going to wake up in the cage. There will be two guards standing by your cage. Crawl to the end of your cage and pull down the cloth covering the end. Once you can see outside look around for the guards. One of em has the bloody key. The one that has the key should be the one standing directly in front of you. Reach your arm out and pull them against the cage. Kill them and swipe the key. Free yourself and battle your way out of the carnival. You must reach your friends in the admin-mobile. They are coming for you.”

“Hey thanks. Very detailed description. Kill guard, steal key, run like hell, find the other MBs. Got it!” said Brad giving Phil a thumbs up.

“Good luck Brad. You’ll need it…” said Phil.

“Oh and thanks for the tea Phil. It was delightful!” said Brad as everything became blurry again.

“Anytime mate.” said Phil, suddenly swirling into a bunch of colors.

Everything transformed into blackness.
Brad suddenly awoke inside of his cage sprawled all over the hay with his as of recently long pink tongue hanging outside of his mouth. Brad put his tongue back in his mouth with his paw hand and looked at the rest of his body.

“Dang I’m a fox again…” Brad said to himself displeased.

Brad crawled over to the end of the cage and pulled down the cloth preventing him from seeing what was happening outside. There were two guards nearby right as Phil had told him there would be.

“Not bad for a platypus…” thought Brad as he smirked happily.

End of Act 22

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:28 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.
Act 23

The guard standing away from the cage was next to a canvas onto which he was painting a poster. He was inside of a red circus tent and the guard next to the cage was standing directly in front of Brad, just out of arm’s reach. Brad looked at the poster and was deeply offended by it.

“Fear the Beast that Eats Babies! See the Foul Thing That Lurks Within… THE CAGE!!! Human Werewolf! Take a Gander For a Buck! Bring Your Friends! No Old People! This Exhibit is NOT for the Faint of Heart!” the sign read, and it showed a picture of a werewolf baring long bloody fangs and ripping off the bra of a scantily clad and defenseless woman, pinned against the wall by the creature’s arm and about to be eaten for dinner.

“La la la la la la la!” hummed Zeldafan as he randomly turned the steering wheel as he drove past oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road.

“You’ll kill us all!” screamed Shadow. “You’re mad!!!”

“Don’t worry. He’s an experienced driver.” Soma reassured him, leaning forward and hugging Zeldafan lovingly.

“Eep.” squeaked Zeldafan.

“Yeah… in Mario Kart...” muttered Simian under his breath as he buckled up his seatbelt.

Everyone else besides Zeldafan himself, Simian, and Soma began screaming for their lives.

“LET ME OUT!!! BLOO WANT OUT!!!” shouted Bloogoo banging on the end of the ice cream truck desperately.

“Shhh. I can’t drive with all this ruckus back there!” screamed Zeldafan displeased.

“HEY! If you’re not going to let me out of this here cage you two, can you at LEAST change the sign!? It’s taxonomically incorrect! Look at me! I’m a freaking red fox!” shouted Brad in dismay, frowning as he stared at it.

“NO!” shouted the freak painting the poster. “It’s a work of art and wolves are more MENACING then tiny FOXES. And as our prisoner you… AINT… GOT… NO… RIGHTS…”

“Yeah! Shut up you lousy man-beast freak!” shouted the man in front of him, picking up a bucket of cold water and hurling it into the cage onto Brad’s body.

Brad shook off the water like a dog and growled at the man.

“I dare you to come closer and say that again in my face you freak.” dared Brad, watching the man carefully.

“Oh yeah!?” said the man. The man leant closer to the cage, pressing his face against the bars. “Shut…Up… You… Lousy… Man-”

The man never got to finish. Brad suddenly leapt at the end of the cage and pressed his muzzle against the metal bars. Brad mauled the man’s face, biting his nose off as the man screamed for assistance from the other guard.

“Get him off of me!!! Aaaah!!!” screamed the man, as blood gushed out of his open wounds.

Brad continued to growl as he ripped the man’s face to shreds. Brad stuck his arms out of the cage and grabbed the man’s head and banged it violently against the end of the cage repeatedly, slowly bludgeoning the man to death. The freak that had been painting was almost at his friend’s side; Soon he would aid him and take the man away from the cage. Brad couldn’t allow this. He needed that key.

A big rig in front of the adminmobile toting diesel was honking it’s horn desperately, warning Zeldafan that they were about to collide. Zeldafan simply honked his horn back.

“MOVE OFF OF THE ROAD! YOU donkey! CAN’T YOU SEE I’M TRYING TO DRIVE HERE!?!?!?” roared Zeldafan out the window, raising his curled up fists angrily.

The eighteen wheeler ahead of them didn’t slow down either.

“So you want to play chicken eh?” said Simian. “You know what to do Zeldafan!”

“Push the button Soma!” shouted Zeldafan. “We aren’t slowing down. That’s for chumps. We can’t waste time on brakes!”

“Speaking of which do we even have brakes?” asked Shadow in the back.

“That’s a stupid question.” muttered Laclipsey. “Right Zeldafan?”

Nobody said anything. Soma pressed a big red button inside of the adminmobile and a sign on the front of the ice cream truck lit up in big red lights that said “NOT SLOWING DOWN!”

“You guys…?” Laclipsey asked again.

Zeldafan simply ignored him, but for a matter of fact it did have brakes.

The driver of the big rig in front of the Megabuddies saw the warning and pulled his horn frantically two more times and did a hard right to dodge the ice cream truck, flipping and crashing several times. As the adminmobile zoomed past the crash site in a lightning speed blur, Soma and the others caught a glimpse of a small mushroom cloud shaped fiery explosion behind them.

“Ooooooooh…” whimpered Simian.

“Let’s get out of here before the cops show up and ask us questions!” shouted Laclipsey at the top of his lungs.

“I can’t go no faster! This is all she’s got!” Zeldafan screamed back, flooring it at 150 miles per hour, considerably faster than a normal ice cream truck because it was really really pimped out.

Brad held the man’s head firmly against the bars and twisted his neck. He heard a loud snap and the man’s squirming body stopped moving. Brad reached down at the man’s side near his waist and snatched the metal key. He released the man and the body fell onto the ground, sprawled in a pool of blood.

“NOOO!!!” screamed the freak, who was merely a fire breather and didn’t look very intimidating.

Brad quickly unlocked the cage and kicked the door open with his right leg. Brad then leapt out of the cage, landing crouched on the dirt floor with his arms upraised in a feral attack position.

The freak quickly took out a cattle prod and turned it on. As the electricity on the end of it crackled, Brad leapt onto the man from where he was with his newfound strength and shoved him onto the ground. The fire breather shocked Brad in the chest with his weapon and his victim howled in pain. Some of Brad’s fur burnt off and where he had been shocked there was now a wound and pinkish skin exposed that was all black and red from the electricity. Brad was still unrelenting and refused to obey the pain telling him to submit to his oppressors.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” screamed Brad raising his paw hand upwards.

Brad’s claws on the tip of his pawn hand extended into longer claws, much more suited to slashing at foes and Brad struck the man in the face, leaving five red marks across the right side of his face. Brad failed to notice the wound on his chest regenerating into closed skin, just as it was before and without any scars, nor did he realize that the fur on his chest was quickly reforming.

Blood began pouring out of the marks and as the man shocked Brad in the right shoulder, burning him there but still failing to knock Brad unconscious, Brad’s other paw hand’s claws extended.

“I SAID STOP!” growled Brad angrily as he slashed the man repeatedly in the chest and face.

The man began gurgling blood and gasping his throat, his artery had been punctured during all the random slashes. As Brad’s shoulder healed, he got up and curb stomped the man until he stopped breathing and was finally dead, and finally ran to the end of the tent.

Brad poked his muzzle outside of the tent cautiously. He sniffed the air fearfully and finally protruded his face so that he could take a better look around. No other guards were to be seen, at least visibly right nearby so Brad began sprinting for dear life out into the open crowd.

“AAAAGH!!!” screamed about eighty percent of the crowd, turning around and bolting away from the furry fox nearby.

Brad was silent, panting and paying more attention to fleeing than all the confusing hysteria that he was creating. Cameras flashed almost everywhere and people were picking up their kids and running to hide. Brad found it hard to hear himself think.

“HE’S GETTING AWAY! LOOK!” shouted someone off in the distance.

Brad’s ear twitched and he recognized it as the voice of one of the freaks. Brad stopped in his tracks briefly and stood very still, sniffing the air with his feral senses.

He picked up the scent of his enemies. “Carnies…” muttered Brad.

Brad began running on his two legs and the running evolved into scampering. He leapt onto all fours, scampering faster than he was running on two legs.

“Are we there yet?” everyone in the adminmobile asked Zeldafan.

“No!!! For the thousandth time, NO!!!” Zeldafan screamed back pissed.

“How about… Now?” asked Simian.

“Dude! Don’t think that just because you’re my friend I won’t hit you!” shouted Zeldafan, raising a fist sideways at Simian’s face who was sitting in the passenger seat.

Simian giggled pleased, he was getting the desired reaction he had sought.

“Now?” asked Laclipsey bored as well.

“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” screamed Zeldafan, spit flying on the windshield as he honked the horn with each “NO!”

“Are we there… Yet?” asked Shadow.

“Shut up! Shut up! I’m trying to drive! You can’t wait ten minutes!?” asked Zeldafan stressed.

Everyone in the car shook their heads.

“I have a short attention span. I forgot things fast and easily. I’m soooo bored…” commented Soma frowning. She popped a bubble from a piece of gum in her mouth and began chewing it again.

“Grr….” Zeldafan growled.

Several carnies ran in front of him and took out machetes.

“AAAAAAAGH!!!” roared Brad leaping forward with his arms outstretched.

Brad landed on a clown’s chest and hugged him as they fell to the ground. Brad stabbed the man to death with his fingertips and swiped his arms sideways, stabbing two other carnies in the brains. They fell over dead and he resumed scampering to freedom, leaving two other carnies standing behind him.

“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?!?!?” screamed Brad at the carnies everywhere in the carnival chasing him.

“WE MADE YOU BETTER! YOU ARE ONE OF US NOW KID!” shouted an emo looking Goth clown ahead of Brad.

“GET OUT OF MY WAY!” growled Brad, still running towards him.

“Make me.” said the clown, taking out a dart gun and steadying his aim for Brad’s neck.

Brad leapt sideways when he was just in front of the clown and grabbed one of the man’s arms as he landed on his feet. Brad savagely growled as he mauled the man’s arm and ripped it off of his body.

“AAAGH! MY ARM!!!” gasped the clown in surprise. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! IT’S A JOKE! LIFE’S A JOKE… AH HA HA HA HA!!!”

Blood gushed out of the clown’s bloody stump and Brad whacked the man out cold with his own arm. He tossed it on the man’s chest and resumed running. Brad was almost to the parking lot but he still had to make it past the ticket people.

The ticket people took out several ticket whips and snapped them loudly, daring Brad to stay back and go down quietly.

“AAAGH! MOMMY! I’M SCARED!” whimpered a little girl, huddling with her family next to the ticket people.

“It’s okay. The carnies will kill it. We’re safe…” comforted the mom to her daughter.

“HEY! I’m human!” protested Brad, not much liking what he had just heard, not one tiny bit.

“AAAAAGH! IT CAN TALK!” screamed the family, suddenly running around in random circles oblivious to anything they might run into.

Brad face palmed and charged at the ticket people, baring his fangs and savagely growling instinctively at them. They raised their ticket whips and hit Brad with them repeatedly.

“AAAGH! PAPER CUTS!” whimpered Brad as he ran past them, his wounds hurting each time but quickly healing on his body.

Brad shoved the ticket people out of the way out of the way, except for one man that continued running after him as he fled, constantly whipping him three times every five seconds as he ran.

Brad turned and stuck his claws deep into the man’s throat and lifted him up into the air. As the man fidgeted in his hand Brad flung him onto a car, denting the metal deeply as the body sank far into the vehicle. The man didn’t breathe. Brad wasn’t sure if he had finished the wounded carnie off with that last move, but he didn’t have time to find out, the entire carnival had gathered and they were forming a manhunt outside of the entrance to the carnival.

Brad scampered for dear life, looking around as he ran on the road, looking desperately for the adminmobile and his friends but couldn’t see them.

Suddenly he looked ahead of him at a random car incoming at him. The car horn honked and the car did a hard swerve to dodge him. Brad closed his eyes in fear and suddenly opened them when he didn’t feel a sudden impact. He looked to the side and saw a car flipping and hitting a tree. Everywhere cars were coming at him and hitting each other in mass hysteria upon seeing Brad, his mere presence was so distracting everybody was having accidents.

Brad continued running on the road, dodging all the incoming cars and leaping over them as they narrowly missed hitting him.

“SIMIAN!!! ZELDAFAN! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!?” whimpered Brad, screaming it at the top of his lungs into the air.

In Brad’s head, he suddenly heard voices. He paused in the middle of the road, cars going at 80 mph on both sides of the road, narrowly dodging him as they all crashed upon only seeing the strangest fox man they had ever seen. Brad suddenly saw in his eyes what Phil had been talking about, him and Phil’s faces similar to Solid Snake when he talks to his superiors on the radio.

“BRAD! Watch out! Incoming! This one’s not going to miss you! Hang in there buddy!” screamed Phil’s face.

“Huh?” said Brad’s face, looking around for what he was talking about with exclamation points over his head.

The transmission ended and Brad came back to his senses.

Brad suddenly saw headlights coming at him and went flying backwards. Brad’s fur was bloody as hell and roughed up and mangled. Brad wheezed miserably and blacked out, the last thing that he saw being an ice cream truck.

“WHOA!” shouted Zeldafan, flooring the brake and swerving off the road.

Zeldafan parked it on the side of the road, the only driver so far that had seen Brad to have not been in a car accident caused by seeing Brad.

“Holy crap man! What’d you do!?” screamed Simian at the top of his lungs.

“Did we hit another moose!?” squealed Tom hopefully. “Remember! I called it!”

“Poor thing…” said Soma sniffling. “From now on Laclipsey drives! You’re an animal killer ZF!” shouted Soma, running up behind Zeldafan inside the adminmobile and repeatedly bashing him in the head and arms, trying not to hurt him as hard as she wished she could.

“MINE!” shouted Tom, jumping out of the vehicle and running up to the animal.

“Don’t touch it!” said Zeldafan nagging-like, still trembling behind the wheel.

Zeldafan slowly turned the key and pulled it out of the ignition. He got up and thrust the key into Laclipsey’s waiting hands. Laclipsey got into the driver’s seat and turned the ice cream truck on.

Everyone else got out of the adminmobile.

Kitchensink looked over the damage to the adminmobile caused by the accident.

“Hey! There’s no dents or nothing! Zeldafan you sly thing you must have just clipped him!” Sink shouted to Zeldafan who nervously looked around sheepishly.

“Strange…” muttered Bloogoo.

The rest of them looked at Tom who was staring at the fox like creature.

“Guys… what is it?” asked Tom staring at it mortified.

Shadow got down and examined it carefully. “Looks like some kind of Fox. Hmm… I wanna poke him. And he’s wearing people clothes…” gasped Shadow picking up a stick and prodding him repeatedly.

“Wait he’s breathing!” said Soma pointing at his chest, which was rising and falling slowly. “I’m sorry for hitting you Zeldafan…”

“It’s okay Soma. I know you didn’t mean it…” he whispered back.

“COOL! A FOX MAN CREATURE! SOUNDS EXOTIC! I CALL IT! I wanna keep him as my pet! I shall teach him tricks and call him, hmm… Jim!” squealed Simian, grabbing Brad’s foot and tugging on him in the direction of the vehicle. “Strange how there don’t even seem to be any injuries on him too…”

End of Act 23


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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 24

“HEY!” shouted Tom realizing what just happened. “You got dibs on the last thing we hit Simian! I think that I, TOM, should be the one who gets to keep THIS THING WE HIT IN HIS POSSESSION. TIS BETTER THAN A STINKY DEAD MOOSE!”

Tom ran up to Simian and grabbed Brad’s arms. They began an epic tug of war over the body.

“I’d better call Brad to tell him to be ready when we get there. We’re almost at the carnival.” said Zeldafan.

Zeldafan reached his hand into his pocket and whipped out his “MB Important Moderatorly Person Staff Person Phone.” He dialed the numbers for Brad’s “MB Important Adminly Person Staff Person Phone” and waited for Brad to pick up. Suddenly he heard a familiar sound behind him.

Zeldafan turned and looked at the fox-man.

“Oh my god…” muttered Zeldafan silently as he listened to Brad’s ring tone play from inside of the fox-man’s jeans. “Simian! Tom! Search him! Answer that!!!”

Simian and Tom dropped Brad’s body onto the ground and dug in his pockets.

Brad’s “MB Important Adminly Person Staff Person Phone” fell out of his jeans.

“Hey isn’t that Brad’s?” asked Kitchensink stupidly, clearly missing what the phone implied.

Simian picked up the phone and lifted it to his mouth. He answered it.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Simian… It’s me… Hang up...” Zeldafan said into the phone.

“Zeldafan?” said Simian, looking next to him at Zeldafan.

Zeldafan waved and hung up the phone. Simian did the same. Everyone looked at Brad.

“I think we can all jump to one simple conclusion everybody.” said Shadow. “This beast... ATE BRAD!!!” he screamed, grabbing a knife from his pocket to gut the fox and retrieve Brad.

“Aaaagh!” screamed Simian, Zeldafan, Tom and Soma.

“Don’t!” shouted Tom, tackling Shadow and stealing the knife. “What if the creature… IS Brad?”

“Nonsense. You sound mad man. Listen to yourself. This creature is obviously not of this Earth! Give me my knife back!” grumbled Shadow.

“I agree. Obviously Shadow’s theory is the one that makes sense Tom.” said Bloogoo. “Cut him open and we’ll prove you wrong.”

“No! I think Tom’s right!” shouted Simian, getting in front of Brad’s body and hugging him, hoping that if he was in front of the fox man they wouldn’t cut him up.

Simian was confused. He believed personally a third theory. That it was just a Fox Man who had a similar phone, or B that it was indeed Brad. Either way he would lose a friend or a new pet if he let them have their way with the creature and he had to stop it.

“Me too!” said Zeldafan and Soma.

“It looks just like him! Just he’s more furry and canine…” said Soma.

“I agree!” said Simian and Zeldafan.

Laclipsey came out of the adminmobile and said that he agreed with Bloogoo and Shadow. Kitchensink eventually was persuaded to their side and the MBs were divided over what to do.

“It’ll be just like in Little Red Riding Hood. We need to cut his belly open in time or else Brad will be working his way down the fox thing’s small intestine! We must make great haste!” shouted Kitchensink rushing at Tom and grabbing the knife.

“NO… NO…. NO….” cried Simian, clinging onto Brad’s body harder. “WAKE UP! They’re going to kill you!!!”

The two sides began fighting each other with the exception of Simian who was holding onto Brad and trying to wake him up.

“Oooh you need to wake up soon man. Or it’s not gonna be pretty.” Phil told Brad in his head nervously.

“Why? They don’t’ think it’s me!?” gasped Brad hyperventilating. “What are they going to do to me!?”

“Um butcher your body in search of you in your own belly…” said Phil looking other way.

“Eeeeeh….” groaned Brad fainting in his mind.

“Now you’re catching on. Bye buddy. See you next time. We can have more fish next time!” said Phil waving at Brad as he left, waking up again.

Brad’s eyes opened suddenly and he got out of Simian’s arms.

“Hooray! Now tell them you’re Brad! They wanna chop you up into little Fox Man pieces!” whimpered Simian in tears.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU FOUR DOING!?” shouted Brad enraged at Kitchensink, Bloogoo, Laclipsey and Shadow.

“Oh my god it is him!” everyone shouted aloud in awe upon hearing his unmistakable voice.

Soma, Tom, Zeldafan and Simian all grinned happily upon the confirmation that their theory had been proven correct over the others’.

“Can’t you people recognize your own friends!? GOD!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!” shouted Brad arming his claws and pointing them at the group that had wanted to kill him to keep them at bay. “Don’t touch me…”

“Hey we thought it looked like you…” said Simian, Soma and Zeldafan.

“I know.”

“How?” they asked puzzled.

“Don’t ask…” said Brad.

Everyone began bombarding him with the same questions he knew were inevitable.

“Um why do you have a tail…”

“Dude! What the hell happened to you man!?”

“Why are you a fox?”

“How come we hit you with the adminmobile and you aren’t dead? You don’t even have one scratch on you…”

“I thought you were at the carnival, not playing tag with cars on the road….”

“What the hell is going on today!?”

In addition to these and many similar questions he also got one question he wasn’t expecting.

“Hey Brad, what color do you see in?” asked Simian curious.

“Uh… strangely I personally see in color right now…” Brad muttered as he looked at his friend nervously.

“Wicked…” went Simian upon learning he wasn’t colorblind.

“Just get in the freaking adminmobile and I’ll explain to the best of my ability… We need to save the others at Wal-Mart. There are bigger things then me and my tail at stake here today.” said Brad.

They all sighed disappointed he hadn’t answered anything except the trivial colorblind question so far and piled into the adminmobile with Laclipsey driving. The MBs floored it for the Wal-Mart Supecenter, now with Brad in their battling party and a fresh admin in their ranks.

