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 The MB Dictionary

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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: The MB Dictionary   Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:28 pm

To help educate the noobs. =D XD If you have a term you think we should add post it! =D

I dunno why. I'll make a couple edits then start filling this in. O-o


Adminmobile - The official transportation device used by the Megabuddies. It is a pimped out ice cream truck. We even have a backup adminmobile.

Cannon Fodder - Using people who registered and never really posted in your stories as cannon fodder is an MB tradition as well. They are often awarded really lame deaths especially since they don't read the authors' stories.

Crimson - Crimson is Mega10. She transformed into Crimson due to an inability to properly delete her own account one day. This alter-ego of hers is a human raised by vampires. She's in several stories. She's very... strange. She talks to potatoes among other peculiarities. In some stories she IS a vampire and in others she is just a crazy girl. In others she may or may not be a vampire and it's a mystery much of the story. Either way she's one strange girl.

Connect Four - A game everyone likes to play. You get four in a row and you're good to go. But it's for seven year old babies. Easy to play but oh so hard to master. XD It's extremely popular. Even Werepires play it.

Fat German Man - A fat German man who appears in several stories in different story continuities.

He first appeared in "The MB vs. Adolph Hitler" as the Nazi guard in charge of keeping an eye on Cajun and Nathan. Geo and T_L managed to save their comrade Cajun but were too late for Nathan, who was brutally raped and then killed only to later reappear as a Nazi zombie in the story.

In "An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift" he appears again as a Wal-Mart employee, the evil antagonists of the story this time around rather than Nazis, hiding in a freezer with McDonald's employees playing Uno. This time however he is named "Heinrich von Lardo" by the author of the story he originally appeared in and has yet again raped the dead body of Nathan. He is storing the body of Nathan in the freezer so he can rape it again later after work. Crimson finds him and isn't very happy. His final fate is left ambiguous for Crimson closes the freezer and the man instantly begins screaming insanely and is never shown again.

Furbies - Evil toys created by Hasbro. They crave world domination and human flesh. In the second Wal-Mart fic they are locked in a mysterious crate and freed by Belbell, who adopts them as their mother figure. They kill off her and her bf Nathan in the story and can communicate telepathically amongst each other so that humans don't hear their evil schemes. The Furbies freed by Belbell are not the only evil Furbies, all Furbies are evil, as shown by the army of Furbies that attack the Megabuddies in the toy aisle.

"Girlfriend Stealer!" - Gbleek's now infamous catchphrase. It's often screamed at Zeldafan in relation to Soma at inappropriate moments.

Holy Golf Club of Doom - An ordinary everyday putter club used for playing golf. Except this golf club is spray painted and isn't used for sports. The Holy Golf Club of Doom is wielded by Zeldafan in close combat and is feared for it's brutality in splitting skulls and beating the crap out of people. When people are arguing ZF will occasionally sigh and bonk the people on their noggin with the club to try and knock some sense into them. He also is very protective of his golf club and if you try and jack it you'll regret it.

Lowliest Admin - The deragatory term used for Nathan aka Hairybulborb. It means he has the least administrative authority and is the least respected and least important admin.

Nathan Dying - Killing Hairybulborb off in a story starring your friends on MB is by now a tradition. He is often portrayed as a cowardly dork who soils his pants in the face of danger. In most stories he is in a relationship with Belbell.

Phil the Platypus - The fanfiction spirit animal of BradHummr. He is also the original spirit animal on the site.

Created by Cajun for "An MB Horror Story 2: Second Shift", BradHummr's mind got messed up due to experimentation on him by a carnival's freakshow *Yes a literal freakshow* and his body mutated allowing him to meet his spirit animal and embark on a quest to fulfill his epic destiny. Phil often comes to Brad at annoying times, has a strange thing for offering Brad sardines each time they meet and likes tea. He gives Brad lots of helpful advice and acts as a mentor sort of person to guide Brad. When Brad falls asleep, the two encounter each other in the dream world and hang out.

He and Rocky are enemies. He and ZF's spirit animal are plotting to toss Rocky into a volcano and Phil has even requested his human to kill him if he sees him. Phil also appears in other MB story continuities as Brad's spirit animal.

Rocky the Rock - The original spirit thingy, and in a way the second official MB spirit animal. Rocky is the spirit "animal" of the MB member Geo and is often quite rude to Geo and gives him half-assed advice. Apparently Geo doesn't care or he would have complained by now. Rocky is a boulder with googly eyes and a mouth scribbled on him in sharpie.

