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 A Corruptor Christmas

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PostSubject: A Corruptor Christmas   Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:42 pm

Christmas... For a few days every year, war was forbidden. It wasn't much, only from the 23rd to the 26th, but it was nevertheless there.

Nobody really knew when it had been proposed, or by who; The Corruptors hardly seemed like the kind to ask for a truce with the humans they so badly wanted dead, and the HP Forces had always had trouble approaching the murderous robotics. But at some point, it had been agreed. No matter how long the war took, during christmas both sides would just take a break. The HP were not to search out or kill any Corruptors, and Corruptors were not to attack or murder anyone.

And it had stuck, as both sides were quite grateful to get a break where nobody attacked another. The few that broke the truce were quickly taken down by police and Corruptor alike.

Hanacha sighed softly. Christmas eve... Most of the other Corruptors were celebrating, but she sat off to the side and away from the group. Truth to be told, despite the festivities she felt lonely. Several of her friends had been killed in the last few months. Most of all the loss of her guardian, Hilliard, pained her. Ever since she had become corrupted he had been there and watched over her... But now he had gone insane, then been killed.

"Hana! Hana Hanacha, what's wrong??"

She glanced up from her thoughts to see a monkey robot in red and brown colors hopping up and down in front of her. He spoke at a frantic pace, as he always did, drunk on the christmas spirit. "Dun be so sad! Lessgo play!"

"I d-don't feel like i-it, ribbid." the frog answered shyly. "It's o-okay, Sprague." Sprague was one of her remaining friends; Ever since a near-death experience he was on probation, not allowed to leave the base or move about too much, but as far as she could tell he utterly ignored all of the doctor's recommendations.

"Whazzup then?" the monkey asked, jumping and flipping so that he landed upside down, standing on his hands. "You hungry?"

"N-No, ribbid..."

"Then what? What what's wrong Hana?"

"I miss Hilliard, r-ribbid."

"Oh." Sprague's pose faltered and he moved back up into a proper position. "Oh yeah, he died."

There was a tinge of guilt in his voice, Hanacha noted. She shook her head softly. "It's o-okay ribbid. He wasn't hi-himself, right? It's j-just, so-so many ended up d-dead. A-And Sonci too, ribbid..."

"Sonci's not dead!" Sprague called in a surprisingly cheerful tone, hopping as though he had just found the best solution ever. "Right?! He's out and alive! And ya know where right??"


With a big smile the monkey grabbed Hanacha's arm and dragged her to her feet. "Lezzgo play!" Without explaining himself he dragged her in among the people. She tried to object, and they got quite a few annoyed glances, but nothing seemed to deter her friend from doing what he thought would help. Abruptly she was released, then found a big piece of food shoved into her arms - she stumbled a bit and bumped into someone's hip. She looked up to the person, starting to apologize in stuttered hiccups, but all she recieved was a pat on the head and a smile.

The one she'd bumped into was a humanoid robot, in simple near non-existant silver armor and with cluttered, dark grey hair. Nothing about him stood out aside from his red eyes and the fact that his left arm had been replaced with a skeleton-like claw arm slightly longer than what fit. "H-Hi K-Kr-Kryo..."

"Careful or you'll drop something." the robot said and crouched down, helping Hanacha balance the heap of food Sprague had literally shoved into her arms. While many others had vanished, Kryo was one of those who had appeared - a captured police rookie she had only barely gotten her commander to spare the life of. "There we go. I was starting to wonder where you went off to, Hanacha."

"I-I was..." Hanacha begun, but was cut short as Sprague leapt down in front of her with a bag full of cookies. Kryo chuckled.

"Leave some for the rest too, monkey boy." he said, but Sprague just stuck his tongue out at him. Hanacha blinked. "Hey, Hana, I got you something. Wait here and I'll go get it, okay?"

"B-but..." Before Hanacha could protest, Kryo turned and left. Somewhat baffled, she sat down and Sprague sat down in front of her.

"Cookie?" he asked in an overly enthusiastic voice, holding a gingerbread man up into her face, and she took it before he could decide to shove it into her mouth. As she munched on the cookie man's head, Sprague opened the bag of cookies and set it on the floor, not caring at all that they were in the way. Hanacha put down some of the food she had been given, and was soon kept occupied as Sprague made sure not to let her slink off again, and some other of her friends soon joined in to keep her happy and cheerful throughout the festivities.

Eventually everything ended... Many went to sleep, while others just plain passed out on the floor. Sprague had vanished sometime during the evening. A few were still awake, off in another room and laughing as they played a game of some sort - a violent one judging from the sounds - and in the distance Presta could be heard chastising someone for being drunk.

Although she lay on a very soft frog-patterned pillow, and had dozed off for a little while, Hanacha now found herself unable to sleep. The loneliness that came with Hilliard not being there or bringing her to her room had appeared again, and nobody lay near to watch over her. Not even Sprague... She sat up and looked around for the monkey, now starting to get concerned as to where he had gone.

"Sp-Sprague?" she asked in a low voice as she moved about, looking for her friend until she eventually found him asleep, his tail hanging out of a ventilation shaft. She smiled in relief, but soon stopped as she realized she felt no more relaxed. Something was missing. As she kept wandering, she took note of the overabundance of food left. The cookie bag Sprague had left still had some cookies in it, but she wasn't hungry.

