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 The Brawl

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PostSubject: The Brawl   Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:07 am

WARNING DANGER DANGER WARNING! Not for little children or people who can't stand extreme violence

Richard sat in a bar, drinking his 5th...6th? He lost count, and he didn't care either. His dog died, the IRS took all his money, his wife left him...Life didn't matter anymore, so he decided to drink it off.

"Get me another," he slurred, pushing the bottle he was drinking away from him. Suddenly another man sat next to him. "How ya doin'?" the man asked.

"Leave me alone," Richard said quietly, taking his beer from the bartender.

"Hey man, chill out. Want me to buy you a beer or something?

"Fuck off," Richard said coldly.

The other man put his hand on Richard's shoulder, and then Richard turned around and jacked the other man in the face. The man flew backwards onto a table, knocking the table over.

"What the hell, man?!" a large biker yelled at Richard. The biker angrily threw his beverage at Richard, who amazingly ducked the projectile. The bottle, however, hit another biker playing pool. It shattered on the player's leather jacket, staining it with the beer. The pool player whipped around, and saw the large biker that threw the bottle. He charged at the biker with his pool stick, and whacked the biker over the head, knocking him out cold.

Another biker from the table jumped towards the pool player and pinned him on the ground. He started punching the pool player in the face violently, his biker friends cheering him on. Several bar goers got up from their table, and pulled the biker off. The biker wildly thrashed around, cursing and trying to get back to beating the pool player.

Meanwhile, Richard returned to get another drink. "Bartender," he sputtered out. "Get me a drink,"

"He there, I think you've had too many," the bartender said. "Why don't I call a cab, get you back home?"

Richard growled, not acknowledging the bartender's offer, and went to the door.

"That's the guy that started this mess!" one drinker yelled, pointing at Richard. Richard looked back, and then continued on his way to the door. Suddenly he felt pain in his back, the weight of a chair coming down on his back. Richard fell to his knees, as the bikers gathered around him, kicking him while he was down.

"Hey, get the **** away from him!" The bartender yelled. "Or I'm gonna have to make ya'll leave!"

One biker turned to the bartender, and pulled out a switchblade. He charged at the bartender, slitting her throat. A bar customer jumped from his seat, and tackled the biker. The customer elbowed the biker, breaking his nose, and continued to beat the biker. Several other bikers came to the other's aid, and were met by the customer's accomplices.

Richard was able to get away, and pull something from his pants. Suddenly there was a loud gunshot, followed by several screams. The fighting stopped, as a biker fell to the floor, a bullet where his heart was and blood flowing on the floor. The everyone immediately stopped fighting, and turned their attention to Richard. Richard aimed his handgun at another biker, but then he saw that a woman had called 911. He fired the weapon at the woman, who then slumped on the ground, the bullet going through her shoulder.

"Hey man...j-just calm down man," One biker said, only to be met by a bullet to his face.

"Everyone shut up...I'm getting out of here..." Richard said, slowly inching to the door. After getting out of the bar, he threw his gun on the ground and ran into his car. He started the car up, and sped out of the parking lot.

Rushing through the small neighborhood he was in, he was so drunk he was swerving around wildly. He made a sharp left, running over a young woman and her boyfriend crossing the street, and about 5 blocks later ran into a light pole. He got out of his car, and was met by two police men.

"Sir, have you been drinking?" one asked.

"What's it to ya?!" Richard asked angrily.

"Sir, we're gonna need to breathalyze you," the other said. Richard picked up an iron rod, and bashed it into the second police man's blood-gushing head. Richard continued to bash the police man's skull several more times until the police man's partner pulled out his pistol, shooting Richard twice through the back.

"Eddie, oh Christ Eddie!" the first policeman yelled. "Y-you *******!" he yelled at Richard, who was still clinging onto life. Richard tried to respond, but only managed to let out a cough. Blood began to flow from his mouth, and the world around him began to fade away. The police man's yelling became unintelligible, as his eyes closed slowly. Richard tried to get up, but to no avail. He fell back to the ground, and all he could see was black.
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The Brawl

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