They were confident that they were prepared to kick some Wal-Mart &*( now that they had Brad on their sides, especially since he was a pimped out fox creature with long claws, fangs, and huge muscles. Surely Soma, Simian, Tom, Zeldafan, Geo should they revive him from his cryogenic state of being, Laclipsey, Shadow, Brad, Kitchensink and Bloogoo when combined with the forces of Nathan, Crimson, Cajun, Gbleek, and Belbell they would be able to get in and fight their way out in a matter of seconds with no problems or casualties whatsoever.

They were DEAD WRONG.

End of Act 24

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:30 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 25

Crimson’s flashlight had died by now from stomach acids and they were using the light from the other flashlights as they navigated the vents. They reached the sporting goods section and Crimson looked below at it from the hatch on the metal floor near her hands.

She banged on it hard several times and the hatch flipped off the end. The metal grating slid backwards until it hung downwards at a ninety degree angle.

Crimson poked her head downwards and took a quick glimpse around the store. Many people were shopping and employees were running everywhere looking for them. She pulled her head back up out of sight and looked behind herself at Cajun, Gbleek, and Belbell.

“What is it? What do you see?” hissed Gbleek quietly.

“Guards. Lots of them. Oh and the worse thing is um… I dunno how to tell you guys this… But…”

“Yes?” said Cajun.

“The lights are back on… Yeah… My vampire senses are tingling and tell me that they fixed the power and that the store is now running on a backup generator somewhere underground… We can’t shut this off. It’s just us four against the world.”

Cajun trembled with rage and nobody said anything about the power. They didn’t know what to say. They were all disappointed and shocked.

“Hey let’s get out of this vent. It’s hot and dusty in here. I feel like if I start sneezing I’ll never stop…” said Belbell.

“Listen to Mama! Listen to Mama! MAMA! HIDE US IN CLOTHES! NO LIKE BRIGHT LIGHT!” chirped the Furbies walking in front of her.

Belbell tucked them into her jacket and held them close to her.

Crimson jumped down, raising her arms upwards and then delivering a heavy blow to the head of the employee manning the glass showcase as she landed on her feet. She crouched down low and moved to the side.

Gbleek was behind her but instead of landing to the side somehow he managed to come down at such an awkward angle he landed on his back onto the glass showcase containing hunting knives and pistols.

“AAAGH! MY &*(!!! MY &*(!!!” he screamed, letting his friends know where he was injured.

Gbleek lay sprawled out on the showcase in pain among the broken glass.

Everyone in the nearby vicinity saw them. The employees saw them and shouted to their comrades that their prey was nearby.

“Gawsh… Gbleek if you were a vampire you’d have a sense of coordination!” hissed Crimson standing up and looking around the counter for something to arm herself with.

Cajun quickly jumped down onto his feet and helped Crimson look for weapons.

“AAAGH. MEDIC!!! I NEED A MEDIC!” screeched Gbleek writhing around on the broken glasss and complaining of his &*(, helpless and unable to get up.

Cajun reached forward over the counter and grabbed Gbleek by his shoulders. He pulled him back over the counter and dropped him onto the ground. Crimson saw a golf club under the register that had been returned recently and snatched it.

About a dozen employees in the nearby area had seen them and were about thirty seconds away from reaching the area behind the showcase with the cash register where they were. The MBs needed to hold the area desperately until it was safe to make a run for it. It was impossible now being surrounded on all sides.

Belbell jumped down and the Furbies chirped evilly.

“Closer to world domination Furby Comrades!” they chirped to each other telepathically.

“Oh no we’re trapped!” noticed Belbell.

“Humans! Grab weapons! We must survive this siege! Keep the entrance locked and hold the counters! They must not cross!” said Crimson as she rallied them for battle raising her golf club up into the air.

Cajun searched around them and saw a box for an electronic tennis ball server.

“YES!” he said rejoicing, ripping the box open and quickly assembling it.

Gbleek lay writhing on the ground miserably in pain and complaining still of the pain in his &*(.

“MY &*(!!! I NEED A MEDIC!!!”

“This isn’t World War Two mortal!” hissed Crimson, whacking the first employee to reach the counter.

The employee was crawling over the counter but Crimson bonked him violently in the head with her golf club and he fell backwards dead.

Cajun loaded the tennis ball server with a ton of tennis balls and plugged it in.

“IT’S WAR!!!” he screamed flipping the switch.

Tennis balls began shooting out of it like crazy and he used it as a machine gun, waving it around madly, bombarding employees with green fuzzy balls.

Belbell grabbed a basketball and hurled it at a dude leaning over the counter, clawing at her face and trying to grab her hair, trying with all his might to pull her over to the other side so that they could eat her.

“AAAGH!” she screamed as she hurled it at him.

The basketball missed though and simply bounced on the ground away from the group.

“Nice. Now you have no weapon Belbell." said Crimson noticing what had just happened, turning around and defending a different side for a few seconds.

The Furbies laughed amused.

"Uh..." went Belbell. She began &*(&^ slapping the faces of the people on the other side of the counter.

"You humans and your imperfections. Gbleek has a bad sense of coordination. Belbell with her lack of direction…” Crimson commented between swings sighing. She whacked the hand of an employee who had just grabbed her shirt.

The employee’s hand retreated and he tried clawing at her again.

The employees were all screeching with red eyes and speaking unintelligibly.

:”MY &*(. I’M WOUNDED. SAVE MEH.” screamed Gbleek looking around for help.

“NOT NOW GBLEEK. TEND TO YOUR OWN &*(. WE DON’T WANNA. DUR DUR.” shouted Crimson over the noise from the ongoing battle.

Eleven employees were fighting to gain entrance to the showcase and eat the four friends. Things were looking grim for the Megabuddies.

“I’m running low on tennis balls Crimson!” shouted Cajun over the noise of his improvised weapon shooting tennis balls at people

He turned his gun and aimed it at the head of the man nearest him climbing over the counter. About two dozen tennis balls bombarded him over and over until he became brain damaged and fell over onto the showcase dead. Cajun turned his head and looked at Crimson again.

“Five plastic tubes on backup.” he said.

Crimson whacked another dude reaching for her.

“NO TOUCHING!” she shouted at the employee.

“RAWR!” screeched the foe as he began violently convulsing in seizure like spasms.

“God help us! We can't hold much longer! We're being overpowered! Their forces are too strong mortals! ” said Crimson, staring at the employees in the background running to reinforce their friends.

"Well if we die then it's our fate so I'm cool with that because it's god's plan and ect." smiled Belbell weirdly as she scratched the face of someone trying to crawl over the counter with her long bag lady nails.

The employee stumbled back onto the ground and stood back up.

On the side of the showcase that Cajun was defending, Cajun turned momentarily to look at Belbell in disgust.

"Screw you and your fate. I want to live!" he snarled before resuming his firing.

End of Act 25

special thanks to ZF for giving me an awesome idea for this chapter. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:33 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 26

“HANG ON!” shouted Laclipsey to everyone else in the Adminmobile as they finally saw the Wal-Mart for the first time.

They were still about five minutes away from it, but they could see it from the distance.

“It’s so big…” muttered Brad in awe at it's size, about the size of a shopping mall. It seemed much bigger than a regular Wal-Mart Supercenter. "I wonder what they have in that place..."

“No worries about the size Brad. We can take em!” said Simian, thrusting his fists into the air confidently. "Especially since you're like um..."

"Say it..."

"A beast. You deserve an award for awesomeness!" said Simian happily, taking out a random sticker and putting it on Brad's wet black nose.

Brad scowled and left it there to keep Simian happy, but as soon as he turned his head Brad peeled it off and flicked it at Shadow's head.

“What’s the plan!?” rambled Tom nervously as they drew ever closer to the dreaded blue store.

“THERE IS NONE!” hollered Zeldafan grabbing his golf club and shouting “I’m ready and I AM willing to die for a cause that I don’t believe in!”

“I’m not!” bellowed Tom as he began having second thoughts.

Laclipsey suddenly turned off road and began driving straight for the building.

“It’ll save us time.” he explained.

“How?” asked Shadow.

“I dunno.”

“Hey! Laclipsey! NO! NO!!! PARK! PARK PARK!!! NOT LIKE THIS! WE DON’T HAVE INSURANCE ON THIS THING!!!” screamed Soma insanely as she noticed the speed they were traveling at as they drove directly towards the building.

“WOO HOO!!!” Simian and Zeldafan hollered at the top of their lungs in anticipation.

Simian took out his cans of scrubbing bubbles and took the lids off the tops of the metal cans so that his fingers were on the thing you push down on to spray foam. Brad’s claws extended and he bared his fangs.

“GET HIM OFF OF ME!!!” screamed Gbleek as an employee foaming at the mouth fought to maul him.

The group had been overrun and they were now fighting back to back with the exception of Gbleek who was lying on the floor wrestling with an employee attempting furiously to cannibalize him.

Gbleek grabbed a ballpoint pen from the pocket on the man’s vest and clicked the end of it.

“GET OFF OF ME!!!” roared Gbleek violently as he thrust it deep into the man’s head.

Blood flew everywhere and onto Gbleek’s face, he and Cajun were both gory and bloody as hell, especially after this battle and their encounter with the killer elmos where they had been slashed into like crazy.

“Crimson… I just want you to know…” started Cajun as he whacked someone in the head with the tennis ball server, it had run empty by now.

“Yesh human?” said Crimson whacking someone in the crotch with her golf club as they tried to grab her shoulder.

“You’re not a vampire… You’re going to die with us… Why are you not freaking out?” said Cajun, hoping this would motivate her to battle harder if she realized she had something at stake as well.

“WHAT!?” She turned and slapped Cajun senseless. “How dare you mortal! I shall suck you dry! You will be all shriveled like a raisin once I’m through drinking all of your blood! You’ll see who’s a human!” she screamed punching him.

“I’M SORRY!” cried Cajun, punching at an employee and then blocking another swing from Crimson.

“I think we should all have a mass suicide.” said Belbell, giving a terrible suggestion. “We can all die together! Peacefully!”

Gbleek pushed the dead employee off of him and stood up as the employee rolled onto the ground. Gbleek put his foot on the man’s head and crouching halfway, pulled out his pen.

“IF I DIE I’M TAKING SOMEONE INNOCENT OUT WITH ME! AND I’M DYING IN A DIGNIFIED POSITION! NONE OF THAT LYING ON THE GROUND HELPLESS CRAP!” screamed Gbleek leaping into the air and jumping into a crowd of employees.

Four employees fell backwards onto the ground as Gbleek landed on them.

Crimson turned her head away from Cajun and saw what had happened. “We’ll deal with this later Caj…”

Gbleek’s friends noticed the hole in the Wal-Mart employees’ defenses and ran for it.

“RUN!” shouted Belbell as she ran past the employees lunging for her.

Crimson dashed the fastest past everyone, being super skinny. Cajun picked Gbleek up to his feet and pulled him off of a female employee, whose hair he was ripping out of her scalp with his teeth and stabbing with his pen in the chest while he growled savagely.

“Come on Gbleek!” said Cajun as he helped Gbleek limp to safety with the mob behind them.

Belbell was behind Crimson and they were looking for a new place to hide and hole up on their way to the electronics section, which was all the way on the other end of the store in the very back.

Gbleek and Cajun were straddling behind due to Gbleek’s leg and back injuries and were about thirty seconds away from being caught, tortured, and eaten alive by the Wal-Mart employees.

“Nice knowing you Cajun.” said Gbleek, punching Cajun hard in the gut as they were running.

“Oooh. WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” wheezed Cajun in pain. Cajun punched Gbleek back in the gut and they both fell over on the ground writhing in pain.

“For not running with my body fast enough to safety. You doomed me.” hissed Gbleek frowning.

Employees ran for them and the pair simply stared back, knowing they didn’t have time to get back up and run before they were caught.

“Me?” You’re the one who fell on his &*( into the glass showcase! It’s your fault.” said Cajun.

“Everything that has a beginning has and end… Before it repeats itself… Right back where we started huh Cajun…” said Gbleek on their volatile friendship.


Several employees with bloodshot eyes were about to grab Cajun and Gbleek. Suddenly everyone in the area and the entire store itself heard a loud crashing noise. Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at the ice cream truck that had just burst through the wall nearby.

End of Act 26

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:44 am

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 27

The Adminmobile swerved to the side and suddenly stopped. The back door opened up and the Megabuddy reinforcements began pouring out of it.

“Deliverance!” cheered Gbleek upon seeing their friends.

“Hey Gbleek. Who the hell is the furry?” whispered Cajun, staring at Brad as he punched an employee trying to break into the Adminmobile.

“I have no idea. I’ve never seen him. Newbie?”

“I guess.” said Cajun. “Come on! We got to go!” He pulled Gbleek up.

They began running in the opposite direction from the fresh arrivals as a wall of employees followed.

Meanwhile a crowd of foes rushed at the MBs getting out of the ice cream truck. Zeldafan, Tom, and Simian had made it out of the vehicle in time before the employees trapped them inside the Adminmobile. The others were still inside the ice cream truck fighting at the employees trying to get at them.

“RUN! We’ll catch up with you soon!” shouted Soma whacking someone in the head with an ice cream cone.

“AAAGH! BRAIN FREEZE!” snarled the employee suddenly clasping his face and thrashing around in pain.

“Once such an opportunity shall arise!” Brad added. “Now fight on MBs! Come on you guys, do you want to live forever!?”

Zeldafan nodded and ran with his two friends in pursuit of Cajun and Gbleek who were dashing off to hide in the toy department as fast as they could due to the large number of enemies on their tail.

Cajun and Gbleek ran off to find Crimson and Belbell, they hadn’t paid attention as to which direction they had gone due to all the hysteria going on.

Brad’s claws extended and he began killing Wal-Mart employees that were rushing into the Adminmobile. The other MBs inside of the ice cream truck helped him battle the intruders.

“We need to save them!” muttered Simian quietly.

Strangely no attention was being paid to the trio, the hostile Wal-Mart employees seemed much too pre-occupied with the Adminmobile and Gbleek and Cajun to pay them any attention at all.

“Come on! While they’re distracted!” said Tom running after them. “We can sneak by unnoticed!”

“Let’s take an alternate route… We can cut Cajun and Gbleek off using a different aisle!” Zeldafan commanded as the bickering but heroic idiots charged off to protect Cajun and Gbleek.

Zeldafan took out his holy golf club of doom and held it like a sword. Simian took out his dual cans of Scrubbing Bubbles. Tom looked over himself and back again at his friends, who were waiting for something awesome.

“I got nothing…” muttered Tom in embarrassment.

Everyone stopped running. They heard roaches nearby chirping randomly during this awkward moment.

“Aww…” went Simian and Zeldafan.

“Man. I can’t kill people with just my fists… I ain’t Chuck Norris!” Tom whined looking around at his friends’ weapons.

“All right I know how to fix this. Simian.” Zeldafan began. He sighed.

“Yo amigo?”

“Give Tom one of your essential bathroom cleaner commodities so that we may resume running carelessly feeling really important again.”

“What!? No! They’re mine! I’m not sharing…” complained Simian, who began looking at the metal cans greedily.

“Gimme Simian! Come on. We’re best friends and behind enemy lines. You’re REALLY gonna deny me a weapon under these circumstances!? Come on you sick son of a-” started Tom in a rant but ZF interrupted him.

“Alex about two hours ago you were whining to me about how you loathed your Scrubbing Bubbles, now you don’t wanna part with them? Not even ONE?” ZF face-palmed after completing his statement and Simian looked around sheepishly.

“Heh heh… Yeah… I’ve er grown attached… MINE!”

“Fine Simian… Jeez… Tom we’ll find you a weapon on our way to the toy aisle. Happy?”

“Um…” Tom began, his voice and hesitation clearly making it obvious to ZF that he was not.

Zeldafan scowled at him.

“I’m good I’m good!” Tom muttered quickly.

“Oh the places we will go! Carry on!” shouted Simian as they resumed running like idiots after Cajun and Gbleek.

End of Act 27

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:46 am

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 28

In the employees only room a man sat in his comfy rolling chair quietly thinking the situation over. He stared at the TVs showing footage of the MBs walking around the Wal-Mart Super-Center on the multiple sets of televisions all around the room. His desk was cluttered with crap, most of which was unimportant to his job, and the office stunk of cigarillo smoke.

An employee suddenly burst into his office panting out of breath and wheezing miserably. He wiped a bead of sweat that was rolling down the side of his face.

“Jeez. Don’t you ever knock!? You’re lucky I hired you, you’re so god damn annoying. If you weren’t my son-in-law I would have rejected your employment application form the moment it came into my hands and passed it around the office as a joke.” snapped his boss.

“I know… You’ve told me every day whenever I punch in my time card…”

“You look like you’ve got something important to say.” the man stared at his son-in-law’s sweaty panting body. “Well. What are you waiting for? Out with it boy!” he screamed.

“I’m sorry Mr. Store Manager Sir! Er Dad… Uh… There are intruders raising hell in the store! We’ve rid ourselves of one and the toadies have had themselves a mighty good feast sir… But uh... The other four escaped the warehouse and somehow ended up in the sporting goods. And now more of them have showed up! And they're all splitting up into different groups! It's confusing! We lost track of five of them. Our forces are in pursuit of two fleeing on foot to the toy aisle. And the others are currently trapped in the random ice cream truck that just desecrated our building and left um... A giant hole in the wall...” He blinked frightened for his life.

The son-in-law whimpered, his father-in-law had a severe temper and often beat employees who brought him bad news.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!! I already know most of that ya *^&^. I have all the security cameras feeding live video footage into my office on the screens. You see the screens!? And you people are so incompetent. I'm going to have to get a real man to do what hundreds of dunces can't. You know who I'm talking about.” the store manager screamed at the top of his lungs with a red face. He pointed at the screens.

One of the TVs showed Crimson and Belbell at a diagonal angle fleeing somewhere trivial and others showed various locations around the store, including the Adminmobile and the battle being fought there.

“I’m not blind… And not incompetent.” said his son-in-law.

“Oh? Last I checked you wore GLASSES. Those generally imply that you have bad eyes! And you are SO incompetent. Why do you think you're stuck with such a crappy job!? Because you are good for this and NOTHING ELSE.” The boss stood up and grabbed his son-in-laws face and pressed it against the glass screen of one of the television sets.

“Please don’t hurt me! I’m just the messenger!”

“NEXT TIME BRING ME REAL NEWS.” snarled the store manager as he pulled the man’s head back and then slammed it into the glass.

“AAAAGH.” the man cried out in pain as he touched his cut face.

The store manager flung him onto the ground away from his office.

“Leave now. And don’t come back until those freaks are gone. They’re destroying my establishment. They’re going to ruin my deal with the Rogue Claw. The last thing I need is cops patrolling our store with the exchange so soon. I trust everything else is still all set for the trade?” the man added grimly as he stared at the bleeding employee.

“Yes sir. Right away sir! And yes! Everything else is still on track and on schedule. Rogue Claw should be here by Wednesday to pick up the package as arranged. I’m going to run away now… “ the employee hastily told him, wanting out of the room as soon as possible.

The store manager watched as his son-in-law fled the office to escape his rage.

“AAAAAAAAAGH!!!” roared the store manager as he picked up a glass paperweight and flung it at the door, denting it and shattering the paperweight into a thousand glass shards.

The store manager coughed some and took a sip of a bottle of water. He fixed his collar and tie and then sat back calmly in his desk. The man looked back at the security cameras and scowled silently. His eyes drifted from each television’s different pictures and he suddenly stopped when he saw the camera showing the Adminmobile and the crew defending it with their lives.

“Huh…?” went the man suddenly as he saw a strange figure standing in front of the door to the ice cream truck.

The figure moved into a better and more clear view from the camera’s positioning and the man grabbed the remote controlling the televisions. He quickly paused the TV showing the Adminmobile and the footage stopped rolling. Staring at the grainy black and white still shot of the Adminmobile, the man stood up and walked over to the television to get a better look at what he was examining.

The store manager raised the remote again and zoomed in several times. He centered the camera on the mysterious figure and saw a bipedal humanoid fox and squinted at it scheming.

“Hmm… I wonder what you are you furry freak… You may be of use to me…”

The store manager took out a pack of cigarillos from a pocket in his jacket and a box of matches. He took out a cigarillo and lit a match. He began smoking and cackling to himself as he stared at Brad ominously.

End of Act 28

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:47 am

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 29

An employee rushed at the Adminmobile and Brad slashed the man’s neck wide open with his clawed hands. Blood went flying everywhere and Brad roundhouse kicked another employee away that was standing beside him.

More and more employees kept coming to the scene. The only person in the Adminmobile with a decent way to defend themselves was Brad, who had his claws and fangs.

“I’m tired of this.” said Shadow. “I must impress the leader with stupid reckless heroics! Surely rash behavior that saves you guys will woo her enough she'll lust for me!!! I’ll lead them away. Get out of here as fast as you can you guys.”

Shadow jumped out of the Adminmobile and punched the closest person dressed in a blue vest right in the side of their face. Everyone watched as he sprinted past all the employees and squirmed his way through until he was past all the employees.

All the employees screamed and turned around, singling out their prey like a cheetah hunting a gazelle that runs off in a different direction than it’s herd. Snarling and foaming at the mouths the employees howled and ran off madly and waving their arms everywhere as they chased Shadow. Shadow kept on running until he was out of sight, the employees gone with him.