'Sonci's alive, right? And you know where she is?' I wonder what he meant by that... She idly pondered about the meaning to herself, then frowned. True, Sonci WAS alive. He was also alone. Suddenly she felt very sorry for the boy - after all he had been one of her friends too, up until his betrayal... Now he was just a stray, a Corruptor with no organization or place to call 'home', and described as psychotic and dangerous.

... It wasn't fair, when she saw him last he was terrified and homesick. She knew he couldn't be responsible for everything he was accused of... Having to spend christmas as a stray in that state, how would he feel?

She took the cookie bag and gathered some more food from the table, filling it before going to the teleporter room. She didn't know whether it would be unattended or not, but was surprised to find the attendant halfway drunk and giggling to themselves. "He-Hello?" she called.

"Oh heeeey, it's the froggy! Hopscotch, froggy girl?" the attendant chuckled. Hanacha frowned, not sure what they meant until the attendant waved a bottle of some kind of scotch in her general direction. She just shook her head with a soft croak, and the attendant frowned down at her sourly. "Whaddya want then?"

"Co-could you teleport me t-to A-Aliero?"

"Froggyyyy, I can't understand that stutter..." the attendant groaned. "Try again!"

"A-Ali... Aliero!" Hanacha called. "Ca-Can you do that, ribbid?"

The attendant giggled again. "Say 'ribbid' again and I will."

"Wh-why, ribbid...?"

"Nothing, froggy dear. Uh, lesse, this thing did... this thing still does this thing I think." the attendant grumbled a bit, pushing at buttons with exaggerated movements, and Hanacha grew worried that she would be sent to the wrong place. Soon she felt the lurch that came with being teleported, and to her relief found that she was indeed in the city called Aliero.

This was where Sonci had last been sighted. She looked around the city, with snow and bright lights everywhere. It wasn't likely that he was out in plain sight, with how illuminated everything was. She began to look for tracks, and thanks to the late hour there weren't many sets of footprints and she easily found the ones that had to belong to her friend. They were halfly snowed over, but still clear enough for her to follow. In front of a few windows they became clearer, as though he had stopped to look inside.

In the end the tracks lead out of the city, and she stopped once she saw something discolored against the snow. She slowed down and begun to sneak, walking a bit clumsily as her legs were unused to the sensation of not jumping or bouncing. But it was far more silent than her usual movements...

She paused as she saw the thing in the snow clearer. It was a teenage boy, robotic, his skin a dirty and pale and almost greyish hue. He wore a black helmet with blue batwings on, and his body was draped in a dirty cloak. He looked very exhausted and sad, sitting with his body leaned on his legs and apparently sleeping.

"So-Sonci?" Hanacha asked cautiously as she approached him, speaking in a fairly loud voice. She got no response, and raised her voice further. "Sonci?"

This time there was a response. The boy shifted uneasily and hugged the cloak tighter around himself, after a few seconds opening his eyes just a little bit and looking to her. There was such a scarred look in his eyes... As he saw who had called him he became startled, scrambling to his feet and backing off a few steps slowly. "Sonci, wa-wait! Please c-calm down ri-ribbid!"

Sonci hesitantly stopped backing away. Then he sat down again, and Hanacha approached carefully. She couldn't help but make little hops as she went up to her friend, or ex-friend, or whatever she should call him. As she got close the boy spoke in a low tone, not threatening or upset but rather worried. "Why are you here...?"

"I... I wa-wanted to c-che-check up on y-you ribbid..." Hanacha murmured. She hugged the package closer to her body, a bit frightened but ignoring the sensation. The boy looked near relieved, only that constant paranoid worry keeping him from looking like he used to. "It's C-Christmas, ribbid. Y-You shouldn't be all a-alone. Is that wh-why you're so sa-sad?"

Sonci gave no answer at first; He just watched her, eyes wide, before looking aside to the city and all its glowing lights. "M... maybe a bit."

She walked up and sat by his side and he made no move to stop her, just an uncertain glance. "I killed your fr- our friends..." he said. He seemed to be listening halfly to something else, suddenly grabbing his head and shaking it. "Shut up, please!"

"Are y-you okay, ribbid?" Hanacha asked, and he cancelled the move at once. Instead he just nodded weakly, looking down to her. She couldn't think of anything to say, and just moved the bag of food in between the two, in the hopes that he would take it. "Merry c-christmas..."

Without a word Sonci picked up the bag, opening it and looking at the contents. Then he smiled, a genuine smile without the paranoid terror that had plagued his features. He put the bag down again next to himself, and put a hand onto the frog's head, petting her. She let him and soon he picked her up, hugging her as he mumbled something. "Thank you."

She couldn't think of much to say, but just being there seemed to be enough for the boy. He didn't really speak or move about, but he looked serene and happy and as dawn approached, he fell asleep. Hanacha smiled as she watched the boy, sitting leaned on him and dozing until a voice spoke into her communicator.

"Heeeey, froggy...? Do you wanna come back yet? It's been hours now, ya know, you're gonna worry people when they wake."

"I-I'll come ba-back, ribbid. Thank you." she answered, suppressing a yawn. She was soon brought back to the base, and sleepily went back to where she had previously been sleeping. The corruptors playing a game were still up, but it seemed even they had grown too sleepy to remain awake much longer, and Sprague was awake once more - watching her with a big, knowing grin. Hanacha curled up on her pillow with a smile. Quite soon, she was asleep, her heart feeling much lighter.

Merry christmas, ribbid~
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A Corruptor Christmas

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