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 An MB Horror Story by Mega10

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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: An MB Horror Story by Mega10   Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:09 pm

An MB Horror Story by Mega10

Once upon a time, there was a store. The store was famous—Walmart. It claimed to have everything, and everyday low prices. Seeing the opportunity to get things for a cheap price the Megabuddies all contemplated going to the store—the magical store, a land of low prices.
Gbleek threw down his N64 controller, he had been playing Gbleek’s Magical Pony Adventure for hours without rest.

“Urgh!” He exclaimed in frustration, “I can’t beat Night-Mare!”

Cajun promptly threw a book at the wrong person and hit the leader’s pet known as Evul. Evul was obviously either dead or sleeping though because he didn’t respond. Cajun shook his fist and returned to watching his movie when the evil leader of doom yet totally nice cool run on sentence appeared. She was a vampire who had recently been renamed Crimson due to her inability to properly delete her own account.

“Crimson can you beat Night-Mare?” Gbleek asked, pointing at his treasured game.
Crimson headed over to the N64 but tripped over Evul before getting there. Evul still didn’t move—maybe he was dead. Crimson got up and kicked Evul.

“Big stupid fish, vampire, freak of nature creature.” She mumbled as she made her way to the game.

Gbleek watched in horror as Crimson hit Power off on the system and stared at the screen blankly waiting for it to load.

“Noooooo!!!!!” He cried, “Miss Pony!!!!!!!! I was THIS close to saving you!!” He hugged the TV.

“CURSES!” Crimson shouted and kicked the N64, “Work you piece of junk! You dare defy me?! FEEL MY WRATH!!!” She began rapidly kicking the system while Gbleek pleaded for its safety.

Evul finally woke up and walked over to the system and ate it.

“Well that solved the problem.” Crimson stated.

Gbleek was sobbing, still clutching the TV. Cajun leapt from his chair and landed dramatically in the room.

“Don’t worry! We can go to WALMART! Everyday low prices! Always!”

“Can I get a new copy of Magical Pony Adventure?” Gbleek asked.

“YES!” Cajun replied triumphantly.

Crimson was watching her pet chase around one of the other admins outside.

“Hey look! Evul is eating Nathan again!” She exclaimed happily.

With all this said they journeyed to Walmart. It was like entering a new world. A blast of cold air hit them once they entered the door. Crimson assumed a battle stance even though she never fought, Gbleek dashed to the game section and Cajun ran into Crimson, knocking her through the door.

“I sense…HUMANS.” Crimson said, her eyes narrowed as she stared at the rows of
people walking around like ants.

“Me too.” Cajun replied.

“You DO NOT!” Crimson protested, “You do not have awesome vampire-like skills of sensibility!”


“Yeah that’s what I thought, inferior.” She glanced around, noticing Gbleek was gone, “NOO!!! GBLEEK!!!!!! CAJUN! WE MUST RESCUE HIM FROM THE HUMANS!!”

“He’s a human you know…I’m a human…we’re ALL humans…”

“I’m not a human!” Crimson replied, “I am…a VAMPIRE!!!” She gave her most impressive evil impression then ran off in search of Gbleek.

Cajun shrugged and followed sliding to a stop behind the over dramatic Crimson who had paused disgusted by something before her. There it stood, five and a half foot tall--employee.

“ZOMBIE!!!” Crimson shouted and darted around the corner, “Hurry Cajun! Before it sucks your blood!”

“Vampires do the blood sucking.” Cajun reminded, “Zombies eat your brains and stuff.”

“CORRECT! I was just testing your knowledge.” Crimson replied as she looked around the corner at the weary employee in desperate need of coffee. Much to her horror, Gbleek was approaching him.

“STOP!” She shouted as she hopped into view, armed with a $1 DVD.

The employee yawned and looked to Gbleek. Crimson sprung into action—taking off the other direction to save herself. Cajun attempted to rescue Gbleek but was detoured by a video selection. Gbleek led the employee to the case were Gbleek’s Magical Pony Adventure was kept and got his copy, paid for it and was happily on his way, he and Cajun met back up with Crimson who was at a counter.