The Megabuddies cautiously stepped out of the ice cream truck and looked around. The area was secure and they didn’t see a single foe in sight.

“Uh… That was weird…” stuttered Soma as she raised a brow.

“Who cares!? Let’s go!” ordered Brad dashing off in a random direction.

The others followed, all forgetting to take Geo out from the freezer.

“Aaagh!” Shadow panted running as fast as he could out of breath.

He turned his head momentarily and glanced behind him at the thick mob following him that was ever-growing.

“You’ll die boy!” shouted a woman randomly.

Shadow looked back in front of him and tried to stop in time but failed, running into a wall and bouncing back onto the floor. The employees pinned him against the wall as he stood back up. A thuggish looking goon stepped forward and took out a pistol.

Shadow looked at it and kicked the man in the crotch to no effect. The man simply laughed idiotically as he loaded the chambers and pointed it at the MB’s face. Shadow squinted in preparation and waited for the gunshot and piercing blow to his brain.

“Do you fear death young one?” said the employee guffawing like crazy at Shadow, who was making strange faces as he tried to brace himself for the bullet.

Shadow nodded as he began sobbing and pleading for them to spare his life pathetically. The employees all looked around at each other sickened by what they were seeing and laughed heartily. Snot began running out of Shadow’s nostrils and he began choking in between his words.

The employees all laughed like crazy at him before the thuggish goon with the pistol suddenly pistol whipped Shadow unconscious. Shadow fell to the floor and blood began dripping out of a long gash on his forehead. Everyone stared at Shadow’s body amused quietly.

“Tie him up and bring him to the leader you idiots. Do I have to tell you everything? No wonder the boss called me down here…” the thuggish employee said after about a minute.

He put his pistol up in a holster on his side and walked off to find the other Megabuddies. The employees grabbed some barbed wire and wrapped it around Curtis. A woman put a brown dusty potato sack over Shadow’s head so that he couldn’t see what was happening when he woke up and kicked him savagely. The employees tied a rope around his legs and began slowly hauling his body to the store manager’s lair.

End of Act 29

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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 30

Footsteps noisily echoed in the toy section amidst all the kids playing with the opened boxes of toys that they had no intentions of ever purchasing. As kids ran around cluttering the dusty grayish white tile flooring with litter and toys they had grown tired of looking at instead of just putting it back on the shelf, two outlanders approached their territory.

A boy perked his head up from a random action figure that amused him simply because it made noise and heard people coming. He whistled and all the kids in the aisle looked at him, he was their leader and they listened to him through threats of beatings at the hands of his enforcer, a fat kid in a much too small t-shirt with the words "I Like Piez" on it. He made strange military signals to all the kids and they hid out of sight behind random boxes and toys. All of the toys they had disturbed lay randomly scattered on the ground for other customers to accidentally step on and damage, ending up buying a toy they had no desires of ever paying for.

They waited in silence for about two minutes waiting ominously for the strangers to arrive. Suddenly Cajun and Gbleek ran into the toy aisle, their domain, starting to slow down, incredibly sweaty, bloody and panting insanely out of breath with red faces. They stopped running for about ten seconds to take a short breather.

“I can’t do this much longer. Let’s just make a stand here… If I’m going to die… It’ll… be on my… own terms… Caj… Cajun…” panted Gbleek before stumbling against a shelf, dizzy from running so long.

He placed his back against some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. Next to his head there were a bunch of plastic turtle masks that made you “look like a ninja turtle”.

“I… a.. agreh… ag…. Aw… God damn it! Agree… Take out as… many… as… we can… Dice… in.. blades of gloree.. So freaking tired…. No saliva in mouz.. Let’s get in there and kill em all…” Cajun said, horribly mispronouncing simple things as he struggled to catch his breath.

He gave Gbleek a thumbs up as he agreed with him.

Cajun heard the screaming wails and screams of the employees echoing nearby the entrance to the aisle they were in that they had used to get there.

“They’re com… coming. Brace yourself for imminent attack.” announced Cajun looking ahead.

Gbleek listened too.

“Behind as well.” added Gbleek, staring at the opposite side of the toy aisle that they were in as footsteps hastily shuffled and he began seeing shadows dancing on the floor where he was staring.

The shadows and noise suddenly stopped. They listened harder, barely breathing, fearing that they might come back. Cajun finally couldn’t stand to wait any longer and walked over to the end of the aisle to have a look.

“Cajun come back… I just found a Clone Trooper Officer! I like his helmet… Think Crimson would like it? She’s been looking for one…” muttered Gbleek as he grabbed the cardboard box containing the Star Wars figure.

Gbleek ran his heads on the flimsy cardboard and punched a hole in the center, dropping the figure into his hand. He quickly put the Clone Trooper into his pocket and tossed the cardboard box to the side. He grabbed a new box and resumed stealing toys that he thought looked cool or that his friends might want as well, figuring it’d save him money on Christmas and birthday gifts. Among other things that he stocked up on were Transformers, Star Wars figures, and some Megaman figures he randomly found he knew that Crimson would adore.

Cajun poked his head out and saw a small crowd of employees condensed nearby staring back at him but walking away slowly. He knew they knew they were there but he couldn’t figure out why they had suddenly backed off. The employees all waved goodbye at Cajun and his heart jumped. Cajun suddenly turned around to look at Gbleek and walked back over to him nervously.

“Something’s wrong. We have to go…. NOW! Come on. We can’t stay here… They’re all leaving but they know that we’re here… Something’s wrong… They’re doing something weird…” Cajun began muttering frantically as he placed a hand on Gbleek and tugged on his shoulder in a hurry.

Gbleek stopped his looting and took a casual look around himself. He began seeing things that he hadn't noticed before just now and began sweating uncomfortable. Everything looked kinda weird. He nervously looked around the aisles and saw finger paintings of blue stick people being slaughtered to death by a pygmy race of blue stick people.

“Oh my god…”

Cajun looked around and saw them too now.

“Holy snap… Can you translate?”

“I’m trying Cajun but it’s really dirty… and grimy.” Gbleek said as he leaned in closer to a finger-painting to examine it.

“Hurry… Sorry… This place… is beginning to creep me out… I’m getting a bad feeling we shouldn’t be here.” said Cajun.

Cajun glanced around nervously and paced around Gbleek protectively. Cajun’s eyes shifted around cautiously for anything suspicious as Gbleek tried to interpret the meanings of the strange morbid and graphic finger-paintings.

“Cajun let’s go.” Gbleek stuttered with a pale face. “The reason the Wal-Mart employees didn’t follow us is because… Well… look around us. We’re surrounded with what every kid wants on Christmas day... And the people that buy these things… dwell here… Except the ones here, well they never leave. They’re hostile. Nobody even knows where they came from. They just showed up the day the store opened. This is their home... They kill anything that gets in their way, especially the Wal-Mart employees. They don’t like authority and how they keep picking up all the toys so they can’t play with them… The kids are at war with the employees and everything is good assuming nobody steps into the other’s ground. ALL of the adults who have been here have been killed violently.”

“Wait so they only kill adults? We should be good then I think. Neither of us are legally adults… At the MOMENT...”

“No. They kill their own too when they become adults as well as anyone who dares come into the toy aisle to buy the toys. They view it as a threat… To “their toys.”” he replied quickly.

“Oh that’s not good. What is this!? Children of the Corn now!? Time to go little brother…”

“RAAAAGH!!!” screeched the leader of the evil children as he leaped down onto Gbleek’s back from out of nowhere like a Velociraptor.

Cajun looked at the kid as he landed on Gbleek’s back, hugging and clinging onto him violently and wrapping his arms around his neck trying to strangle him to death while it tried biting his hair out of his scalp.

“Oh !@#$! Get it off! Get him off!” screamed Gbleek as he crashed backwards into a shelf trying to knock the offender off of him.

Cajun ran to help Gbleek as more and more kids burst out from their hiding places amongst the toys.

Gbleek bit deep into the boy’s hand until he let go and Cajun grabbed him and flung him into another kid. Cajun and Gbleek looked at the evil brats that had completely surrounded them as they regained their footing.

“I’m warning you! I have no problems with hitting a child! Don’t you think I’ll hesitate!” growled Cajun as the brats advanced upon them.

“Kill them! The drones must die!” trumpeted the leader of the evil band of children.

All the kids rushed for Gbleek and Cajun instantaneously as the boy cackled insanely for an extended period of time. Several other kids laughed with him.

“Hey Cajun. I feel weird…” said Gbleek suddenly. “Kinda tingly… And itchy…”

“Do I need an update every time your body does something?” hissed Cajun, who didn’t care one bit.

“Something’s moving and touching me!” screamed Gbleek as all the kids began attacking the two Megabuddies. “Get it away from me! It’s inside of me! Aaaaaaagh!” Gbleek began moving around really fast and frantically hitting his own body at random times.

A fat girl jumped forward onto Cajun, knocking him backwards and into a shelf full of furbies with her immense girth, and Hasbro toys began falling onto the floor next to them. The girl crawled onto Cajun and wrapped around him like a spider with the firm grip of a monkey.

“I’ll kill you porker! Beat it!” yelled Cajun, trying to push her off of him but failing because she was so dang heavy and had a monkey grip.

“AAARGH!” she screamed as she suddenly lunged her head forward at the side of Cajun’s neck, biting into it.

“DAMN IT!!!” Cajun spat onto her face as she ripped off a strip of flesh from along Cajun’s neck.

“YUM!” cackled the girl as she swallowed it whole like a python with blood all over her face.

“SHE BIT ME! THE LITTLE ***** BIT ME!!!” hollered Cajun as Gbleek multi-tasked with several children and hitting his own body.

“THEY’RE INSIDE OF ME!!!” Gbleek screamed at the top of his lungs as he roundhouse kicked a boy running at him with a metal pipe.

The boy went flying into a shelf and was impaled on all of the metal things that you hang items to sell on. His metal pipe fell down as he was kicked and Gbleek kicked it with his foot up into his hand. The boy death rattled loudly and suddenly died.

Gbleek whacked another kid coming at him with a red plastic lightsaber and the kid fell dead to Gbleek’s powerful blow. He then began whacking his own chest and legs with the pipe.

The evil leader of the children was watching most amused.

“Two fresh fish. We’re gonna have us a feast once we’ve eliminated them! Ha ha ha ha ha!” he murmured to himself grinning vilely.

Meanwhile on the battlefield all of the Furbies simultaneously opened their eyes and red lights lit up where their pupils were. Their boxes began rattling as they began pecking holes in their cardboard and plastic prisons.

End of Act 30

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:53 am

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 31

Gbleek ran to Cajun’s aid and whacked the fat girl’s body repeatedly with the metal pipe as hard as he could but the girl still wouldn’t let go of Cajun.

“I’m trapped! She’s soooo heavy! DAAAH!” shouted Cajun as he fought desperately for the oxygen he needed to survive as her weight suffocated him as he was being eaten alive.

“MY KILL BOY! RAWR!” screeched the girl as she swatted at Gbleek’s face with one of her hands, scratching his face in the process.

Gbleek punched her out cold with his fist in a fit of rage and rolled her body off of Cajun.

“Thanks Gbleek!”

The evil child snapped his fingers and looked at his enforcer, the fat kid in the “I Like Piez” t-shirt. The fat bully looked at him and the boy nodded. The enforcer waddled towards Cajun and Gbleek snarling and foaming at the mouth with bloodshot red eyes.

“You must obey my master! Nobody can leave alive!” the fat kid jumped towards Cajun who moved out of the way this time.''

The kid fell onto the ground and cracked his skull open.

“Hardcore…” said Cajun.

More kids came running at them from all sides.

“This just doesn’t get much easier huh…” muttered Cajun.

“Yeah. We’re screwed.” said Gbleek.

“My right hand toadie! NOOO! NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screeched the evil child leader in a tantrum from his secure safe spot away from Cajun and Gbleek where he wouldn’t be harmed.
Simian suddenly poked his head to the side of the toy aisle to see what was there before walking past it.

“Well Simian? Is it safe?” asked Zeldafan.

“Hey it’s Cajun! And Gbleek! Aww… Touching. They’re playing with all of these small children.” Simian smiled with a heartwarming feeling as he watched them wrestle with a ton of children swamping them and eating them alive.

“That doesn’t sound like Cajun OR Gbleek. ESPECIALLY Gbleek…” said Zeldafan frowning.

Zeldafan poked his head to the side too and saw Cajun and Gbleek fighting the kids to the death, instantly realizing Simian had it wrong. Tom randomly poked his head out to see too and saw what was happening.

“You fool Simian! We have to help them!” said Zeldafan grabbing his holy golf club of doom.

“But… if we help them… They’ll see us ZF… If we help them… They’ll attack us too! They’re eating them… And then they’d eat me! Oh… My… Goooooood…..” whined Tom.

“Quiet you!” Zeldafan bonked Tom to his senses on the head with his golf club.

“Now come on you two. Let’s get in there and kill em all!”

“Sweet.” said Simian as he and ZF ran to their friends’ aid, doing weird random rolls side to side as they ran unnoticed up to the kids from behind.

Tom looked around nervously unsure of if he wanted to follow since he had nothing to fight with but realized that if he stayed behind he’d be on his own and that he would still have no weapon. Tom ran after Simian and Zeldafan and soon grabbed a random metal slinky lying on the ground.
“OH GOD IT’S BACK! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!!! ECK! IT HURTS CAJUN! ECK!!! UUUGH ECK!!! It’s pressing against my chest! ECK…… GAH!!! Please no… GACK!” cried Gbleek in pain and unable to continue fighting.

Gbleek pressed both hands against his chest as if he had just had a case of really severe heartburn and gasped loudly. He began shaking a lot and moving involuntarily as something moved inside of him. A shape could be seen visibly moving up and down against where his rib cage was on his body trying to ram it’s way free. Suddenly the center of his t-shirt and jacket ripped open and something burst out of his chest screeching before landing on the ground.

Gbleek looked at it with big eyes, the Optimus Prime Transformer that he had nicked on his toy looting spree in it’s alt mode facing back at him on the ground. It screeched again and it’s plastic parts began shifting, transforming, and interlocking into place until it was it’s robot mode. Optimus Prime corrected his posture and stood up, looking at Gbleek.

More Transformers came out of Gbleek’s clothes and began transforming in front of him. The Transformers were oddly all Autobots.

Cajun meanwhile was too busy to notice, he was currently sparring with four kids trying to slay him with faux swords.

Gbleek stared at Optimus Prime speechless. His face twitched as he looked at them with a horrified expression.

“What the freaking hell…!? I feel violated… So weird right now…” Gbleek told himself as all the Transformers looked at him silently, waiting for their leader to speak and do introductions. "Hey Cajun... We're so boned... We got killer robots with something against us now too..."

Cajun looked at him briefly, he was very busy and couldn't look long, and saw the toys all around Gbleek.

"Great..." groaned Cajun as he stuck a kid in the belly with his plastic sword, wiggling it around to torture him before he died.

He kicked the kid away from the sword, dislodging and freeing it and resumed battling.

End of Act 31

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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 32

Zeldafan suddenly came up from behind the kids attacking Cajun and systematically dispatched them with one swing each from his holy golf club of doom.

“Zeldafan! You came to save us!” said Cajun who to ZF’s surprise suddenly glomped him in relief at seeing him, making him feel uncomfortable but not enough to complain.

“What’s going on here!?” shouted Zeldafan after Cajun released him from his hug.

“These kids are insane! And that…” Cajun stopped. “That little mother.” He pointed at the toadie sitting up high on a shelf nearby laughing at them as his minions attacked Simian and Tom. “That mother… Is their leader…”

“Ah. So the rest are the pawns… Nice to see they have at least some form of a social order in their primitive life style…” sighed Zeldafan. “I don’t like this place. It reeks of death. Something isn’t right… There’s something else weird about this place and it ain’t the kids…”

The Furbies had finally pecked themselves free from their boxes and were slowly advancing upon Cajun and Zeldafan.

“Death to the humans!” they snickered to themselves.

“DIE!!!” screamed Simian as he punched an oncoming kid in the face and elbowed him in the nose as he fell down.

Simian pressed down on the Scrubbing Bubbles and white bleach smelling foam sprayed all over the kid’s face.

“GAH!!! You $&#@(@! I’m BLIND!!! RAWR!” the kid thrashed around as the cleaning product dissolved his eyes and burned off his face like sulfuric acid.

“WOW! This stuff really does work! ZF wasn’t lying!” murmured Simian nervously, looking at the label on the back of the cans.

Suddenly a kid leaped onto his back and began biting his shoulder.

“FOOD! Food for ME!!!” cried the kid as he began gnawing on Simian’s body like a rat.

“NO!!! AAAAAGH! GET OFF!” snarled Simian as he back lashed his body hard and knocked the kid off of him.

The kid fell onto the floor and screeched at him with a look of bloodlust.

Screaming the kid began trying to get up but Simian quickly curb stomped him until he was no more.

As two kids ran for Tom who was fighting next to Simian, Tom raised his metal slinky up and flicked his arm backwards. The slinky stretched in the air all the way behind him and then when he moved his arm forward it was sent flying at one of the kids trying to rush him. The metal end of the slinky hit the kid below his neck and as it went flying back to Tom, ripped open the artery along his neck. Blood stuck to the slinky and flew to the side as it burst out of the kid’s body. It gushed everywhere and he suddenly grasped his neck, beginning to drown in his own fluids.

Tom swung the slinky again at the other kid attacking him and the slinky got stuck in the kid’s eye. Tom grimaced disgusted as the chick tried to pull it out of her face.

“AAAAGH!!!! AAAAAAGH! AAAAGH!” she screamed as she tugged lightly on the slinky.

Tom pulled the slinky back and her eye came out of her socket, impaled on the end of the slinky’s razor sharp tip.

“Ooooh…” squinted Tom highly grossed out.

Everyone except for Gbleek battled on.

“Hello there. My name is Optimus Prime.” said the blue and red transformer to Gbleek.

“I know… I don't care...” said Gbleek not caring.

Optimus went on to quickly introduce his minions.

“I am leader of the Autobots and we hail from the planet Cybertron. Do you have the cube boy?” asked Optimus.

“Uh….” Gbleek dug into his jacket and pulled out all of the other things he had looted from the aisle.

He threw everything onto the ground except for a grimy old Rubix Cube.


“Hey you plastic freak! It’s mine! Go find your own!” hissed Gbleek upon hearing his comment. He lifted it up high and close to his chest selfishly.

“You don’t understand whatever your name is boy. The survival of both our species depend on us obtaining that cube.” Optimus Prime said nobly.

“It’s Gbleek….”

“Gbleek. The fate of the universe rests in the palm of your hands.”

“Okay…” said Gbleek looking awkwardly at the plain everyday Rubix Cube he was holding. It wasn’t anything special, it was just a normal Rubix Cube.

“You must get the Cube out of this store! The All Spark in the wrong hands could destroy the world. As it did to our home.” said Bumblebee as he strutted proudly before telling Gbleek he was going to be his guardian.

“My what? And what the heck is an All Spark?” asked Gbleek confused.

“Guardian. I shall protect you with my life so they don’t get you. The All Spark is the Cube. Try to keep up please Gbleek.” said Bumblebee.
Inside a cardboard box hanging on a rack in the toy aisle red eyes turned on in a Transformers box that read the words “Soundwave! Decepticon Intelligence Officer!”

The Decepticon Soundwave used his satellite to listen in to what was happening in the toy aisle.

“Cube located. Decepticons mobilize. The boy has it.” “God I feel cramped. Must stretch.” Soundwave announced in a transmission in his cool creaky robotic voice to all of his fellow Decepticons who were still lying on the shelf. He punched a hole in the box and jumped down to the ground.

Many boxes began shaking on the shelves designated to specifically cater to Transformers fanboys and fangirls and suddenly plastic robots began jumping down to the ground. The box containing the treacherous Decepticon Starscream burst open and a plastic Cybertronian jet flew out into the room.

Starscream flew until he saw Gbleek and the Rubix Cube that he was holding.

“I have found the boy.” smirked Starscream as he told Soundwave who listened in on his satellites.
“Soundwave acknowledges.” said Soundwave. “We have found the boy Megatron.” he told the Decepticon’s leader as he jumped out of his box in a Cybertronian tank alt mode.
“Excellent. Destroy the fleshlings. I want that cube! We shall create a new army… My current one is incompetent… Prime still lives. Decepticons attack!” roared Megatron.
“Long live Megatron!” Starscream cried out as he began dive bombing for Gbleek’s head at full speed.

“You don’t like us? I thought I was your friend…” sniffled Shockwave, Megatron’s second in command and most loyal general.

“I like YOU and YOU only. Soundwave is competent too. He has a promotion in store soon. But the rest of them fail me constantly… Especially Starscream… He’s a coward in battle.”

Ironhide the Autobot saw the jet flying in the air and realized it wasn’t remote control.

“IT’S STARSCREAM!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

All of the Autobots freaked out except for Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, who simply looked around nervously.

“DIE MEATSACKS!” chanted Starscream as he began firing plastic missiles at Gbleek’s head

Happy thoughts raced in his head about the day he would try and take over the Decepticons from Megatron.

End of Act 32

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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 33 Side A

Several plastic missiles launched from Starscream’s alt mode in rapid succession and pelted Gbleek’s face leaving him several red marks.

“Ow!” said Gbleek, suddenly swatting at his face and thinking that it had been a mosquito.