Rocky was created by Triforce_Luigi. Rocky often complains to Geo about how much Phil sucks and Geo is always an eager listener. Currently Rocky is on tour in Germany riding around in a tank. He is also a masterful player of staring contests.

Sexy Burrito - A "sexy burrito" is just a regular burrito. Belbell took a liking to the term after Mega one day jokingly called her burrito a "sexy burrito". It has become a popular saying on MB.

Shadow Dying - A tradition of MB fanfiction is to kill off Curtis/The Martyr/Shadow in your story starring your friends! It is custom to kill him off in a comical way that involves him showing off his infatuation with Mega and trying to do something idiotic in hopes of impressing her so that she will date him. He is a wild card personality wise, and is often either a coward or a mindless hero used as cannon fodder.

Sideswipe - A Transformer allied with the Autobots. He has a twin brother, Sunstreaker, but in Revenge of the Fallen he is a single character and Mudflaps and Skids are now the Autobot twins. Simian and Cajun made a fad out of him on MB because they were bored. To partake in the fad one compares his awesomeness to other lowly beings for lolz and basically speaks of him as a Chuck Norris figure. DAMN he's good. B)

Spirit Animals - Spirit animals run rampant on Megabuddies. Apparently everyone has them. It started with one of Cajun's stories and then just caught on. There are now numerous recurring spirit animal characters in several current stories on the forum.

Spirit Thingy - The term used for things that aren't animals but are the spirit guides for Megabuddies. The spirit animals Phil and Nico in particular use it as a deragatory term to refer to Geo's spirit "animal" Rocky who is a freaking rock.

Transformers - Kickass transforming robot toys. They have cool cartoons, movies, toys and video games. They are AWESOME. Simian's story stars them alongside Zetraloids. In Cajun's Wal-Mart story they are found in the toy section brawling over a Rubix Cude in the possession of Gbleek.

Wal-Mart Incident - Many stories contain flashbacks to, references to, or just plain out are about Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is an evil cooperation out to kill the Megabuddies. The brave souls who fought there will always go down as legends in history. The store is a freaking house of horrors. They are in league with in-store McDonalds and Verizon Wireless.

Werepires - The misshapen mutant results of horrible genetic experiments in Nazi Germany. They are a cross between vampires and werewolves. For some reason as a result of the experiments they can also survive in sunlight. They are covered in fur and have the muscular body and strength of a werewolf. Basically they look just like werewolves, but can turn into bats. They eat a healthy diet of blood and meat. BradHummr saved them and so they look up to him. He is their leader.

"When Plot Demands It" - Term used to describe the convenience of things in stories such as a character just happening to have the item needed to describe a foe if the plot demands it to be so. Coined by T_L.

Zetraloids - The creations of our leader Mega10. She has hundreds of em. They're like humanoid robot people inspired in a way by Mega Man. Mega can explain a lot better than I can. Ask her instead of reading this for basic info lulz. Razz

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Bacon Bandit
Bacon Bandit

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PostSubject: Re: The MB Dictionary   Sun May 09, 2010 5:12 pm

The Game-A digital world created by Mega. The only standard way to enter The Game is the Virtulatorinator. A device used to virtulize people and objects into the game. Though there are rumored to be other ways in. Once in the game you are stuck there until you 1.Escape or 2.Die

Admin language-A way of speech known amongst all the admins but the lowliest admin Nathan. Crimson used it to send a rescue message to the MB's when they were trapped in wal-mart.

Jonas Brothers-The source of all musical evil. The music they play is capable of enslaving females while litterly causing guys' heads to explode. Joe Jonas was killed by a Furrbie thrown by ZF in the 2nd wal-mart fic.

The Connect Four Joke- first seen in ZF's fic KB Knights, it has now become a reoccuring joke in fics starrign the MBs. It often involves two MBs playing connect four at an inappropriate moment and another pointing out noone under the age of seven even plays the game.

The Fork- A mysterious force that seems to randomly govern the diffrent MB fics. In some stories it can be directly controlled by certian individuals. But his often back fires for one reason or another.

Potatos- Random vegtables that Mega/Crimson is able to communicate with.
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The Pony Buddy
The Pony Buddy

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PostSubject: Re: The MB Dictionary   Sun May 09, 2010 10:17 pm

u forgot High School Musical 3
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PostSubject: Re: The MB Dictionary   

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The MB Dictionary

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