“I DEMAND an Evil European Army!!!” She shouted, “OR ELSE!!!”

“We don’t have any.” He repeated.

“That’s it! Bring in the torture devices!”

“What torture devices?” Cajun asked.

“THE torture devices!”

“LEAVE!” The helpless Walmart employee shouted, “Or I’m callin’ the cops!”

“I’m callin’ the Evul!” Crimson warned.

“Ooooh you better give her the Army.” Gbleek informed.

“What’s the evul?” The employee asked as he picked up the phone and ordered a
pizza and called the police.

By the time he was off the phone, Crimson, Cajun and Gbleek had vanished, a crowd of employees randomly chasing them.

“Hurry!” Crimson shouted, “Grab a weapon!!”

“But we’re in the freakin’ toy aisle!” Cajun shouted.

“G.I. Joe! All American Hero!” Gbleek sang as he grabbed a G.I. Joe. Crimson grabbed a fully articulated Star Wars figure and Cajun grabbed a plastic dinosaur. As the employees neared their location, they realized they were trapped. Gbleek tucked G.I. Joe in his pocket.

“Move out, soldier!” He shouted as he slid under the employees.

Cajun hit one of the employees in the head with the dinosaur and he and Crimson narrowly got through.

“To the Sporting Goods!” Gbleek shouted.

Crimson and Cajun did so, employees appearing everywhere. They hit a dead end.

“Why’d we go this way?!” Crimson demanded.

“I wanted to see the hunting knives.” Gbleek stated as he looked at a glass case.

It seemed as if all were hopeless—they were going to be caught, perhaps tortured by the humans. Suddenly Crimson remembered she had the star wars action figure.

“Of course!” She exclaimed, “The Force! OH GRANT ME THY POWER-STUFF, FORCE!” She held the action figure high but nothing happened.

“Stupid cheap rip off.” She replied throwing it to the ground, “I MUST SUMMON HELP!!!”

“AH!!! They’re taking G.I. JOE!!!” Gbleek exclaimed, as he fought with an employee.

Cajun had made a run for it and had been tackled. Crimson dodged an employee narrowly. Gbleek kicked the employee away from himself and dramatically crawled towards the center.

“We’ll never make it, Crimson! You must….G-MOD!!!”

The thought had never occurred to Crimson.

“OF COURSE!!” She exclaimed.

She quickly used her g-mod skills to save Cajun and nullify all the attacks by the bewildered employees. But then they called in the anti-g-mod model. Crimson’s mom!

“CURSES! RUN!!!!” Crimson shouted.

They all ran as fast as they could. Crimson’s mom only feet behind, her face red from screaming.

“Don’t look back!!” Cajun shouted, “That’s when they always get you!!”

Gbleek held his game tightly as he ran. Crimson’s mom grabbed at the megabuddies, missing them by centimeters. But of course, a stupid girl has to trip and fall—close encounter/death all that good stuff. Crimson fell on apparently nothing and Gbleek and Cajun watched in horror as Crimson’s mom snatched her arm and laughed manically.

“NO! LEADER!” Cajun shouted.

“She’s dead…there’s no hope.” Gbleek sighed.

“Save yourself!!!” Crimson shouted.

Suddenly Cajun remembered a weakness, “Mrs. Crimson’s mom! Look! A sale!”

Crimson’s mom darted off in the direction of the sale, waving her arms manically and knocking down people in her path demanding she get some of the product.

Crimson rejoined her group and escaped Walmart and death. They never looked back until they got to base. That day they learned, Walmart was EVIL. And the home of Crimson’s mother, the most deadly force in the world.

The End


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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: An MB Horror Story by Mega10   Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:10 pm

I posted for you Mega cause I don't want to lose it. If you want, just copy paste this into your own thread if you want. =P

I just felt it was important to save (to me) even though it's yours. ._O Sorry if you're mad. D=

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An MB Horror Story by Mega10

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