Gbleek turned his head just in time to see Starscream in jet mode turning to the side to avoid his wrath. Gbleek pawed at the air and narrowly missed Starscream’s body.


“I’ll kill you!” yelled Gbleek as Starscream fled away from the battle scene like the coward he is.

Starscream flew higher up until he was out of reach and zoomed off out of the toy section to find a safe place to hide in.

Megatron had caught wind from Soundwave of Starscream’s cowardly actions and was most displeased.

“You’ve failed me yet again Starscream…” grumbled Megatron, squeezing a potato chip randomly lying on the ground next to him in his hands until it crumbled into pieces.


“Yes my lord!” said Shockwave as he ran for Gbleek madly leading an all out assault on the Autobots around him and the kid himself.

“Bonecrusher rolling.” said the Decepticon whose name was obvious as he followed Shockwave with no fear of death.

“Devastator reporting!” shouted Brawl, commenting on his skills in battle and what he was going to do to his foes.

"Blackout incoming!" said Blackout.

Many other transformers followed including the Constructicons among other notables. The Constructicons all merged into Devastator as the Autobots gasped in horror at what was happening. Gbleek coughed randomly.

The Decepticon army and Megatron were running at full speed for the Autobots and Gbleek. Gbleek watched as they ran epically slow compared to him and waited for them to attack with his face twitching.

“The Decepticons know that we are here!” shouted Optimus Prime to his Autobots.

“No kidding!” said Jazz. “Just the thought makes me feel all tingly and sick inside.”

“Autobots prepare for battle!” ordered Optimus Prime as he took out an Energon sword.

“Permission to speak sir?” said Bumblebee sheepishly as he scratched under his chin.

“Permission granted old friend.”

“I’d like to stay with the boy.” Bumblebee said nervously. He had always had a strange recurring dream that he’d have his legs blown off in an explosion related to battling Decepticons over the All Spark.

“If that is his wish.”

Bumblebee looked up at Gbleek hopefully and twiddled his thumbs awaiting his response.

“I guess…?” asked Gbleek more in the form of a question.

“Bumblebee! Protect Gbleek at all costs! He must get the All Spark to safety.”

Bumblebee didn’t say anything, he just creaked his body and jumped up into the air with a fist raised up victoriously. He got to sit on the sidelines while everybody else risked life and limbs!

“Again... This is mine! Go find your own!” restated Gbleek.

“Come on Optimus. He isn’t going to give it to us willingly…” Ironhide said. He raised his cannons up in the direction of Gbleek’s head. “Are you feeling lucky punk!?” roared Ironhide. “Optimus let’s just take it by force. Come on if we rush him we can take it!”

“IRONHIDE! You know we don’t harm humans!” commended Optimus shocked at Ironhide’s behavior.

“Damn I’m good.” Sideswipe said as he observed all of the complex detailing on his body, completely ignoring anything Optimus was saying.

“What Sideswipe?” asked Ratchet.

“Uh… We have the cube and the Decepticons are coming?” asked Sideswipe.

Ratchet ignored him and went back to looking at one of the Arcee sisters.

“So fine…” sighed Ratchet.

“What are you young people bickering for right now? The Decepticons are on their way. My old and rusty good for nothing parts are more useful than yours I’m assuming? Because apparently your memory is worse than mine!” hissed a cranky Jetfire standing next to Gbleek’s left shoe.

Jetfire raised his landing gear crutch up into the air naggingly and lectured them more.

“Let me show you how we old timers battled in my day!” winked Jetfire. “Time to take these Decepticons to class and give them some old school justice!” he began running towards the crowd of Decepticons that were still somewhat far away, all of them had tiny stubby legs that slowed them down.

Jetfire soon began wheezing and coughing up plastic screws after moving about only two feet away from his friends. He raised a thumb up to show that he was fine and Ratchet frowned disagreeing, for he was the medic and knew more than stubborn old Jetfire did.
“You robots are weird… This is a Rubix cube… It’s just a puzzle… With colors on different panels.” said Gbleek bored, turning to look at Simian who was whacking a kid in the face repeatedly using dual paddleballs with perfect aiming.

“These humans are terribly misinformed.” Ratchet raised a brow and sighed.

“Everyone form a line! They must not kill Gbleek! He must get the Cube out of the store to safety!” said Optimus. Everyone began forming a horizontal line to prepare for the Decepticon’s assault that was moments away.

“Don’t worry Gbleek! We will protect you!” shouted Ironhide to Gbleek who stifled laughter in his head amused.

He was SOOO much bigger than them. He didn’t need their help. He could squash the Decepticons with his feet if he wanted to.

Jetfire was still panting up ahead of the line. Everyone was screaming at him to run back to the group and to look behind him, the Decepticons were almost right at him. His parts were rusted over some of his ears and he couldn’t hear well. When he finally caught a whiff of what they were saying he looked and instantaneously began running back to the group.

Suddenly a scorpion burst out from the dark dusty spot under the shelves on the floor and leapt onto Jetfire’s body.

“ARGH!” coughed Jetfire scowling and punching the hairy black scorpion in the face.

The scorpion raised up one of it’s claws and snapped his crutch in two. Jetfire grabbed the scorpion and pulling it off his body tossed it onto the ground in front of him and kicked it. He grabbed it’s right claw with his hand and ripped it out of it’s body sending green ooze onto his chest.

“Hooray!” everybody cheered, except for Gbleek who was simply scowling in rage at the idiotic toys that called him his friend.

He looked back at Simian who wasn’t there anymore. Instead he saw Tom slumped on the ground on his knees and wincing in pain, Zeldafan was next to him and whacking an immensely enormous crowd of Furbies slowly advancing upon them. They were taking steps back every now and then, unable to keep the crowd at bay.

Cajun was over on the opposite side of the aisle as was Simian, and they were pinned against a shelf by the demonic Furbies already. Cajun was giving Simian a boost and Simian looked as if he was trying to grab something out of a box.

The scorpion hissed at Jetfire and suddenly impaled him in the center of his mold with the stinger on the tip of it’s tail. Jetfire gasped and groaned in pain.

“NO!” screamed his friends as the scorpion curled up it’s tail, still hanging onto the Autobot, and scurried off to eat it’s newly caught dinner under the shelves.

“This place is a freaking house of horrors!” whimpered Wheelie as he looked around in terror at all of the madness unfolding just BEFORE the battle has even started.

Jetfire grabbed onto the underside of the shelf as the scorpion tried to go under but Jolt and Ratchet ran to his aid. They took his hand away from the metal shelf and pulled on him, desperately trying to free him from the creature’s grasp.

Meanwhile as the armies began to close in upon each other Megatron bellowed at Gbleek a compromise.

“Give me the cube boy and you may live to be my pet!” Megatron snarled and spat on the head of Grindor in front of him.

“NO! FOR THE LAST TIME THE CUBE IS MINE! GO STEAL YOUR OWN!” roared Gbleek furious at all of the toys wanting his stolen Rubix Cube.

“Oh… So unwise…” grinned Megatron evilly.

“My old parts! They’re so loose! If only I wasn’t so old. I’d have a powerful weapon to save myself! I HATE help…” groaned Jetfire as Ratchet and Jolt tried to pull him out.

“HANG ON FRIEND!” screamed Jolt as he and Rachet pulled as hard as they could on Jetfire’s body.

Jetfire’s upper half suddenly severed from his lower and his friends were left holding Jetfire from the waist up.

“Holy crap!” screamed Jolt as he dropped the body leaking fluids everywhere onto the ground.

“Uh… I can fix it?” said Ratchet nervously.

The scorpion suddenly came back and stuck it’s claw out from the shadows and grabbed onto Jetfire. It pulled the rest of him under and began eating him. Jolt and Ratchet fled back to the front.

“Is it fear or courage that compels you fleshling?” asked Megatron right before ordering his army to attack the Autobots immediately with everything that they had.

“NEITHER. Why the freaking hell would I listen to you? I’m a thousand times bigger than you!”


Everyone began fighting except for Bumblebee, who was playing charades with Gbleek on the sidelines and losing terribly.

End of Act 33: Side A, Gbleek and Transformer Battle

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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 33: Side B

A kid grabbed onto Zeldafan and bit down onto his hand as hard as he could in hopes of gnawing off a meaty finger for immediate consumption. Zeldafan backhanded him with his holy golf club of doom and kicked him away from him. More and more kids kept coming out of nowhere.

“Where the heck are all of these kids coming from!?” shouted Zeldafan annoyed.

He suddenly felt things moving around near his legs and he felt sharp pecks stabbing at his lower half. Zeldafan looked down at his feet and saw dozens of Furbies attacking him.

“I knew there was something wrong with this place!” screamed Zeldafan as he jumped up and down like crazy trying to shake them off.

“”You didn’t know that!? If this place was normal like Target we wouldn’t have called you in for back-up!” lectured Cajun, not realizing he was talking about the evil Furbies attacking him which he was currently unaware about.

“Not the kids Cajun! Or anything else! LOOK DOWN! THEY’RE ON YOU TOO!” Zeldafan hollered as he plucked a Furby off of his back that was digging it’s beak into his soft flesh.

Cajun socked two girls who seemed to be best friends forever, at least now at this time they thought they were, and were holding hands as they ran at him at full speed, each brandishing a shiny metal hammer. The girls fell onto the ground and Cajun stomped their hands until they let go of the hammers. As he picked up the hammers he felt something chiseling into his leg and swatted something furry off.

“MORE FURBIES!?” stuttered Cajun in disbelief.

“MORE FURBIES!?” repeated Zeldafan looking around for more foes to engage in combat, not realizing that Cajun had meant "MORE FURBIES!?" as in "BB's annoying things weren't the only Furbies!?"

“MORE FURBIES!” yelled Cajun again. “Heads up ZF!” He tossed his friend a hammer and ZF caught it.

Zeldafan was smashing Furbies to pieces with his hammer and whacking them away from himself with his golf club. Cajun was sending Furbies straight to hell with his hammer as well but their numbers didn’t seem to be going down, there were more Furbies if anything.

Tom dropped his slinky in disgust because there was a lone eyeball staring back at him on the end of it. He began using his fists in hand to hand combat. Nearby Simian was fighting some kids and looking for a new weapon just because he had grown tired of melting people’s faces off.

Simian grabbed two boxes on a shelf containing paddle balls and ripped them out of their boxes. Simian began paddling the balls until ball was bouncing off the wooden paddle to the extent of it’s string. Two kids ran at him from different sides and he began whacking them in the head with the paddle balls as he used them. Suddenly the paddle balls broke and went flying off at random.

One kid grabbed Simian and held him in a choke hold as the other beat him in the chest with super sized green fists that were supposed to give him the powers of “The Incredible Hulk”. Soft pathetic blows fell onto Simian’s chest and each time a loud repetitive and annoying noise permeated the air, sound effects from the electronic plush fists.

Tom saw Simian being beaten and grabbed the kid holding him still. He brutally twisted the boy’s neck and Simian was released.

Simian grabbed the kid and rammed his head into an Easy Bake Oven that just HAPPENED to be all set up and lying nearby. Tom turned the death trap on and the kid’s head fried from overexposure to the deadly powers of the ultimate invention, the light bulb. The kid’s head shriveled up and dried out within a matter of seconds and Simian dropped him onto the ground amongst some Legos.

“There’s no more kids… I think that was the last one Tom!” said Simian.

He looked around and only saw many dead bodies, each killed in drastically different and inventive ways. Only the sight of Cajun and Zeldafan fighting two separate crowds of Furbies showed any signs of danger.

Someone began clapping above the duo and Tom looked up.

“Hey look! It’s their leader!” said Tom as he pointed at the boy leaping off the shelves and onto the ground before them.

“My minions may have fallen quickly but I shall dispose of you slowly and inhumanely. I shall cripple you all defenseless with my swift kicking so that you are immobile!” the boy said as he crouched down on the ground.

The boy then suddenly stood up in front of them and savagely stomped on Tom’s foot. Tom groaned in pain and the kid stomped on his other foot. Tom wobbled in pain and he was suddenly kneed in the crotch by the kid. Tom fell to the ground in pain and unable to move temporarily because of the outrageous attack.

“You’re next Outlander!” snarled the boy. He looked at Simian and waggled his fingers threateningly.

Simian kicked him in the crotch and the boy laughed.

“Your attack has only made me more powerful outlander! Now your death will only be more excruciatingly unbearably painful! Ha ha ha ha! Your friends won’t be able to save you! And once I’m done with you I’ll finish off the other two and then come back and destroy this Outlander next to you!” said the kid who began laughing maniacally.

Simian shoved him away from him and the kid fell back into a pool of blood that was forming from the kid in the “I Like Piez” shirt’s body. The boy’s feet slipped and he fell down struggling to get up while surrounded by liquid on the tile floor.

Simian ran away from him with the time he had just bought himself.

“Zeldafan there’s so many!” shouted Cajun as a Furby bit his toe. “Damn it!” Cajun dropped his hammer and pain and scrambled to recover it amongst the thick crowd of evil.

“The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!” shouted Zeldafan as he flung three small glass vials carrying holy water at the ground onto some Furbies.

The Furbies splashed by the holy water melted instantly in a burst of fire and evil spirits soared out of their electronic corpses like real life Pikmin.

Cajun reached for his hammer but several Furbies jumped onto his body and began chewing on him and pecking holes in him.

“AAAGH!” Cajun tore them off his body and threw them at the wall so that they broke into pieces, except for the last two which he crushed in his hands.

Cajun saw Zeldafan use the holy water and wanted some himself.

“Hey ZF! You got any more of that stuff!?” Cajun asked hopefully.

“No! If I did I wouldn’t be backing into a corner right now…”

Zeldafan took a few steps back and bumped into Simian.

“Simian!” Zeldafan shouted.

“No time! I need Cajun!”

“Over there!” said Zeldafan hurling his hammer at a Furby on a shelf behind Simian preparing to jump on his head.

The hammer impaled the Furby in the motherboard and it exploded sending the hammer into another Furby which exploded as well, repeating what was going on in a chain of about seven instant kills.

“That’s cool!” Simian said as he leaped as far as he could over the crowd of Furbies to get to Cajun.

Cajun was encircled by Furbies and pinned against one of the shelves. Simian landed next to him and Cajun smiled.

“Come to help?”

“No! Quick! If this were a horror movie or horror story what would we do in this situation!?” Simian said really super fast with hardly any break between words.

“Wait what? A horror movie you say?” asked Cajun. “Well it looks like we’re already doing it I suppose.”

“No quick! The killer leader boy is coming and he doesn’t feel pain in the crotch. It makes him stronger or something. It’s %*(& up. He’s gonna kill me next and then you and then ZF. And then he’s gonna eat us! HOW DO WE KILL HIM!?” screamed Simian grabbing Cajun and shaking him back and forth as Cajun kicked a Furby away from them at ZF, who sent it soaring away with his golf club.

“It’s good!” shouted Zeldfan proudly as he observed how powerful his drive had been.

Suddenly Furbies all ran for Tom and Zeldafan ran to protect him. Zeldafan got there first and kept them at bay. They were pinned against a shelf too now and fighting to keep the toys away.

Meanwhile the kid stood up and looked around at the MBS until he saw his current target for termination.

Thoughts in his head processed saying one thing only. “TERMINATE.” The kid ran for Simian and Cajun.

“Simian your best bet would be to send it back to hell by reading a book, trapping it in a book by reading a book, or holy water. But I don’t have a book on me and Zeldafan just used the last of our holy water! Check behind us! Maybe there’s a book somewhere!?” Cajun quickly said, words sputtering out of his lips even faster than Simian when he tried explaining what was wrong, the sole reason being that Simian had asked Cajun a question in relation to horror movies.

“That was fast.” Simian said.

Simian rummaged through everything behind him and a few shelves up but didn’t see anything at all. Meanwhile ZF was whacking Furbies like crazy and sending electronic parts and faux fur up into the air.

“Where’s Gbleek anyway?” said Zeldafan to himself upon realizing he wasn’t there.

Zeldafan looked behind him and saw Gbleek in the distance surrounded by two waves of Transformers.

“Oh my.” Zeldafan muttered, secretly happy that it was Gbleek fighting the Transformers and not him,

Transformers had limbs and rockets and ect. Furbies only had sharp beaks and evil telepathic mind powers as well as a strange gibberish filled vocabulary.

“THERE’S NOTHING HERE!” Simian screamed leaning into Cajun’s ear.

“WHAT!? DID YOU DOUBLE CHECK BUDDY!?” Cajun screamed back at Simian as both struggled to hear each other amongst all of the evil Furbies screeching and making telepathic death threats in their heads.



Simian suddenly found a lighter and tossed it to Cajun as well as a can of Scrubbing Bubbles.

“Flamethrower!” said Simian as Cajun got down for Simian to climb up.

Simian got onto Cajun’s shoulders and Cajun stood with his back to the shelf. Cajun flicked the lighter so that a flame sparked and began spraying Scrubbing Bubbles everywhere. He stuck the lighter under the jet of Scrubbing Bubbles and it lit on fire.

“I can’t believe it’s flammable!” shouted Cajun in surprise. He began happily torching Furbies.

Simian ignored him and dug around on all the shelves he could visibly search through and found nothing.

“Anything!? Hurry Simian! I can’t hold them forever! I think the can’s almost out!”

“NO! Not yet!” panicked Simian.

Simian reached his hand on the very last shelf at the top. He couldn’t see anything at all and his hand brushed against a cardboard box. He grabbed the box and pulled it down and set it on a row in front of his head. He flipped through the contents of the box and suddenly saw a dusty leather bound journal.

Simian blew onto the cover as hard as he could and the dust coating flew off into the air revealing the title as Evil Occult Pranks For You and Your Friends.

“OH MY GOD I GOT ONE! Will this do!?” asked Simian as he dropped the book down for Cajun to catch.

Cajun’s improvised flamethrower had gone empty and he tossed the can down to the ground at a Furby to catch the book. The book opened up in his hands when it landed and Cajun saw lots of messy writing in black ink. He looked at the title.


Simian jumped down like a wrestler onto the Furbies, as if he was performing his signature fan favorite finishing move.

“OH MY GOD IT HURTS! I FORGOT THEY WERE MADE OF PLASTIC AND METAL.” screamed Simian quickly jumping right back up.

Simian pulled a Furby off some of his hair and another that was trying to nibble his ear off and threw them at ZF in the distance just to watch him whack them with the golf club.

ZF did it without asking so and the Furby flew off to another section of the store, landing in a fish tank with a beta.

The beta tore him apart into pieces and the Furby’s electronic circuitry fried, zapping the water and killing his aquatic tank mate as well.

The evil boy leading the kids walked through the crowd of Furbies with ease, for some reason the toys feared him and were parting a walkway for him amongst the crowd.

Simian hastily flipped through the index of the book until he found a section called “Send Your Buddy to Hell and Back For Lolz”. Simian was very interested in the first part but didn’t care at all about the latter since he had no plans to do so.

The kid walked up to Cajun and swung at him. Cajun dodged his arm and the kid swung his other arm. Cajun caught the kid’s fist in the air and the kid suddenly cocked his head making a cracking noise.

Simian found the page as Cajun entertained the boy painfully.

Cajun coughed as the kid touched him with his grimy fingers.

“You need some Goo Gone on that…” commented Cajun as he wrestled with the kid’s sticky arms. “Hurry up Simian!”

“Outlander! You dare bring yourself into my toy aisle! YOU MUST DIE!” cackled the kid as a Furby exploded from Zeldafan hitting it super hard in the distance.

“I’m tired of you.” said Cajun letting the kid’s arms go and punching him in the face like crazy to no effect.

Simian found the page and flipped it open. He saw instructions on how to send your friend to hell and instructions on how to bring them back. Both pranks had comical illustrations doodled onto the page.

Simian began chanting some evil incantation over and over to no effect until suddenly the book flew up into the air, opened up and a portal suddenly appeared. A beam of light shot out from the book and hit the kid about to kill Cajun.

“NO! NOT THE CHAINS!” shouted the kid in terror as the light formed shackles around his hands and legs.

The kid was dragged to hell via the portal in the book and suddenly the book slammed shut and fell to the ground.

“Holy *!@ that was so cool…” said Cajun in awe and unable to believe that that had just happened.

“He’s gone! Oh wait! We need to help the others!” gasped Simian as he suddenly remembered.

End of Act 33 and Act 33: Side B


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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:30 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 34

Cajun and Simian ran to save Gbleek from the Transformers as more and more Furbies continued their full out assault against the Megabuddies. Zeldafan slaughtered the Furby army like crazy with his golf club until he could hold them back no longer.

Zeldafan rudely kicked Tom in the gut until he started moving. Zeldafan helped his buddy stand up and they ran after Cajun and Simian.

Meanwhile Gbleek had tired of winning each game of charades with Bumblebee because each time that it was the Autobot’s turn it transformed into a yellow Chevy Camaro with a couple of black stripes.

“CAMARO. You’re so boring Bumblebee…” sighed Gbleek before kicking him away and running off to fight the Transformers for kicks upon the end of their latest game.

Bumblebee sighed and pouted displeased next to a can of red Playdoh.

Gbleek joined the bloody battle and began killing everything he could see.

“Fee fi fo fum…” chanted Gbleek sadistically as he stomped on Decepticons with his shoe.

“AAAAGH!” screamed Barricade as Gbleek curb stomped him into oblivion.

Cajun and Simian suddenly arrived next to Gbleek and pulled on his shoulder, indicating that they should run. Gbleek scowled at them and shoved them away, insisting on destroying more toys.

Zeldafan and Tom came up behind Simian and Cajun. Zeldafan looked at Gbleek and then back at his other friends angrily.

“What are you two doing!? Why didn’t you get him ready!? We have to flee now! They are coming!” snapped Zeldafan.

“We've tried ZF! Jeez! He won’t listen!” said Simian defensively.

“WHAT!?” screeched Zeldafan.

Zeldafan whacked the top of Gbleek’s dome to knock some sense into the MB.

Gbleek turned around and looked at Zeldafan enraged.

“DIE!!!” he screamed.

“COME NOW OR WE LEAVE YOU HERE TO DIE.” said Zeldafan sternly. “DON’T MAKE ME BAN YOU FROM THE ARCADE BACK AT MB HQ!” he threatened while waggling his finger disapprovingly of Gbleek's behavior.

“WHAT!? You wouldn’t do that! Girlfriend stealer! Besides Crimson would give me my key card back to the room! She outranks you!” Gbleek screamed back defiantly.

“BUT, in situations like these I have martial law when any admins are not around. Check your MB HQ standard issue recruit manual! It’s in the rules! In case of a raid at HQ or other dangers that threaten the safety of our community and it’s members, the moderator present with the most authority gives orders. Simian's the only other moderator and I'm above him so that means me. Now move it Gbleek!” Zeldafan hissed back quickly with epically cool finesse.

Simian whispered into Cajun's ear. "Is that true?"

Cajun shrugged. "I dunno. I never read the rules when I signed up for this... Did you?"

Simian grinned amused. "No I didn't bud."

Tom overheard them and decided to give his opinion. "Nor I. Does anyone?"

They all snickered behind Zeldafan as he chewed Gbleek out.


Gbleek looked around at everyone red-faced and embarrassed because he had just been owned by his self declared due to paranoia “mortal enemy”.

“Fine…” said Gbleek quietly in a tiny almost inaudible whisper.

“Good. Now let’s flee this hell-hole of a toy section.” said Tom quickly.

The five MBs ran out of the toy aisle as fast as they could, leaving the Transformers to continue battling over the “All Spark”, which Gbleek had just easily made off with un-noticed.

The Furbies were unable to catch the Megabuddies and instead turned to focus on a new prey.

“KILL THE TRANSFORMERS!” they all said in a telepathic mind link to one another.

None of the Transformers saw the fellow Hasbro toys until it was too late. They were massacred brutally.

“TAKE NO PRISONERS!” shouted a Furby gleefully as it pecked the head off of Jolt.

“We must retreat! Autobots transform and roll out!” commanded Optimus Prime to the current surviving Autobots.

“As much as I hate to say this but we must unite to survive these…. Fur…Beez…” hissed Megatron unhappily as he ordered his surviving forces to do the same.

“GET THE CUBE OUT OF THE BUILDING BLEEK! WE WILL PROTECT YOU!” shouted Ironhide estatically to the non-present Gbleek.

Ironhide turned as his parts and gears were shifting into his alt mode and noticed that Gbleek had ditched them.

“THAT… THAT…. THAT PUNK &*( DECEPTICON!!!” he cried out hurt at Gbleek’s betrayal.

End of Act 34

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:37 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 35

Belbell and Crimson were crawling as if they were soldiers under heavy crossfire in the middle of a battlefield in the middle of the clothes department. The two of them were dragging their stomachs across the ground as they slid under various clothes racks hidden from view.

“These clothes smell new. I hate new clothes. They are stiff and itchy and feel weird.” complained Crimson who was shivering at the thought of trying on new clothes.

Belbell thought otherwise and was looking starry eyed at all of the clothes around them.

Brad, Laclipsey, Bloogoo, Soma and Kitchensink were making their way cautiously through an aisle with various paint cans.

“Wonder where the others are.” said Soma worried.

“Meh they’re fine. At least ZF and them are. I bet Crimson and Cajun are fine too. The others… Um… God help them.” said Brad.

“Screw that. They got us!” smirked Bloogoo.

“Yup!” said Kitchensink. “They don’t need God! We’re heroes at the barely capable level!”

“WOOT.” said Laclipsey like an idiot.

Brad and Soma looked at them with shifty eyes questioning why they had even brought them to help save the others.

“This aisle is boring. Let’s go look for them in Lawn and Garden.” said Soma, hoping to look for a new cactus plant while there.

“OH… MY… GOD…” squealed Belbell completely out of the blue.

Crimson’s heart jumped startled and she looked around paranoid.

“What human female!? Are they coming for us!?”

“These designer baby doll hoodies would look so cute on my babies…”

Belbell took out the Furbies and popped gangster hoodies onto the bodies of each Furby. The Furbies looked at each other and nodded in approval.

“THANK YOU MAMA. WE LOVE YOU MAMA.” the Furbies all chirped simultaneously.

The Furbies moved next to Belbell and began making humming noises, their lame electronic equivalent of robotic purring.

“We are dressed in style for our next kill Furbies!” the Furbies all said to each other at the same time in their secret telepathic mind links.

Belbell glomped her Furbies as Crimson looked at the whole lot in disgust.

“Stupid human! We must find Cajun and Gbleek and then locate an N64 in preferably mint in box condition! There is no time for this crap!”

Crimson’s eyes widened and became a dark blood red.

“Wait a minute Crimson I see the cutest pair of shoes in an aisle a few feet away. I wanna make a quick dash for em. Wait here. I’ll be right back.” winked Belbell, disobeying a direct order from her supreme admin overlord.

“Wait here my babies.” Belbell told the Furbies as they began crying at the idea of her leaving. “Shhh…. Shhh…. It’ll be ok… I’ll be just be a few feet away. I’m not abandoning you my precious darlings…”

The Furbies faked sniffling and heartbreak and Belbell quickly crawled out from underneath the clothes rack. As Belbell ran for the box of shoes on display that was antagonizing her, Crimson’s face twitched displeased.

The Furbies suddenly all swiveled in place to look at Crimson and their eyes all turned bright red.

“KILL!” they cried out to each other telepathically.

“Oh really…?” asked Crimson amused.

The Furbies looked at her petrified like a fossil and unable to move in terror. They hadn’t seen her mouth move and realized that she could hear them talk, as well as talk back if she felt in the mood.

“You… You can talk like this too!?” the Furbies all chirped in unison in great confusion.

Crimson shrugged.

“If I choose to. I prefer talking. Right now I was just feeling snoopy and bored so I tuned into this frequency and picked up your broadcast.”

The Furbies blinked unable of how to react upon learning that Crimson was onto them.

“Now where were we… Hmm…. Plotting to kill me you say? Well that’s a problem huh… And I don’t like it… Not… one… bit…” Crimson smirked and revealed the two razor sharp fangs her dentist had planted into her mouth.

The teeth were shiny from saliva and the Furbies saw premonitions of their deaths as they continued to stare at her.

“OH MY GOD!!!” the Furbies screamed before running away like crazy to find Belbell, their forever protector.

Crimson grabbed one though before it could escape and strangled it to death with his hoody until it’s head came off and landed in her lap.

“BROTHER!!!” whimpered the remaining four Furbies as they fled in terror.

“I feel rather… Odd. It’s a curious feeling it is…” said Soma as she suddenly bashed her skull against a price scanner machine voluntarily.

“WHOA! What’s wrong Soma!?” asked Brad horrified.

Brad grabbed Soma and held her back as she tried to harm herself again.

“AAAAGH.” screamed Soma in pain.

“Soma stop being emo…” said Kitchensink, failing to note that Soma’s behavior was out of the norm.

“What Sink said!” added Bloogoo.

“LET ME GO!!!” screamed Soma as she fought to get loose from Brad. “I WANT TO GO!!!” screeched Soma at the top of her lungs. “IT’S CALLING TO ME!!!”

“Soma snap out of it!” shouted Brad as he tried to restrain her.
Crimson poked her head out to see why Belbell wasn’t back yet and saw her running back with a box of shoes.

“THEY FIT ME!!! THEY FIT ME CRIMSON!” squealed Belbell.

She held the box up in the air as she ran dancing triumphantly like an idiot over a box of shoes.

Belbell picked up her Furbies upon noticing them running to her feet in tears.

“Crimson! What did you do the poor things!?!?!?!?” nagged Belbell.

“They were going to kill me. So I killed one. All better now.” Crimson smiled proudly, she had just done a great service to her country.

Belbell opened her mouth as if to say something naggy and suddenly closed her jaw, as if suddenly afflicted by something. Belbell threw the box to the side casually really fast and began running like crazy away from the clothes section, leaving Crimson alone.

Crimson blinked confused and decided to camp out where she was until she saw one of her friends walking by.

“I said to let me… GO!” screamed Soma again as she kneed poor Brad savagely in the crotch.

Brad let her go in pain and Soma ran off madly chanting the same thing over and over.

“OW! GAH!” gasped Brad with big eyes as the other guys looked at him sympathetically.

“I’m burning up… Burning up for you baby…” chanted Soma, gritting her teeth and smiling strangely.

“After her!” commanded Brad as he stumbled after her in pursuit.

“Yes commander!!” copied Laclipsey.

The four MBs followed Soma as she mindlessly ran to an unknown destination.

End of Act 35

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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 36

Belbell dashed maniacally past Cajun, Simian, Gbleek and Zeldafan on her quest to find the source of what had suddenly come over her.

“Hey wasn’t that Belbell!?” asked Cajun really fast.

“Yeah! Come on!” said Zeldafan.

“Hey Belbell wait up!” shouted Simian as they ran after her.

“Anybody know why we haven’t seen any Wal-Mart employees since we left the toy aisle?” wondered Tom.

“That IS strange… Maybe we should be worried?” commented Gbleek after he screamed several curse words at Belbell telling her to slow down and let them catch up.

The majority of the employees with the exception of the cashiers went into the conference room of the “Employees Only” section.

“I have called you here to discuss a growing problem in my store. I ask you this. How is it that you have failed to get rid of these cretins. The only useful one of you fools is him!” the store owner said majorly disgruntled.

Their boss pointed at the mural on the wall of the man who had captured Shadow that was labeled “Employee of the Month.”

“Now people please straighten up or I’m going to dock your paychecks for three whole months!” he screamed hoarsely at them.

An employee cowered in fear at the epically huge table.

“We’re trying our best sir!” the employee said trembling.

The store owner took out a revolver concealed in his jacket and shot the employee in the head. Employee brains splattered on the wall and table. The employee fell backwards out of the chair as the other employees looked on horrified.

“Anybody else have anything to say about what a good job you’re doing at purifying my store?” their boss threatened waggling the gun in the air in front of them.

Nobody said anything.

The store owner’s nephew mumbled something and changed the subject. “Sir. I have had your Droogies search the stockroom. All of the military arms are accounted for. The strangers apparently never discovered them during the time they were hiding there.”

“Excellent. The Rogue Claw terrorist group will be pleased. This deal is worth millions to me. I’d be VERY displeased if anything should go wrong. VERY displeased. Don't let anything happen to the missiles at all costs. These strangers are doing well at avoiding us... I believe that they may have been sent by the F.B.I. to take us down. They seem to have advanced training at espionage. We must get rid of them asap!"

“We shall continue randomly looking in random places for the intruders my liege!” said the nephew. He bowed in fear and left the room without turning his back to him as if he were a king.

“Good. Meeting dismissed since I know you people are worthless and aren’t going to be able to think of anything useful.” The store manager stood up out of his chair and put his gun away. “Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get down to my office. I need to deal with that kid my beloved Employee of the Month has captured for me. I shall torture him until he folds over and see if I can get any useful information out of him before I kill him.”

“Soma stop! Where are you going!? We need to stick together! Safety in numbers! Haven’t you ever heard that before!?” screamed Brad as he tried to keep his friends together.

Brad ran at the head of the pack behind Soma. He was much more capable of running longer distances than his friends because of the increased stamina he had gained in becoming a fox like creature.

Soma began humming a Jonas Brothers song to herself as she ran onwards.

“Soma listen to Brad! If you need the bathroom we’ll take you there! But don’t just wander off aimlessly!” insisted Laclipsey out of breath.

Kitchensink and Bloogoo were both about to say something as well but they suddenly began screaming in pain. Brad suddenly grasped his head and dug his nails into his scalp.


Soma continued running as Sink and Bloo began screaming as well. Laclipsey stared at the three of them screaming for a few seconds confused and began screaming as well as it overcame him too.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING!? IT HURTS! I FEEL LIKE MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!” shouted Laclipsey as he fell to the floor unable to go on.

Soma came back and popped a pair of cork earplugs into Laclipsey’s ears. He suddenly stopped screaming.

“Thanks Soma! What just happened!?” he asked.

Soma silently ignored him and tossed a pair of earplugs to Brad, Bloogoo and Kitchensink. She then resumed running away from them.

“Okay bye?” he said.

Brad. Bloogoo, and Kitchensink put the earplugs hastily into their ears and panted in pain.

“No time for explanations come on! She’s making off!” ordered Brad.

They resumed chasing her.


Gbleek, Tom, Simian, Cajun and Zeldafan all began writhing in pain and screaming about something being wrong with their heads simultaneously.

Belbell ignored their cries for her help and ran off even faster to find what she sought.

“I FEEL WEIRD!” screamed Tom as he bashed his skull into a shopping cart.

Gbleek shoved Tom out of the way and systematically hit his own head on the shopping cart.

“MAKE IT STOP! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO US!” whimpered Zeldafan crying and hugging the Holy Golf Club of Doom tight against his chest.

“I FEEL GAY! KILL ME!” bawled Simian as he grabbed Cajun’s chest and ordered him to do so.

“NO! Kill ME!!!!” squealed Cajun as all of the male MBs heads began dripping blood out of their ears.

“ME FIRST.” demanded Zeldafan.

Tom grabbed a roll of duct tape as he stumbled away from the group. Tom hastily tore off a piece of tape with his mouth and wrapped his ears shut over and over.

The pain stopped and Tom stopped screaming, only panting in pain and dripping blood from his ears.

“COVER YOUR EARS” barked Tom as he tossed the duct tape to Zeldafan.

Zeldafan covered his ears and gave it to Simian. Everyone eventually had duct taped their ears and was whimpering in pain.

“Lord where did she go!?” mumbled Zeldafan once he noticed Belbell was gone.

“I think I saw her heading for the electronics.” groaned Cajun as he wiped some blood off his face with his arm.

“We must find my sister.” said Zeldafan. “Come on. We can’t let her go crazy too. They’ll find her.”

“Girlfriend stealer…” hissed Gbleek as he stood up.

“Is that even relevant to the situation at the moment?” asked Cajun.

“No. But it’s true!” snarled Gbleek as he glared at ZF.

ZF scoffed at him and rolled his eyes. The group ran for the electronics section.


“Oh my god…” gasped Brad with big eyes as he stared at where Soma had led them to.

Laclipsey, Brad, Bloogoo and Kitchensink hugged each other in a group hug in fear of the crowd of fangirls surrounding Joe Jonas in the Electronics department.

“She led us to a Joe Jonas Concert!?” said Laclipsey in disbelief.

“I’ll kill her!” screamed Bloogoo in terror.

Soma had stopped in front of them and Kitchensink spun her around ready to bash her skull in right then and there.

“HOW COULD YOU!?” he screamed at her with tears forming in his eyes.

Kitchensink’s fist trembled in front of her and Soma rolled her eyes. Soma took out a paper mache shank and laughed at her friends amused.

“What? You ACTUALLY thought I came to LISTEN to him? I’m here to KILL HIM. HE MUST DIE. I HATE THIS *(&%% IDIOT AND HIS BROTHERS!!!” declared Soma as she raised her shank up in the air nobly.

“OOOOOOOH.” said all of the guys at the same time.

Soma nodded amused.

“NOW WE’RE TALKING SOMA!” grinned Brad as he extended his claws.

All of the MBs began walking towards the crowd of fangirls.


Zeldafan, Cajun, Gbleek, Tom, and Simian ran into the Electronics department and saw Belbell dancing as if she were at a techno rave to music.

“Oh my! Sister!” screamed Zeldafan as he noticed the sign that said “Joe Jonas: Live in Concert Today”.

Belbell danced happily to the music ignoring him as did every other girl in the music section.


Simian nodded agreeing and they turned to run.

“Wait I see Brad!” said Zeldafan pointing at the group of MBs near the furry fox dude.

“Where!?” asked Cajun.

Zeldafan pointed at him. Cajun and Gbleek raised a brow.

“THE FURRY? WHAT THE HELL!? For REAL!?” they asked thinking it was a joke.

“Nope we’re serious.” said Simian and Tom.

“This is indeed a disturbing universe. Poor guy.” said Gbleek.

“And he has Laclipsey, Kitchensink, Bloogoo and Soma!” noted Simian.

“SISTER TWO!” screamed Zeldafan.

“Fine I’ll go through with it for Brad and the others. Just Belbell isn’t worth my time.” said Cajun.

“LET’S KILL JOE JONAS!” shouted Simian running for the mob of insanely rabid Jonas Brothers fan girls.


“Hey Soma. Why didn’t you start dancing like Belbell?” Brad asked upon seeing Belbell dancing like an idiot.

Soma scoffed. “The mind of the weak is easily corrupted. Mine isn’t. And so you don’t ask only girls are immune to the evils of boy bands. That’s why you and everyone else started dying in the aisle back there.”

“Intriguing.” said Brad as he thought about it.

“I see the others. Except for Crimson! Over there!” Soma shouted as she pointed at the group coming up from behind Belbell.

“Yes!” said Laclipsey.

“We must liberate this store of horrible music before we can proceed any further in our mission!” shouted Soma with a cool finesse as she grabbed a rack of new release albums promoting Joe Jonas’s new solo album.

Soma shoved the rack to the ground and began stomping on all of the CDs. Evil spirits wailed and came out of the broken discs as she did so.

“ALL OUT ATTACK! MEGABUDDIES UNITE!” screamed Brad as he punched a fan girl out of his way.

The group of fan girls began screaming upon finally seeing he was there and the group of MBs attacking everything in their way.

End of Act 36

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:58 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 37

Belbell continued dancing happily to the sounds of Joe Jonas singing horribly and playing his guitar. Meanwhile her friends were raising hell at the concert.

Zeldafan whacked a chick in the head with the Holy Golf Club of Doom as he forced his way into the crowd of fan girls. He swung it to the side again and struck a chick in the process of rolling up her shirt and screaming like crazy to get Joe’s attention in hopes of obtaining the “honor” of having her twins autographed in black sharpie.

“JOE! I LIKE LOVEZ YOU! MARRY ME!!! ME!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! WHOOO!!!” screamed the girl right before ZF nailed her in the face with the metal sporting weapon. “AAAGH! YOU $&#@(@!”

“Out of my way &*(&^!” grunted Zeldafan as he pulled his arm back ready to strike her again since she hadn’t understood the implied message of “MOVE IT.”

The girl grabbed the Holy Golf Club of Doom with two hands and Zeldafan and her wrestled over it. Zeldafan finally shoved it forward and knocked her into another girl.

The girl let go of the golf club and Zeldafan watched as the two girls fought. The girl that ZF had shoved was accused by the other girl of trying to steal her spot in the crowd because it was closer to Joe Jonas and the two girls began a brutal catfight that ZF didn’t have time to enjoy watching. He resumed battling.


Soma was still stomping CDs like crazy and jumping up and down on the remains. A girl who had just come into the store came running up to her when she realized they were selling copies of Joe Jonas new solo album.

“MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE.” chanted the girl with big doe eyes longingly.

“NO!” shouted Soma as she punched her in the face and kicked her away.

“YOU CAN’T HAVE ALL OF EM YOU &*(&^! I WANT ONE!!!” snarled the girl.

Soma hissed at her and picked up the last remaining handful of undamaged albums.

Soma looked the girl in the eyes as she promptly crunched the albums into nothingness with her bare hands. “You can have it now. I changed my mind. It just wasn’t me.”

She tossed the trash at the girl’s chest and ran to fight with her friends now that the secondary mission, “Destroy Joe Jonas solo album supply!”, had been accomplished successfully.

The girl fell to her knees and looked at the broken CDs in heartbreak. She picked one up with her hand and let it fall back to the ground.

Looking up at the ceiling the girl screamed fanatically. “NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


A girl whacked Brad in the face over and over and over with her purse in fear of a wild animal attack and catching rabies. She had no idea what the heck he was or that the poor MB was actually a human.

Brad finally covered his face with his arms and blocked her attacks. He then grabbed her purse as it bounced off his arms and leaned backwards. Brad began moving in a circle and quickly overpowered the surprised fan girl.


Nobody in the entire crowd, not even her best friend forever gave a crap. They were too engaged with listening to Joe Jonas sing a horrible song. The only people not listening to Joe sing were the chicks that the MBs were attacking to create an ever growing path to Joe Jonas.

“SHUT UP! I HAVE FEELINGS TOO!” growled Brad as he swung the girl in a circle into several other girls, knocking them out of the way.

“AAAAAAAGH!!!” shrieked the tween girl as she clung to her Tinker Bell purse that only contained lip gloss, and $2.47 in assorted loose change. “MY PURSE!!!”

“COME ON YOU GUYS! FOLLOW ME!” hollered Brad to any MB within earshot as he cleared a path with the girl.

Cajun, Bloogoo, Tom, Gbleek, and Zeldafan were the MBs nearby. Zeldafan was the first beside Brad, the rest quickly followed.

As his buddy made standing room available Zeldafan continually played a never ending game of “Whack a Mole”, the moles being the heads of angry fan girls attacking him for disrupting the concert.

“Out of our way girl or die!” warned ZF as he approached a tween girl who had painted a poster of herself and Joe married with a dog and two and a half kids, one kid was only half drawn.


ZF shrugged. “Have it your way!” ZF whacked her skull open with his golf club and kicked her to the side.

“Oh my god!” Cajun laughed randomly.

“What!?” Zeldafan asked as he tried to concentrate on clean one hit kills.

“Burger King slogan. You just said it. Ha!” said Cajun as a girl punched him.

Zeldafan scoffed seeing as to how Cajun's joke had not come at a good time and resumed his awesome battle stance.

Cajun’s face turned red enraged and he punched her back into two of her girlfriends.

“SIMIAN!” shouted Cajun over the screaming cheers of fan girls and a terrible excuse for music.

“YES!?” Simian screamed back out of sight.

“THIS WAY! WHERE ARE YOU!?” hollered Cajun as he backhanded a girl next to him for screaming at Joe that she wanted to bear his children.

“OVER HERE!” shouted Simian nearby, his voice strangely moving in location.

Tom and Cajun looked up amongst the huge crowd of upraised hands clawing the air in hopes of getting a free t-shirt with Joe on it, should the store give them out. Simian was in the air being tossed at them.

“AAAAGH!” screamed Simian as he landed violently on Tom.

Cajun hustled and helped Simian and Tom to their feet as ZF whacked fan girls with the golf club defensively to keep them at bay. Suddenly Soma, Laclipsey, and Kitchensink landed nearby in the cleared area with the Megabuddies in it.

“Ooomph. OW!” groaned Soma rubbing her head.

“What happened sister!?” Zeldafan asked her.

“A bouncer…”



“Come on!” interrupted Simian as they ran after Brad.

The path they had created and used to enter the mob had now disappeared and the MBs were encircled by deranged Jonas Brothers fan girls on all sides More and more girls screamed everywhere as they forced their way to the front of the crowd. The MBs all stood in a cleared out oval shape as they quickly followed Brad.


“I WAS HERE FIRST!” a girl screamed at Gbleek as she leaned over to strangle him.

“I DON’T CARE! IT’S MINE NOW!” roared Gbleek who jumped up and bit her nose off to his friends' horror.

“AAAAAGH! MY NOSE!!! I LOOK LIKE MJ NOW! NOO!!! AAAAGH!” she screamed clutching where her nose used to be.

“HA!” said Gbleek. He spat the nose out onto the ground and wiggled his foot on it.

“DUDE…” said Cajun grossed out.

“What!?” asked Gbleek as they continued to fight.

“You just… Bite that chick’s nose off?” asked Zeldafan with his jaw dropped.

Gbleek gave them a thumbs up.

“That’s messed up.” said Simian disturbed.

“GET OVER IT.” Gbleek scowled at them. “What do you care that I bit that chick’s nos-”

Gbleek tripped over something as the crowd of fangirls moved out of the way.

“AAAAAAGH!” screamed all of the MBs as they looked at the bloodied corpses of the boyfriends of the girls at the concert as well as their brothers, all dead because they were forced to take them to a Jonas Brothers concert.

“Their heads are all…” said Cajun slowly as he stared at the bodies.

“Exploded…” finished Tom.

“There’s nothing left! What the !@#$ what the !@#$ what the !@#$…” whimpered Simian as he flashed back to the aisle and how close he and his amigos had been to certain death.

“WICKED COOL.” muttered Gbleek in enthusiastic amazement with wide eyes at the morbid sight of death.

Gbleek crouched down and dug into a kid’s pocket.

“A quarter!? Cheap mother…” grumbled the MB as he flicked it at the ground. “Next kid might be better though…”

“We don’t have time for this Gbleek! We can loot later!” Zeldafan grabbed him behind the ear and pulled him along.

“NO!!!” cried Gbleek as he reached his arms out towards all of the dead bodies knowing that each of them had wallets with money in them for the taking.


“Oh look at me!” chuckled Brad. “I’m head of crowd control!”

Cajun smirked at Brad’s comment. “Yeah! We love you Brad!”

“Ha!” replied Brad.

“AAAAAAGH!” screamed the girl who was still clinging like an idiot to her purse.


”Who needs riot gear when we have a BRADHUMMR?” cackled Laclipsey. He stepped over a piece of exploded brain matter carefully.

Laclipsey grabbed a poster from a girl and rolled it up. He began systematically dispatching fan girls with it.

More and more girls screamed then before.


“DAMN IT WHAT IS WITH THIS RACKET? I CAN’T SING UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!” screamed Joe Jonas as he spat angrily and put his guitar down displeased.

The fan girls began sobbing as he stopped playing and everybody stopped dancing. In the back of the crowd Belbell suddenly stopped dancing with another chick.


“Um who are you and why am I dancing with another chick…?” asked Belbell awkwardly.

“Dunno…” replied the other girl.

“Wanna… Keep dancing? And kill the awkward silence related to this moment?”

“Sure.” said Belbell feeling very uncomfortable.

They each began square dancing like idiots to no music.


“These people are trying to kidnap you or something!!!” sobbed a girl in the back. “They’re beating us up and forcing their way to the front of the crowd! RUN JOE!” whimpered the girl in between bursts of tears.

“WHAT!? I’m sorry girls. I’m sorry you had to see me snap.” said Joe coolly. “You see. I don’t like being angry with you. You love Joe. And Joe loves you back! The concert shall resume momentarily!!!”


The crowd of girls cheered like crazy except for the girl Brad was swinging around using the purse.

“What a load of hogwash!” coughed Cajun who was heavily amused at Joe’s lies.


“Now remember. Be sure to buy TEN CDS. If you don’t buy at least TEN CDS then a puppy is murdered by a disgruntled out of work brick layer with a garden trowel. We don’t want THAT now DO WE!?” gasped Joe as he raised a copy of his CD, signed it and threw into the mob of girls.

Everybody began crying at the thought of a dead puppy and screaming his name.

"So what do we do!? It's only like fifteen dollars. You want it!? Buy! Buy! Buy!" chirped the Jonas brother as if he were the merchant in a Zelda game.

Joe walked up to the front of the crowd and unscrewed his bottle of Dasani water. He put it out over the crowd of girls and dumped the cold water onto the shirt of the girl he deemed hottest.

“Now remember girls. My brothers may wear purity rings. But I’m willing to make exceptions for some of you lovely young ladies.” he winked at a girl next to him who flushed and began trying to grab a hair follicle that had fallen off of his shirt.


“WE’RE THERE!” hollered Brad ecstatically as he burst through the front of the crowd.

The rest of the MBs quickly climbed up on top of the mini platform that was up one foot in the air and not very wide at all. Everybody in the room gasped and Joe Jonas frowned.

Brad stopped moving in a circle and let the purse go. The girl went flying into the stereo that had seconds ago been blasting out the vocals and instrumentals of Joe Jonas. The chick then began shaking like crazy as blue streams of electricity traveled through her body and a crackling noise blared over the stereo. The girl caught fire and smoke began rising up from her body as everybody watched her brutal and excruciating over the top death.

"Death by stereo!" whispered Cajun with big starry eyes in amazement at the fact that people don't just get killed by stereos in the film The Lost Boys.

“Excellent shot Brad.” said Laclipsey high-fiving Brad.

Brad high-fived him back. “I’ve done better. Was actually aiming for Joe… But what just happened is probably one hundred times cooler.”

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FAN!? And who are you faggettes!?” gasped Joe slapping the side of his face in excitement.

"Introductions are unimportant since death is impending ever closer on your part. Let's just stick to the facts of what's at hand." said Simian scowling at Joe.

“Prepare to meet your maker. We can save this world.” said ZF slyly as he moved the Holy Golf Club of Doom up and down slowly onto his hand eager to dish out a beating.

"And make it a better place for us and our children to live in." added Brad.

"But mainly for us! We don't really care all that much about the kids because we don't have any! At least not YET." said Cajun in more detail.

“Your brothers may be in Disneyland with Mickey Mouse right now Joe but you’re on your own! Your powers are not strong enough to defeat all of us by yourself.” shouted Laclipsey.

He raised his poster and pointed it at Joe every few words.

“That’s what you think bitches!” smirked Joe vilely. “MANAGER! I NEED A NEW STEREO DAMN IT! I WANT IT! AAAAGH. GIMME GIMME GIMME.” he screamed with a baby face in a tantrum.

“Here you are sir.” his manager said coming out of nowhere and kicking the stereo and girl’s charred corpse out of sight. The manager plugged in a new stereo and hooked up the cables. “There you are Mr. Joe.”

“EXCELLENT!” shouted Joe. “MY GIRLS! WHO IS READY TO HEAR ME SING ENCHANTING MUSIC!?!?!?” he said in a fake dreamy voice to the girls.

The girls began screaming over and over and chanting his name.

“He just doesn’t give up.” said Gbleek.

“More fun to kill that way.” smirked Soma. “You don’t want to kill foes like the Jonas unarmed. There’s no sport. He now presents… A challenge to us.”

“Who cares? Let’s go up and strangle him with the cord to the microphone. Who’s game?” suggested Cajun. He looked around and saw a glimpse of eagerness in Simian and Gbleek’s eyes.

“LET’S DO THIS THING!” trumpeted Gbleek as he ran to Joe.

Simian and Cajun had his back.

“RUSH HIM. GET HIM BEFORE HE SINGS!” shouted Brad at the top of his lungs.

All of the MBs ran towards him but it was too late.


Joe Jonas began singing the “S.O.S” song to the crowd of girls for help and they all suddenly stopped cheering. The girls all turned to face the MBs and began running for them.

“OH LORD. WHAT IS THIS NOW!? I’VE JUST ABOUT HAD IT WITH THIS STORE. FROM NOW ON I’M BUYING ONLINE.” screamed Gbleek pissed as a fan girl grabbed him and flung him onto the ground.


“They’re under mind control powers! All of the girls!” groaned Zeldafan as he looked at the oncoming horde.


Bloogoo squinted and braced himself for imminent attack. "His gayness has corrupted their minds!"

"I've seen worse in Nam." grumbled Tom.

"What platoon were you in?" asked Kitchensink right before a girl leaped onto him and began &*(&^ slapping him.

"I was in the-"

"You weren't ever in NAM Tom! Stop lying! Don't listen to him!" shouted Simian. "NAM was BEFORE you!"

"I just needed something comforting to say. Jeez. Fine this is the worst I've ever seen and we're screwed. Ok? Happier?" mumbled Tom really fast.

Simian sighed. "No..."


“We under estimated him but it doesn’t matter my friends! They’ll never catch us! We’re on a mission from God!” shouted Brad in a battle cry totally referring to the Blues Brothers more so the MBs.

End of Act 37

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:12 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 38

Numerous fan girls attacked each MB under the mind control powers of Joe’s gay music.

Brad punched a fan girl in the face and tore her arm off. He shoved the arm directly through her skull and kicked her away back into a girl behind her.

Soma was busy cat fighting numerous chicks tooth and nail that were trying to destroy her for being a liability to Joe Jonas’s life.

“You must die. You can not kill Joe.” said a girl like a robot with absolutely no emotions as she grabbed a handful of Soma’s hair to yank on it.

Soma pulled her hair free and slapped the girl.

“RAWR! YOU PREACH LIES!!! LIES!!!” screeched Soma. “I CAN AND I SHALL!”

Soma grabbed the girl’s hair and pulled on it so hard that it scalped her opponent.

The girl fell down dead and ZF took a brief second to clap in honor of her achievement.

“Flawless victory.” boasted ZF to his sister.

Soma held the scalp in her hands and bowed smiling.

“We have to stop the stereo! It’s blasting the whole store!” Cajun screamed at Gbleek as he roundhouse kicked the girls away from his friend.

Cajun pointed at the immense mob of girls attacking them and at the crowd of girls running in the distance to help Joe Jonas.

Gbleek saluted him.

“Comprende!” he replied dutifully.

“Take out the stereo! I’ll cover you! Simian! Help us!”

“SIMIAN ACKNOWLEDGES!” responded Simian while twisting the neck of a fat chick that was strangling him.

Simian ran to help Cajun and Gbleek destroy the stereo before more girls showed up under the evil influence of Joe.

Elsewhere in the store Crimson was drinking a cherry Slurpee that she had pulled out from her pockets under a clothes rack. She sipped from a crazy straw casually and it made a long slurping noise. Suddenly she stopped mid-slurp and listened to a faint ringing noise.

Crimson put her finger into her ear and picked in the center to see if any earwax was preventing her from hearing right but failed to find anything.

“Hmm. Weird. Meh.” she said to herself as she resumed happily slurping her drink.

She put a black checker into the plastic thing used to play Connect Four.

“Your turn.” Crimson told her opponent with a big game face.

Her opponent said nothing and looked at her in silence. It was just a potato which had been pulled out randomly from her pocket as well.

"NO this isn't a baby game for seven year olds GAWSH. The box says seven years and UP. JEEZ..." sighed Crimson annoyed.

Her and the potato stared at each other in silence for about thirty seconds.

Crimson squinted at the potato really paranoid like. The potato resumed being a potato and doing nothing.

“What do you mean I should be out looking for my friends?” asked Crimson.

The potato did nothing.

“I know the Furbies are evil.” said Crimson.

The potato continued doing what it liked best, nothing.

“No I haven’t told them yet. I’ve been with you the whole time you potato head…” winked Crimson.

The potato had yet to do anything.

“No of course not! I don’t wannna worry them.” said Crimson.

The potato did nothing and Crimson gasped at whatever it had just said.

“SLANDER!” gasped Crimson insulted.

Brad tore a girl’s throat open with his claws and punched another girl in the chest.

“ZF! SOMA! TAKE OUT THAT JONAS! I’M A LITTLE BUSY!” screamed Brad to his friends right before he suddenly zoned out due to a familiar platypus’s appearance.

Brad saw a vision in his eyes again of himself and Phil that was strangely very similar to Solid Snake talking to his superiors for orders. He could also see what was happening to himself at the moment but it was much like the picture in picture function on a television console. Brad could only hear what was happening in the Phil and Brad world. The annoying Brad and Phil meeting was also blocking parts of the real world and Brad couldn’t see everything that was happening to himself in the Wal-Mart.

Simian looked at Brad and instantly thought that he reminded him of Chuck Bartowski spazzing due to the Intersect in his brain.

“What the heck!?” said Simian aloud as he saw Brad’s face changing constantly.

“PHIL!? GET LOST! I CAN’T SEE WITH YOU DISRUPTING MY VISION.” Vision Brad told Phil as several girls leaped onto him from all directions.

Brad thrashed his body around and flung one girl off of him at the ceiling with his left arm. She connected with the metal roof and her body broke in half astoundingly. Brad was terrified at his own strength yet also impressed.

The platypus crossed his arms and turned away from Brad displeased.

“Now now mate. That isn’t very nice. I’m here to help you ya know. Now you don’t get any fish.” Phil lifted up a can of sardines to show him that he indeed had fish.
Vision Brad raised a brow as if to go “Okay…”

“No… No that’d be cruel. Go ahead. Take a teensie piece.” Phil raised up the can of sardines.

“No thanks. Can you make this fast!? I can’t see what the hell is happening to me… You’re kinda hampering my vision?”

“Have it your way mate.” Phil tossed all the sardines down his bill and sighed happily. “I know how to kill Joe Jonas and I came to tell you. But if you don’t… WANT… my help… I’ll withhold such vital and crucial information and leave you to struggle furiously at figuring it out yourself.”

“WHAT? Of course I want THAT!” shouted Vision Brad! “Sorry! I’m just busy… You already know that though.”

“Indeed I do. And I was just bluffing. I don’t wanna die… I’d have told you even if you said no. If you die so do I since we both share the same mind mate.”

Cajun, Gbleek, and Simian destroyed the stereo speakers leaving the microphone the sole source of the Joe concert. They resumed battling. Now no more girls would come to the concert unless they were unlucky enough to walk far enough into the store to hear him.

Brad dug his claws into a girl and gouged her eyes out ruthlessly as she screamed “THROUGH THE LOVE OF JOE GOD SHALL BESTOW UPON ME THE GIFT OF SIGHT!” un-bothered by the action.

Brad shoved her off of him as Laclipsey ran to his aid. Laclipsey began kicking each fan girl’s head in with his foot.

“Thanks Laclipsey!”

“Get up! We’ve got work to do!” joked Laclipsey as he helped Brad stand on his feet.

“That’s nice to know.” said Vision Brad.

Brad didn’t want to have a spirit animal who would deny him important info on a need to know basis.

“To kill the one they call… “Joe” one must castrate the bloody demon! Jonas Brothers lose their gayness and mind control powers once they lose their testicles! They become somewhere in between genders! Neither man nor woman! His fan girls won’t love him once he’s become neutered! He will become powerless! THAT my friend is the place and moment to strike!” said Phil triumphantly.

“Wow that’s pretty disturbing to imagine, think about, or even describe. Thanks Phil.” said Vision Brad.

Phil gave him a thumbs up and suddenly the vision disappeared.


“I’LL DO IT!!!” screamed Kitchensink as he ran for Joe Jonas.

Kitchensink leaped over numerous fan girls lunging for him until he was right in front of the evil apprentice of the Walt Disney corporation himself.

“DIE!!!” roared Sink as he took out a can opener and lunged for Joe.

Joe saw him and grabbed Sink’s ear. He yanked the cork out that was wedged in Sink’s ear and blocking the horrible music from penetrating his brain.

Joe began singing really loud into the microphone as Sink screamed for his life in pain.

“Say goodbye to your friend bitchettes!” snickered Joe before he resumed singing his song.

AAAAAAAGH!!!! AAAAAGH!!! AAAAAAGH!” cried Sink right before his skull imploded on itself right before EXPLODING outward two seconds after being exposed to Joe’s voice up close and personally.

“HA HA HA!!!” laughed Joe as the MBs screamed in horror.

“NO!!! KITCHENSINK!!!” the MBs screamed in terror.

“With reflexes like that we’ll never be able to get in and engage him in close combat!” shouted Laclipsey freaking out.

“He’s gone…” said Bloogoo in disbelief. “Who will help me find Elvis NOW!?”

A fan girl snarled and jumped onto ZF’s back. ZF fought with her until he pried her off of him and turned around to kill her with his Holy Golf Club of Doom.

It was Belbell. ZF stopped mid-swing and looked at her.


Belbell was foaming at the mouth with red eyes and didn’t say anything. She got back on her feet and jumped onto Soma.

“NO ONE WILL HURT JOE WHILE I HAVE ALL FOUR OF MY LIMBS IN PERFECT FIGHTING CONDITION! DIE STRANGERS!” screamed Belbell as she clawed at Soma’s face with her nails.

“Hey Belbell! GET OFF OF ME!” complained Soma.

Soma punched Belbell and she fell off of her. ZF hesitated to hit Belbell with his golf club as Soma encouraged him to kill her because she was infected with the Jonas plague.

“Her mind’s been %*(&! She’s gone man! Gone!” Soma shouted at ZF as she kicked Belbell over and over.

Belbell growled at them both as she tried to bite Soma’s feet.

ZF reluctantly kicked Belbell’s chest when he saw the mindless glare that Belbell was giving him. A Furby popped out of her jacket and looked up at ZF. Zeldafan gasped at seeing the Furby. The Furby looked at the MBs kicking BB and then looked up at ZF.

“YOU! HUMAN! STOP HURTING MAMA!” it chirped maliciously.

“A FURBY! THAT’S IT!” screamed ZF with a big grin on his face.

“Yes it’s a Furby! Resume kicking brother!”

“No! It’s the perfect battle plan! We can’t get in close enough to castrate Joe! But this evil Furby can! And if he dies we won’t give a !@#$ because it’s a stupid Furby! That’s it!” said Zeldafan.

ZF bent down and picked up the Furby despite it’s protests and obvious dislike at being held by anybody besides it’s “mama”. ZF hurled it in the air in slow motion at Joe Jonas.

The Furby swirled around dizzily and suddenly landed on Joe’s crotch.


“WHAT TIS THIS!?” asked Joe demandingly and insulted.

The Furby opened it’s jaws and dug them deep into the kid’s crotch.

“YUMMY WUMMY FRESH MEAT!” cackled the Furby sadistically.

The MBs cheered as they watched the Furby enjoy the happy feast. Soma continued kicking Belbell.

“AAAAAGH!!! AAAGH!!! AAAAAAGH!!!” screamed Joe continually as the Furby ate his crotch.

The Furby ate Joe’s entire crotch and then burped contently.

Joe sat quivering in pain as blood gushed in a constant flow from his crotch.

All the fan girls suddenly stopped acting like zombies and looked around confused.

“What was that for Soma!?” cried Belbell as she looked at Soma's foot.

“SISTER!” shouted ZF gleefully.

He rushed to hug her as Belbell looked at them both in epic total confusion.

“HE’S INSANE! HE MADE YOU KILL EACH OTHER AND US IN HIS NAME! HE KILLED YOUR BOYFRIENDS AND BROTHERS!” Brad trumpeted to the survivors of the mob of fan girls while pointing at the bleeding to death Joe Jonas.

The girls all looked at him pissed and began attacking him. Soon the mob of girls attacking him was so thick that all the MBs could hear were Joe’s shrill screams in the store. After about a minute the screaming stopped but the girls continued to attack him anyways.
Belbell counted her Furbies and discovered one was missing.

“OH NO! JEBIDIAH!” she cried. “Where are thou!?”

The remaining three Furbies chirped to her. “MEAN KID KILL JEBIDIAH. HE HAD HIM EAT JOE’S CROTCH. HE DEAD NOW. LOOK.”

Belbell looked at the dead Furby corpse next to the mob of fangirls attacking Joe.


“Meat poisoning!” they chirped back in tears.

“Oh my!” she gasped.

End of Chapter 38

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:22 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Chapter 39

The Megabuddies all got together to discuss where to go next.

“What should we do next?” asked Zeldafan.

“We should light Joe’s corpse on fire! I’ll get the lighter fluid! You guys find a match!” suggested Gbleek eagerly.

“Nah. Wish we could but we don’t have time for that bud.” said Brad.

Gbleek sighed sadly and Brad patted him comfortingly on the back.

“Hey! Wait. We’re in the electronics and entertainment department right?” asked Soma.

“Yeah why?” asked Laclipsey.

“Point being sister?” said ZF.

“CDs, DVDS, and Video Games are always nearby each other!” said Soma gleefully.

“Oh my god! She’s right!” shouted Cajun. “MOVIES!!!”

“No Cajun… My point is that we’re next to the VIDEO GAMES.” Soma pointed out again with great emphasis on the words “Video Games”.

“Oh wait I understand now.” Cajun said looking around embarrassed.

“Let’s go get our N64! According to common sense it should be right nearby, ASSUMING this evil Wal-Mart is laid out like a normal Wal-Mart!!!” commanded Brad. “And once we’ve got the precious cargo let’s find Crimson and get the hell out of this house of horrors. It reeks of great evil and DEATH.”

“Hey Brad do you think this place has any kind of medicine that would combat the the effects of whatever made you a fox?” asked Simian.

“I never thought about that… On second thought I might check the pharmacy while you guys look for Crimson. I’ll meet you at the front once we split up and wait for you there.”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay on your own Brad!?” asked ZF worried.

“Meh. Whatever that crap was the carnies injected into my body it’s given me regenerative abilities too… So yeah I guess.” Brad shrugged.

“That is SOOOOOO hardcore. SOOOO badass.” said Laclipsey super jealous. “I wish I was kidnapped by evil carnies…” Laclipsey sighed.

“Trust me… You don’t.” said Brad. “It was the single worst experience in my entire life. Even worse than that time Triforce Luigi and me were kidnapped by those eco-freaks who tried to sacrifice us in an active volcano in an attempt to appease Mother Nature and halt global warming!”

“Huh?” asked everybody confused.

Nobody had ever heard that story.

“Why haven’t I heard this before?” asked ZF.

“It’s embarrassing. ECO-FREAKS you guys. ECO-FREAKS.”

“I completely understand!” winked Simian.

Brad flashed back to the events he had tried so hard to forget.

“Oh man we’re so boned Brad! And these ropes are too tight. My back itches…” complained T_L as he looked down at the volcano that he and Brad were dangling over.

“Make yourself useful! Do you see any way out of this!?” hissed Brad as he looked down at the bubbling lava below him.

T_L looked around.

“Not at all. And you know you have beautiful eyes. Just felt you should know that for god knows why before we die."

"Shut up."

"Will do..."

Brad and T_L were tied up back to back and suspended over the center of an active volcano. Numerous eco freaks and tree huggers were standing on the edges of the volcano chanting prayers and well wishes to Mother Nature.

“Oh Mother Nature! We hear your plight!” preached the lead eco freak. “We have gathered two sacrifices in their prime young adult stage of life to kill in this volcano in your honor! We hope this appeases you enough to stop warming our planet! God bless you and your wonderful love for Earth!”

“He’s mad!” screamed T_L to the other eco freaks. “Killing us won’t bring back your damn climate!!!”

“But it’s a start.” shouted the head eco freak. “It’s people like you who are killing this planet! If you were willing to go one hundred percent green and total vegetarian and join PETA and other humanitarian things this planet would still be a wonderful place to live in!”

“I’LL KILL YOU!!!” screamed T_L at the top of his lungs.

Brad squirmed like crazy and scratched his back against T_L’s body.

“LET’S KILL THESE PEOPLE WHO HATE MOTHER NATURE!” preached the lead eco freak.

The leader’s words were met with a thunderous applause and cheering.

“The drones must die! The drones must die! The drones must die!” the leader chanted over and over.

The crowd picked up and began cheering it with him over and over.


“THE DRONE MUST DIE!” the leader screamed louder at T_L.

“Hey T_L!” hissed Brad.

“What!? Kinda busy expressing my displeasure at being sacrificed to stop global warming!"

“I think if we swing the ropes enough we can reach the other side of the volcano.”

“Why didn’t you say this before!? I think the crowd’s getting a little restless and demanding our blood right about now…” T_L whip lashed and headbutted Brad for withholding information.

“I didn’t notice til just now!” muttered Brad.

“Oh sorry man.”

“Just start swinging!”

T_L and Brad began swinging back and forth gaining momentum over the lava. The crowd of eco freaks screamed enraged at what they were doing.


“Where!?!?!??! The hell!?” shouted T_L and Brad simultaneously as they continued swinging.

A fat eco freak in a flower shirt ran with a machete to the edge of the volcano to cut the rope. Suddenly Brad’s legs reached the end of the volcano and Brad wrapped his legs around the dude’s head. As T_L and Brad swung backwards again the eco freak was pulled out with them.

Brad let the eco freak go and he plummeted to his death into the lava.

“AAAAAAAGH!” screamed the eco freak as he burned to death in the lava.

“One more swing should do it!” shouted T_L coolly as they swung again.

“STOP THEM! STOP THEM!” screamed the lead eco freak jumping up and down.

Numerous eco freaks ran to the edge of the volcano to grab T_L and Brad but Brad kicked them out of the way with his feet. The rope finally snapped and the two MBs went flying down the volcano.

“AAAAGH!” the two MBS screamed as they landed amongst random jungle shrubs.

The two MBs began rolling down the mountainous volcano until they reached the bottom as the eco freaks chased them on foot the whole way.

T_L and Brad finally stopped in the middle of a random road that cut through the middle of the jungle.

“OH MY GOD!” screamed T_L as he looked at the oncoming semi heading right for them.


The semi honked it’s horn like crazy and finally the driver floored the brake. The eighteen wheeler stopped inches from T_L and Brad’s heads. The MBs each sighed relieved.

The driver got out of the semi and walked up to the two friends.

“What’s wrong with you two!? Playing bondage games in the middle of the road!?” he shouted.

“We’re not playing bondage games sir!” shouted T_L really fast. “Murderous eco freaks are gonna sacrifice us in a volcano to stop global warming! Please help us!”

“What he said!” added Brad. He bit his lip realizing how far fetched their story sounded.

“Those people again!? They sure do cause a lot of trouble round these parts. Quick. Get in.” the driver told them as the screams of angry eco freaks echoed in the jungle behind them.

Birds flew away from trees nearby and they knew the eco freaks were nearby.

The truck driver untied them and they all ran into the eighteen wheeler. The driver floored it right as the eco freaks reached the truck.

“Oh wow that was a close one.” muttered T_L as he finally scratched his itchy back.

“Yes… Considerably…” said Brad before he passed out in post traumatic shock.

As everyone else talked about what they should do next Belbell pulled Tom to the side.

“Tom. I have something VERY important to ask you. I need to ask you a favor.” she began.

“Um sure what Belbell?” asked Tom.

Belbell pulled the remaining three Furbies out of her jacket and showed them to Tom. Tom took a step back horrified. The Furbies acted dumb and innocent. The Furbies all cooed and made unintelligent retarded baby noises.

“Furbies!?!?!?” he muttered in terror taking a few steps back.

“Yes. They are my babies. I need to ask that you protect them from Gbleek, Zeldafan and Crimson. The whole world hates them but these Furbies are so loveable and innocent. Will you be their godfather?” Belbell blinked innocently in an attempt to make him give in to her request.

“Uh… These Furbies are from this store right?”

“Yes. Found em in the backroom.”

“These things are evil demonic things! They tried to eat me in the toy aisle! I’m gonna have to say no…” said Tom looking away from her.

Belbell’s lip quivered and she held the Furby’s faces in front of Tom. The Furbies began sniffling and crying as well. Tom frowned but closed his eyes trying not to give in.

“But Tom those were wild evil and feral Furbies. Mine are hand raised. They’re very affectionate. They aren’t evil like the toy aisle Furbies.” whimpered Belbell.

“OH FINE. I’ll be their god daddy… Just don’t tell the guys… I’ll never hear the end of it. Godfather to a bunch of toys… Jeez…” whispered Tom under his breath.

Belbell glomped him overjoyed. “Oh thank you thank you thank you! If anything were to happen to me I’d have no way of ensuring they had someone to look after them.”

“Sure…” muttered Tom feeling uncomfortable.

End of Chapter 39

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:29 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 40

“TO THE VIDEO GAME DEPARTMMENT!” bellowed Cajun epically as he pointed in it’s direction.


The Megabuddies ran to the video game department and stared at a new obstacle. Strangely there was still no employee there and thus they had no way of stealing the key from him that was used to open the sliding glass door. This was preventing them from quickly grabbing their desired merchandise and running off to safety.

Gbleek pressed his face against the glass and looked at a lone N64 box longingly.

“Dang glass!” mumbled Gbleek under his breath as he stared at it. “OH MY GOD! YOU GUYS IT’S THE POKEMON PIKACHU ONE!”

Everyone talked excited about the blue N64 with a Pikachu on it.

“When you turn the system on Pikachu’s wittle cheeks are supposed to light up!” gasped Gbleek as he stared at it.

Everybody ooohed and awed in excitement.

“And oh my god! The box says it comes with a VHS tape of some episodes of Pokemon!” squealed Gbleek.

“HOORAY!” everyone shouted.

“Wait… VHS? Those things are outdated. Do any of us even have a VHS player any more?” asked Brad.

Everyone looked at each other. Everybody shook their heads until everyone looked at Cajun who simply smirked.

“What? I’m a pack rat. I’m NOT getting rid of all my VHS tapes. I LIKE MY MOVIES!”

“Yay we got a VHS player. Hooray!” they all said happily.

“We’re all set yup yup.” grinned Cajun proudly. “And you all told me years ago to get rid of it.”

“All right we have a VHS player. At the moment I don’t care.” said Zeldafan.

Everybody looked at him. ZF tapped on the glass case.

“How we gonna get this open?” he continued.

Everybody stood quietly.

Gbleek suddenly took out his Rubix Cube and bashed it against the glass case. “SHATTER FOUL CREATION OF MAN!” Gbleek screeched as he bashed the glass over and over to no avail, not even so much as a dent appeared.

“It must be Plexiglas. Damn it!” grunted Brad.

“We can’t give up now!” shouted Zeldafan.

Zeldafan raised his Holy Golf Club of Doom and hit the glass case as hard as he could. The golf club bounced back sending ZF flying back into the nearby register. ZF looked at the case angrily when he realized he had only put a scratch on it.

ZF ran back and beat on it angrily more and more. The other MBs joined in with their fists except for Gbleek who was using his Rubix Cube. After about forty five seconds Simian punched a tiny crack into the surface of the case and an alarm started ringing.

“Well that can’t be good…” Simian mumbled warily.

“Hooray we won!” shouted Bloogoo idiotically.

“No you fool! HURRY! They know we’re here!” groaned Zeldafan as he resumed pounding on the case furiously.

“Oh hey I have an idea!” said Cajun. “Brad I need to borrow you a second.”

Brad raised a brow. “Uh huh say what again buddy?”

Cajun grabbed Brad’s right paw hand. “Extend your claw please. If cartoons have taught me anything this should work.”

Brad rolled his eyes and extended the claws on the tips of each finger. Cajun manipulated Brad’s hand and moved it up to the glass. He pressed the finger on Brad’s hand that was next to the thumb against the glass and slowly rotated it until his claw had cut the shape of a huge box.

The other MBs watched with really tense faces. Tom wiped off a bead of sweat forming on his forehead. ZF bit his nails and Simian watched with wide eyes unable to move.

“Thank you sir.” said Cajun as he let go of Brad’s hand.

“Clever.” commented Soma in amazement.

ZF punched the glass out that Brad’s nail had cut loose. He reached in and pulled out the N64. Everybody cheered.

Suddenly they heard the familiar screams and otherworldly wails of the Wal-Mart employees.

All of the Megabuddies turned their heads and saw dozens of employees running for them nearby in the electronics section next to the CDs.

“They’re coming! Quickly! We must flee!” growled Brad at the top of his lungs. "Grr... There's too many to fight! We'll have to fight another day!"

“You don’t need to tell me that!” echoed Soma’s voice.

The other MBs turned and saw that Soma had already begun running and left them in the dust.

“Hey wait up Soma!” hollered Zeldafan.

“RUN MY FRIENDS!!! RUN LIKE WE STOLE SOMETHING!” commanded Brad in an epic triumphant voice.

Everybody began running after Soma as employees mindlessly chased them.

“Finally we have what we came here for.” sighed Cajun somewhat relieved.

“Don’t relax yet Cajun! It ain’t over until it’s over! We still have to escape this hell on Earth!” panted Gbleek.

“So true…” Cajun groaned back.

“BRAINS!!!” wailed the employees.

b]End of Act 40[/b]

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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 41

“Don’t stop running!” shouted Brad.

“COMFORT FOOD!” screeched an employee tailing them.

Brad ran back to kill an employee just to show how bad he was, punched the closest employee so bad that he died instantly from internal brain hemorrhaging and ran back to his friends.

“Don’t… Stop… Thinking about tomorrow…. Don’t… stop… It’ll soon be here…” sang Laclipsey in tears as they ran on and on.

“Sister! Wait up! I’m freakishly tall but nowhere as skinny as you.” panted ZF as he plead with Soma to slow down.

Soma turned and saw the ever growing crowd of Wal-Mart employees.

“No! Just try and keep up!” she replied.

“I have the N64! I’m most important!” argued Zeldafan. “You guys should be protecting me! I’m completely defenseless right now! Just like a turtle turned upside down on the top of it’s shell! I can’t even swing my Holy Golf Club of Doom!”

“Stop being a crybaby ZF! The group itself is more important than you!” grunted Simian.

Simian snatched the N64 box from Zeldafan’s hands as they ran and held it himself.

Simian hugged it tightly against his chest and ran as fast as he could alongside his friends.

The Employee of the Month was leading the employees on their evil crusade to kill the MBs. He noticed Brad and remembered that his boss had told him he had great interest in taking him alive when he had been called down to the store to take control of the situation.

“YOU! DROOGIES! ATTACK AND SINGLE OUT THE WOLF!” barked the Employee of the Month.

“YES FAR SUPERIOR WORKER!” they groaned back.

“We shall catch the creature and his outlander friends if that is your wish sir.” said the son-in-law of their boss.

Brad’s perked up reddish brown ears twitched. He had far superior hearing than any of his friends due to his transformation and had heard what the employees had said. Brad looked around at his fellow Megabuddies concerned for their well being.

“I’m gonna run off! Don’t follow me.” commanded Brad.

“NO! We gotta stay together!” protested Zeldafan.

“They want me most! They’ll follow me! Find Crimson and get out of the store! That’s an order!” commanded Brad with a voice of stern guiding authority. “And it’s final...”

“What do you mean!?” Tom screamed at him. “They want all of us!”

“I heard them say it! My ears are better than yours! Just trust me you guys! I’m not making a judgment call. I’m doing this based on fact.” exclaimed Brad.

“You don’t have to do this man…” said Laclipsey with a look of sadness in his eyes.

“I want to.” replied Brad solemnly. “Get out of here as fast as you can while I distract them.”

“Okay…” said Soma with tears forming in her eyes.

Everybody looked at Brad gloomily as they ran with the employees behind them.

“Soma” Brad said slowly.

“Yes Brad?”

“You’re in charge. The next in command is AFL but he isn’t here so the command order goes to you.”

“You heard the man. All right Megabuddies say a quick goodbye to our buddy and let’s move out!” ordered Soma.

“No fair!” hissed Belbell who secretly craved immense power in the Megabuddy social hierarchy.

Everybody said a tearful heartbreaking goodbye to their dear friend BradHummr as he prepared himself for a poignant act of self sacrifice. Everyone ran after Soma except for Brad. He stopped in his tracks and turned to face the grim fate of being tortured and possibly eaten alive by the hostile crowd of employees.

“Look the Wolf Man is stopping!” shouted the Employee of the Month. “Seize him at once!”

“I’m not a wolf.” said Brad gritting his teeth and squinting at them. Extending his claws he growled at the top of his voice “I’M A FOX!”

Brad ran at the employees and began slashing them to death with his claws. Several employees screamed and others were disemboweled, their organs spilling onto the floor. Despite the brutal battle that they were engaged in with their friends dying on all sides the employees fought on. They had been trained to not fear death, rather that death on the battlefield was one of the most glorious things imaginable.

None of the employees pursued his friends. It was just as he had predicted.


“Catch me if you can!” growled Brad as he kicked an employee away from him and ripped his throat out.

“Flea bitten hell hound!” grunted an employee as he whacked Brad in the back with a machete.

“AARGH!” howled Brad in pain.

Another employee tasered him in the neck with fifty volts of electricity and Brad screamed like crazy.

The Megabuddies heard Brad screaming and feared the worst. They ran onward to find Crimson and escape the nightmare that they couldn’t find a way out of.

“He’s gone…” cried Cajun.

Everybody else was crying too.

“Adios amigo.” whimpered Simian. “Adios…”

“DIE!” groaned Brad as he stuck his fingers into the eyes of a nearby employee.

“Aaaagh!” screamed the man as he dropped his blood soaked machete.

Brad twisted the employees neck and growled again. The wounds on his back were healing and he still had some game in him left.

“AARGH. This is taking too long. The boy is killing too many of our employees…” sighed the Employee of the Month.”

The man whipped out a collapsible dart gun and quickly assembled it with ease.

Brad roundhouse kicked another employee right as numerous employees leaped onto him.

Brad fell to the floor unable to move due to the weight of ten employees dog piling him. Brad growled at the employees insanely as he struggled to free himself.

The Employee of the Month finished assembling his gun and loaded it. He walked up to Brad.

“The manager’s gonna like you...” whispered the man as Brad glared at him baring his fangs.

The employee cocked his head as he surveyed Brad’s body. Brad wondered why he wasn’t dead yet. The suspense was driving him insane.

Brad screamed at the man at the top of his lungs. “KILL ME!!!” He panted uncontrollably from exhaustion he had fought so hard.

The man smirked and laughed a bit. “Not now. But be patient. You’re time will come.” He raised the gun and shot Brad in the back of the neck with a tranquilizer dart.

Brad stared at the Employee of the Month as his vision began to fade. He growled as he looked at him groggily and passed out.

The employees stared at Brad's body waiting for the Employee of the Month to tell them what to do.

“Jeez!? Do I have to mother you on everything you pathetic twits!? Put a damn muzzle on this beast and get him out of here before the customers see him!” the Employee of the Month dictated to his subordinates in disgust. “Cuff him too. Take him to the manager’s office. He’ll know what to do with him.”

“Yes sir!” said an employee on top of Brad.

The employee placed a muzzle on Brad and tied it onto his face as another employee cuffed him. Another employee placed a brown potato sack on Brad’s head and tied it onto his body.

The employees dragged his lifeless body back to the lair of their boss smiling. They all believed that this gift of the Wolf Man he had eyed earlier would compensate for their underwhelming performances at catching the rest of the strangers in their store.

End of Act 41

And I just realized Brad is in dream land....

PHIL! =3 XD Hee hee. XD

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For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 42

Something poked and prodded Brad’s upper chest. Dream Brad woke up and opened his eyes. A platypus was hunched over him and staring at his eyes. Brad jumped up startled. He looked at his body which was human again and then turned to face the platypus.

“Aaagh! Damn it Phil! You scared me.” said Brad dryly.

“Didn’t mean to…” whispered Phil ashamed.

“Sorry. I know you didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay.”

Brad was near the river bank that he had awoken next to the first time he met Phil, right before he acted suicidal and nearly gave his spirit animal a heart attack by jumping into crocodile infested waters.

“Fish?” asked Phil as always. Phil put a sardine in his human’s hands and nodded his head encouraging Brad to devour it. “It’s good mate. Yum yum yum.”

Brad lifted it up to his face and stared at it. The fish’s googly eyes rolled around and stared back at him. Brad sniffed it cautiously and looked at Phil.

“Are... Are you serious? It’s good…?” asked Brad questioning Phil’s authority on good sushi.

“It’s not going to kill you Brad. It’s delicious. Stop being a bloody idiot and just eat the darn fish.. As long as you want it to be tasty the fish WILL be tasty. It’s your mind. You can affect it however you want.” Phil smiled and nodded his head again.

Phil motioned with his webbed hands as if he were playing a game of charades. Phil mimicked the act of raising food to one’s mouth and eating it. Phil rubbed his stomach.

“Mmmm mmmm good.” restated Phil.

“When you put it that way it makes perfect sense Phil.” said Brad.

Brad ate the fish and smiled. “Not bad Phil.”

“Told you. Now how about we get down to business. I’d invite you in for tea but I’m afraid since I already know the time constraints I find it pointless. We’ve only got about six and a half minutes to chat mate.”

“Sounds reasonable.” Brad shrugged.

“Brace yourself.”


Phil squinted and glared at Brad. “No. Not okay. You’re gonna be tortured in about five minutes.” He said it dryly enough to creepy Brad out.

“Dang it. How bad’s it going to be?” gulped Brad.

“You must suffer before you can save the world. But you shall gain from what you have lost.” said Phil mysteriously as knelt over and picked up a caterpillar walking around.

Phil tossed it into his mouth and gulped it down smiling.

“Can we stop being cryptic? It seems like a waste of time.” Brad frowned.

“I’m a lot more useful than Rocky kid. But if you wish than I shall be more direct.”

Phil shrugged and patted Brad on the legs. Due to his inability to reach Brad's back due to his short stature he was forced to settle on his human's legs.

“Who’s Rocky?” asked Brad confused.

“That’s beside the point. But it’s Geo’s spirit thingy.” Phil said bitterly with a hint of dislike in his voice.

“Spirit thingy?”

“Meh some sort of lower class spirit things. They’re not even animals. They’re pretty useless since they don’t have brains. They just tell their humans prerecorded messages.” quacked Phil.

“I’m thankful I have you Phil. You know that right? And you're a lot cooler than a rock.” said Brad.

“I indeed do and always have. And hey thanks. That means a lot to me man.” Phil smiled.


“You are going to lose many friends on this quest. But you shall gain new ones through time.” restated Phil.

“Oh… Will Crimson die? What of Cajun and Simian? And the others!? Are they okay!?” panicked Brad.

“I’m not allowed to tell you those things. I’m merely a guide. You have laws to abide by so do I. I’m sorry.” Phil frowned and sighed.

Brad tugged on his dirty blonde hair lightly stressed.

He fidgeted and looked at Phil. “I… understand.”

“Brad I can not stress this enough. Beware. There is a traitor in your midst. A hero shall escape into the darkness and come back anew.”

“Can I at least know the traitor?”

“According to the prophecy they do something similar to what you did just now. A noble deed to save your friends. The world as a whole is more important than the individuals who live on it. The prophecies all vary and have conflicting stories but this is in common Brad. The one who falls is always an ally you haven’t seen in a while. Has anybody been missing lately?”

Brad dwelled on his food for thought as Phil waited eagerly for his response.

“Geo... Geo and Shadow. I haven’t seen either of them since the adminmobile.”

“Then it’s one of those two. I’m considerably sorry. You have my condolences Brad. Were they quite close to you?”

“Somewhat.” Brad said slowly.

Brad was quite hurt at the thought of any of his friends turning on each other.

“But wait… Why would any of my friends betray the rest of us? I can’t believe they would just up and do something like that… What’s their motivation?” Brad muttered in disbelief.

“I catch a whiff of disbelief in your voice and mind. I’m sorry I can’t stop the future. But it’s up to us to alter it. We have to pull the brake on something bigger before the out of control train reaches what’s on the other side.” said Phil in some sort of witty clever metaphor that he thought sounded epic.

“What’s their motivation!?” screamed Brad upset. He instantly apologized in a heartbeat. “Oh I’m so sorry Phil… This is just the worst day of my life and things keep getting worse every minute. I mean among other things the second I wake up I’m going to be tortured…”

“The night is darkest just before the dawn Brad. Remember that. Trust me, the dawn IS coming.” said the platypus solemnly. “We’re going to get through this. I need you to be cool for me. Can you be cool?”

“Yes.” groaned Brad. “But why would they do this to us…”

Phil patted the back of his legs again comfortingly. “Mankind has many flaws Brad. People do things for stupid reasons. Greed, lust, hate… The list goes on and on. Maybe it was for gold. Maybe for a girl. Maybe he just hates you guys. So sorry if it’s that last one mate…”

“Wait. What was that last one.” gasped Brad.

“Hate?” asked Phil raising a brow.

“No no. Um the one before it I mean.”

“A woman?”

“Crimson…” muttered Brad in terror. “Oh my god it’s Shadow… It all makes perfect sense. It can’t be Geo. He’s frozen inside of the adminmobile. Shadow’s infatuated with Crimson… And he ran off to distract the employees so we could escape when we arrived. He wanted to impress her. No!”

“You must prevent the girl and the boy from meeting again. You CAN’T!” shouted Phil suddenly with a firm authority. “The girl is important to our mission as well. She has a crucial role in your legend as well. If she dies so do you!” he continued screaming at his human, desperate to make sure that he had proved his point that what he was saying was of grave importance.

“He’s going to kill her!?” shouted Brad in terror.

“I don’t know why, he loves her and all. He’s probably been driven to the brink of madness. He’s probably at it’s mouth as we speak. It was inevitable. But something will happen and he WILL NOT STOP IN HIS QUEST. He will snap.” the platypus said dryly. “DO NOT LET HIM SUCCEED. Or all hope of our quest shall be lost. And the fate of the world sealed to turn to dust.”

“You’re being cryptic again…” said Brad again as he bit his lip nervously. “I feel funny…”

“You’re waking up. We haven’t much time mate.”

“No kidding!” scoffed Brad. “I’m all ears! Speed run! Go go go!”


Brad heard him and gulped nervously. “Best of luck Phil. See you again soon.” Brad waved and suddenly he vanished from the dream world.

Phil looked down at the ground and mumbled to himself. “And even I won’t be able to help you if such a thing happens mate…”

Brad woke up tied down in a chair in the manager’s office. He had a muzzle on his face and the brown sack was still over his head. He heard someone else mumbling next to him. Apparently their mouth was duct taped shut. Brad banged his arms furiously but found that he was cuffed to the chair.

“Just like Solid Snake… Come on Bradley… You can do this…” thought Brad as he prepared himself the oncoming torture. “Don’t fold over… Don’t fold over…. Don’t fold over…”

Suddenly an employee took the potato sack off of Brad’s head. Brad’s eyes shifted around the room and he saw Shadow tied up in a chair in front of him. Shadow still had the potato sack on his head and was mumbling something unintelligible.

“Jesus this kid doesn’t shut up! I mean! Hell! Look! The Wolf Man here is muzzled and not making any noise at all. This kid here doesn’t even need a muzzle. He just won’t shut up. He was giving me such a severe migraine. We had to duct tape his mouth just to get him to stop talking. Jeez… At least NOW we don't know what he's saying...” an employee in the room told his friend about Shadow.

Brad’s heart stopped as he looked at the one who according to Phil was going to try and screw himself and his best friends over.

The muzzle remained on Brad’s face and his eyes continued to look around nervously.

The man talking about Shadow looked at Brad and saw that he was looking at him.

“Hey Joe. This freak’s looking at me…”

“Well do something about it Carl…” sighed his friend.

Brad grunted in terror as the man cracked his knuckles and smiled sadistically.

“Oh Christ…” thought Brad. “Here it comes…”

End of Act 42

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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:46 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 43

The man cracking his knuckles walked over to Brad and punched him in the side of the face. Brad grunted and bit his lip in pain. The employee punched him again on the other side of his face and Brad groaned again. The man continued to beat the crap out of Brad until his friend stopped him concerned of Brad’s condition.

Brad’s eyes slowly closed weakly.

“Damn it Carl! You’re killing him! Stop it! We need him to talk! He’s no use to us dead!” snapped Joe.

“Sorry Joe… ONE more punch…” Carl struck Brad in the gut with his fist and Brad groaned in pain.

Brad wheezed painfully and began choking to death with the muzzle on. Brad thrashed around in his chair uncontrollably as the two employees looked at him in horror.

“Aw jeez you broke him!” shouted Joe. He backhanded his companion. “Take the muzzle off of him you idiot before he suffocates. We aren’t done with him yet.”

Carl hurriedly took off the muzzle on Brad’s face and Brad vomited on Carl’s clothes almost instantly.

Brad groaned weakly and stared with a blank expression at the two employees. Gasping for fresh air he sighed somewhat amused at the fact he had gotten putrid vomit all over his torturer’s blue work vest.

“YOU FILTHY FLEA BITTEN WOLF! ALL OVER MY CLOTHES!? I’LL KILL YOU!” screamed Carl enraged as he yanked out a switch blade from his pocket.

Joe grabbed the knife and put it away. “We don’t need that yet…”



Shadow meanwhile continued to mumble something nobody could understand. He was talking more though, apparently had had finally realized there was another MB in the room with him.

“THEN LET’S TALK TO HIM! GO GET THE MANAGER. Can’t wait to kill this mistake of God…” mumbled Carl angrily squinting at the MB in the chair staring back at him.

Brad blinked innocently confused.

Brad looked on at the two employees bickering at each other. His eyes shifted back and forth each time the other interrupted and he was getting dizzy.

“I’ll get him but you come with me! I don’t trust you to babysit these two.” said Joe.

“Grrr…” snarled Carl. “Fine…”

The two men left the room and went to get the boss. Brad sighed a bit. He was happy they were gone at least for now.

Brad looked at Shadow who was fidgeting in his chair and trying to scratch his back.

Brad rolled his eyes and looked around the room.

Crimson was still playing a hardcore game of Connect Four with a potato. She squinted at it. It did nothing back.

“Smart move…” she said scratching her chin. “But mine is better!”

Crimson dropped in a chip and laughed evilly.

The potato did nothing.

“Yeah there’s nothing you can do to stop me from winning. You’re screwed.” pointed out Crimson.

The potato still did nothing. Crimson suddenly turned to look at another potato sitting beside her.

“NO! For the last time NO Spud! You CAN’T play winner. Only me and Spudowski get to play Connect Four. You don’t even know how to play this game for seven year olds.” she groaned deeply displeased.

The potato looked at her apparently disappointed.

“Oh lawd. Hush up. You’re getting me just about as mad as ZF that time T_L jacked his golf club.” Crimson placed the potato into her empty Slurpee cup and turned it upside down. “Now see? It hurts me too but I didn’t want to do this. You just sit there quietly in time out and think about what you did while I play Connect Four with your friend.”

The potatoes continued to not say anything nor do anything.

Suddenly she heard footsteps and poked her head out from under the clothes rack to see what was up. She saw her friends.

“PSST! YOU GUYS!” hissed Crimson. She waved idiotically at the other MBs who smiled and waved back relieved to have found her.

“Crimson we found you!” shouted Cajun who rushed to give her a bear hug.

Everybody joined in and hugged their leader much to her displeasure but not enough to complain. She was somewhat happy they had found her.

“We’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Soma informed her.

“Wasn’t Brad supposed to be with you guys?” Crimson asked slowly when she realized some of her friends were missing.

Everybody was quiet. Several MBs looked down at the ground with trembling lips.

“Crimson we lost Brad and Sink.” whispered Soma gloomily.

“What!?” gasped Crimson hoping they meant “lost” and not “lost” as in dead. “Well… We need to find them…”

“Crimson listen to me! They’re gone! They’re dead!” shouted Soma as Crimson began bawling.

“NO! NO! You humans have inferior vision… You surely didn’t see something right… Your vision isn’t true high definition like mine and your ears lack perfect sound quality AND surround sound… NO! It’s not true….” cried Crimson who didn’t want to believe they were dead.

“Come on Crimson. We need to get to the admin-mobile. It’s what Brad wanted us to do.” ordered Soma.

“It may have been Brad’s final wishes… But you’re forgetting Soma. He left you in charge because nobody outranked you. I’m head honcho.” Crimson wiped a tear from her face.

“We’re gonna go look for Brad?” asked Belbell.

“No.” said Crimson epically as she calmed down.

“Oh?” asked Tom.

“We…” began Crimson.

Everyone opened their mouths awaiting the conclusion of Crimson’s statement.

“are going to McDonalds!” Crimson finished raising her arm to the ceiling triumphantly. “I’ve been hungry ever since me and mah subordinate human bodyguards Cajun, Gbleek, Nathan, and Belbell started hiding out in the backroom…”

“Oh yeah! Saw one when we snuck into the store next to that evil greeter.” said Cajun.

“Great I’m freaking starving.” said Simian gleefully.

Simian looked at his tummy and patted it longingly. He thought about the yummy foods he could gorge himself with at McDonalds.

“Same.” said Gbleek. “Feed me!” shouted Gbleek over and over. “I want freaking food!”

“Patience human. For McDonalds specializes in FAST food.” Crimson announced to Gbleek.

“YAY!” squealed Gbleek.

Everyone nodded in approval and clapped happily.

“Hey by the way where’s Nathan anyway?” asked Laclipsey.

“Yeah…” added Bloogoo.

“Oh. He died. Probably got raped by a fat German man too. One of the employees eating him was some fat German man. I saw him through the vent staring at his corpse's &*( with this weird look in his eye….” winked Gbleek in an utterly sincere tone of voice.

“Oh my…” said Laclipsey.

“It would appear so.” said Belbell.

Several of the other MBs who had not yet known of Nathan’s fate squirmed where they were standing. They looked around at each other in uncomfortable silence.

“Screw the awkward silence moment! To McDonalds we go pathetic humans!” shouted Crimson as she marched in the direction of the in-store McDonalds.

Everybody followed without any objections.

The potatoes would never get to finish his game of Connect Four with Crimson. She forgot to bring him with her, the same as his friend. His friend would forever rot under the Slurpee cup patiently waiting to play winner and come out of time out. The potatoes would rot and develop strange exotic slime molds until the end of time and or a janitor found them and threw them away.

End of Act 43

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:54 pm

For friendship. For humanity. For the lulz. This is the story of the Megabuddies.

Act 44

The store manager stepped into the room alone and walked up to Brad.

“Why hello hello my pet we finally meet.” the boss smiled revealing his white teeth.

Brad growled at him and bared his fangs at him in response without so much as a hello.

“Oooh an attitude. So are we going to have to break you in Wolfie? Like a horse? Hmm?” The man laughed amused as Brad began fidgeting in his chair and trying to break his cuffs.

Brad ignored the store manager and looked at his hands. The metal cuffs clinked as they touched each other. The boss looked at Brad working diligently to break his cuffs.

The boss chuckled and then slapped Brad on the side violently. “Stop that. Pay attention to me creature.”

Brad looked up.

“I’ve been eyeing you ever since I first saw you. I don’t know what you are… But I know that you’re worth a lot of money…” the boss began.

Brad raised a brow confused. “You’re crazy…”

“Oh so you talk too. Even better. I now know that you can speak English fluently as well as comprehend it verbally. LISTEN TO ME!” the boss screamed as he punched Brad savagely in the chest.

Brad stopped fiddling with his cuffs and gave him his full devoted attention.

“The feds may be using you as a some sort of common grunt. Nothing but an everyday foot soldier… But I see a better use for you..."

“Ha! Ha ha what!? What the heck are you talking about!? Feds!? I’m not F.B.I!” panted Brad deliriously while laughing nervously.

Brad shook around in his chair frightened. The man truly was mad. He actually thought that Brad and his friends were federal agents on some mission.

“YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” roared the man as he stepped over to a table in the center of the room.

“What… Where are you going… What are you doing!?” screamed Brad.

“I must get you to talk somehow and since you aren’t going to do so on your own accord…”

Brad gulped and tried to get a glimpse of what the man was doing. The man turned around with a hammer.

“WHAT THE HECK IS THAT FOR!?” shrieked Brad in terror.

Brad thrashed around more and more in his chair. Nearby Shadow heard Brad’s voice and began talking to himself again thinking that Brad was there to save him.

The man walked back over to Brad and raised the shining silver tool in his hands.

“Please don’t do this.” muttered Brad.

Brad stared at the object with big eyes as he shook involuntarily.

“IF YOU’RE NOT A FEDERAL AGENT WHO SENT YOU HERE THEN!?” the man screamed at Brad enraged.

The store manager struck Brad’s cuffed hand as hard as he could with the metal object and smashed two of the MB’s fingers. He smiled as he heard the sound of a sweet and satisfying crunch. It was music to his ears.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!” screamed Brad at the top of his lungs.

Brad stopped screaming and began crying silently to himself. He closed his eyes and began hyperventilating. He pressed his feet against the floor as hard as he could and bit his lips trying to make the pain stop to no avail.

“WHY!? AAAGH!” Brad growled at the man in between bursts of tears.

“WHO SENT YOU HERE!?” the man demanded to know again.

“NO ONE! NO ONE!” Brad answered honestly. “I CAME TO HELP MY FRIENDS GET AN N64!” Brad laughed deliriously with tears rolling down his furry face.

“That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard! Apparently you need more.” the man struck Brad’s hand again and smashed two more fingers.

“AAAAARGH!!!” grunted Brad as he thrashed around more in his chair. “JUST KILL ME.”

“I never planned on killing you. You’re too valuable to me. I already told you. You… You are special. Your friends at the Feds though like the kid behind me…” He nodded in the direction of Shadow. “Are expendable.”

“You’ll never stop us. We’re on a mission from God!” groaned Brad. “!@#$ you! !@#$ you and the white horse you rode in on!”

“And what is your mission here!?” demanded the man.

Brad growled at the man and bit his lips in pain as the bones in his fingers began to heal.

“MMMMRM….” groaned Brad as he twitched like crazy.

“What is this….” the boss said to himself as he observed Brad’s hand.

Brad moved the first two fingers that had been broken. Brad continued grunting and groaning in pain as the other two fingers healed. Broken bones aren’t fun at all.

“Healing… You just are the perfect killing machine. I tell you man. You and I are going to be such good friends. Especially since you’re worth millions to me… One of a kind… Special.”

Brad said nothing and then finally let out a happy sigh of relief. He looked at his fingers and twiddled them in defiance for the man to see. He smirked as the manager gritted his teeth angrily.

“Heh.” coughed Brad.

“Well let’s see you grow these back. If you answer correctly this time maybe I won’t do it…. Who sent you?”

“For the last time freak. Nobody. I have no idea why you think I’m allied with the Feds.”

“So unwise. You think you can fool me!? Your friend here has already admitted to everything! He talked before you got here! I KNOW AT LEAST HE IS WITH THE FEDS! LOGICALLY YOU'RE ONE TOO. You've got my hands in a knot. I have only a few options and all of them are painful on your account. NOW I NEED THE DETAILS.” screamed the man.

At that very moment for some reason Shadow immediately stopped talking. He cringed for some reason at hearing this. It was true. He had talked.

The man walked over to the table and put the hammer down. He picked up a pair of pliers and walked back over to Brad. Brad began sweating profusely.

“Oh hmm hmm hmm. And what are we going to do with that now. It looks much too big for you to be playing with.” said Brad defiantly in the face of danger.

“I already told you. Take something that won’t grow back.” the man smiled sadistically.

The man leaned towards Brad and stuck a metal rod in his mouth propping his jaw open. Brad could no longer clamp his jaws down shut and his face was completely defenseless. The man clamped the pliers down onto one of Brad’s fangs and pulled on it.

“EEERM! EERRM!!!” squealed Brad as the man yanked his tooth out. “Stoff!!! STOFF!!!”

“Tell me the names of your fellow agents Wolf Man.” snarled the boss.

“NEVAH. I’d rathah DIE den give uh my fwiends.” growled Brad as blood and drool began dropping out of his gaping mouth.

“Tell me where I can find your friends and how I can infiltrate their secret hideout!” screamed the boss at the top of his lungs. “I WON’T LET YOU RUIN MY MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DEAL WITH THE TERRORIST GROUP. I’VE KNOWN FOR YEARS THE GOVERNMENT WAS ONTO ME AND MY BLACK MARKET ARMS DEALING AND YOU AREN’T STOPPING ME NOW!!!”

The man yanked another one of Brad’s fangs out and Brad screamed.

“Tell me how to get your friends and I’ll let you keep what remains of your dastardly good looks.” said the manager dryly.

“My wips are ealed. Ooo’ll nevah get mah fweds.” grunted Brad as more blood and drool fell from the side of his face.

The manager sighed. “You REALLY aren’t going to tell me how to catch your friends are you?”

Brad shook his head laughing deliriously. “No.”

The man took the pliers and began ripping out the rest of Brad’s teeth. As Brad continued shrieking in pain the man continued talking.

“You know I don’t really NEED to question you. I just don’t trust the word of my informer all that well. He seems like the treacherous type. I mean. When you torture a man there’s only a certain threshold… A certain limit... A certain amount of pain that one can stand before they crack. They’ll say anything. ANYTHING to get the pain to stop. Your friend there. He seems like one of those people. I think once I’m done desecrating your mouth I’ll resume torturing your buddy. Maybe if I cut off his ear or light him on fire… Hmm…” He stopped and pondered on that thought. “Yes I bet that he’ll probably be a lot more talkative than you… Oh and a hint for once this is over. I wouldn’t smile for a VERY long time…” The man laughed insanely as Brad looked at him with hatred and fear.

Brad gurgled from all the liquid pooling in his mouth and another fang popped out of his mouth. The man dropped it onto a little side table with the other teeth that he had already pulled out. The bloody tooth rattled for a few seconds and then stopped.

End of Act 44

Shadow a Fed? LOL I wonder how long he was tortured before he "Admitted" to being one. XDDDDD

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An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift

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