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 CON Hunters: Devil's Edge

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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: CON Hunters: Devil's Edge   Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:22 pm

Chap 2

Wtf BB is pregnant? O_o

Holy shit Nathan killed Other Nathan. OMG

BB killed Remaining Nathan. O.O WTF XD

T_L kicked $$$. ^_^

"CAJUN!" Emery shouted. "Cajun, don't just stand there, dammit!" She fought with the vampire, shrieking as he plunged his fangs into her neck. "Ca-jun!" >>> Oh shit she's ****. Stick a stake in her heart. Cut off her head. Expose her to the sun! .-.

Chap 3

8:15 She looked at the time on her cell phone-- 9:30. >>> 8 and 15 = lost numbers

Belbell looked up into the face of a smirking, dingy looking clown. >>> PEDO CLOWN! D=

OMG, they hate bright lights. Emery's gonna be a Gremlin. She comes with special needs and shit. OMG

Good, I wanted the rest, anyway." She took the bag back and started eating some more of the sour candies. >>> LOL. XD

YES, come help Cajun deal with IT. .-. She's being moody on me. Must be that time of month. D=

will read more later :U
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You're an Epic Face
You're an Epic Face

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PostSubject: Re: CON Hunters: Devil's Edge   Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:27 pm

Thanks, both of you *I think* XD


Because I'm boring and I make things short.

But don't worry, with some luck I'll have I huge chapter for part two. <3

I'm hoping.

Chapter 9

Emery stalked the halls slowly, listening to every movement and sound. She knew where they were, but she'd rather play games right now.

She was definitely went psycho in her vampire state.

Red and Belbell kept on nervous-running through the halls.

"What should we do?" Belbell hissed, having forgotten about Joe. For now, of course.

"Uh, I don't know, just... just keep running," Red replied, dragging Belbell along.

"Wait, but... The baby.. I mean, I'm pregnant, I'm tired, I don't think I can run anymore," she complained. Red scowled, but stopped anyway.


The two jumped, screaming. Emery jumped down from the ceiling, smirking.

"Looks like I get my meal," Emery cooed, walking towards them as the two started to back up. "Two dummies and an unborn baby on the side."


The girl hissed as a shoe was thrown at her head. She turned to glare at Simian, snarling softly.

"What are you going to do, hit me with another shoe?"

"No, I'm just waiting." Simian grinned nervously.

"You're WHAT?"

"I'm waiting." He pointed back to Suri who was coming with a CON SWAT team behind her.

Emery hissed again, louder, but she didn't move as one of the SWAT members came up and handcuffed her.

"Emery Phantasm, you're under arrest for the murder and threatening of human bystanders."

"What? I didn't do anything, I--"

"You are also an illegal vampire, and have no right to live out in the human world."

As they dragged Emery off, another SWAT member arrested Belbell. "You are under arrest for the murder of Nathan Joel."

"But I didn't kill him!" Belbell cried, "I killed ZF!"

Simian gasped. "How could you?!"

"He killed Nathan Joel, I only took part in his murder! You're arresting me for the wrong murder!"

"...It's the same crap," The SWAT grumbled as he dragged her out of the estate.


T_L got off the ground when Emery was dragged outside.


"We're still together, ok?"

"What? We were never--"

"Doesn't matter." She shot him a glare. "If you ever leave me for anyone else, I'll personally kick your $$$. Got it?"

T_L opened his mouth to protest, but Emery was already being shoved in to a heavy-duty looking van. The SWAT members slid the doors closed just as Belbell was walked out, taken into a small normal cop car.

"Well this is awkward," Mega said, rubbing the back of her head. Emergency vehicles were already pulling in to take away any of the mafia survivors.

"I know." T_L sighed. "I'm actually her boyfriend."

"Don't take that as a surprise. You're irresistible, remember?"

"...Ok then." T_L rubbed the back of his neck before Simian, Suri, Cajun, and Red came to join them.

"This is cliche," Cajun grumbled.

"You've watched so many movies, it will always be cliche," Simian pointed out.

"Shut up," Suri mumbled to Simian.

"I'm starving, all this running made me want a poptart." Red sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Good for you," Simian grumbled.

"So... What are we doing after this?" T_L asked after a moment of silence.

"I need to get back to my writing..." Mega answered, "But I'll probably leave to somewhere nicer. Like Colorado. Or Missouri."

"...Those are the most random.... Nevermind." Suri shrugged. "I'm going to be leaving soon. I got a call the other day that I've ranked up from CON Hunter to CON SWAT. I'll be working for bigger jobs-- And not as back up like these guys." She nudged her head toward the SWAT members, sitting around, waiting for orders.

"I'm stuck here alone?" Red asked with a frown.

"No, they're bringing in some new girl."

"Oh. That's good. Wait, what about you, T_L? Are you staying here??"

"Nah." T_L shrugged. "I'll probably find some better job. This one sucks. I'd rather do this where there's more action."

"Anyway, you have to wait for your girlfriend to get out of jail," Mega cooed, though rather sadly.

"Yeah. That too."

"Well all of ya'll know I was going to move already, old news." Simian stretched. "But I'll keep in touch."

"And I'm traveling until I find someone as hot as Kate Beckinsale who loves movies like I do." Cajun smirked.

"Call me when that happens, I'll take her sister." Simian grinned as Suri smacked him across the head.

"Always thinking about having a new girlfriend, huh?! Ugh, you're so despicable!"

"Oh, despicable me."

The sun started to rise, and Mega yawned. "I better get going."

"Same, same.." The others grumbled, all in their different versions of the words. Mega watched them go and thought back of her two friends.

"What a night," She told herself before leaving as well.
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PostSubject: Re: CON Hunters: Devil's Edge   Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:35 pm

bad emery XD

And illegalness. This is illegal you know =U

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Simian King
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder

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PostSubject: Re: CON Hunters: Devil's Edge   Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:09 pm

Interesting end.

I liked the conversation at the end. And the other stuff.

Too bad it was so short D: BUT PART 2! Very Happy
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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: CON Hunters: Devil's Edge   Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:01 pm

Chapter 4

"Is that Emery? What happened to her?" Mega asked while Killer growled at Simian, who closed the door and tried shooing the dog away >>> It don't like Sim? XP

"I didn't start it! I was trying to cook dinner!"

"Cooking DINNER? You tried to kill my monkey! And you did!" >>> EPIC LOL. She burnt down the house cooking dinner. *rolls eyes* WOMEN. OMG

Yay, I ran off to secure their DVD player, an important mission. Wink XP =3

Chapter 5

Oh! Well there IS a pack of clown-mobsters that have been on my $$$." T_L shrugged. "No big deal, but it's a conflict, right?"

Lol, if they were smart they'd kill Emery. =V She's a liability and INFECTED. XP

XPPP T_L's gonna go feed the cannibal. XP Razz

"Well, um, I was hiding from Cajun in a pile of clothes, and Mega mistook me for a stuffed doll that needed washing." >>> T_L is a doll now, he's in stealth mode. :3 XP LOL protesting doll forced into the washing machine by Mega. ROFL XP

Awkward kiss? EmeryxT_L? O.O And if she beats you up T_L, just roast her with your flamethrower. =)

Chapter 6

XPPP This is so hilariously strange, I like this story a lot.

Clown mafia is T_L's enemy, and meanwhile BB's fraternizing with them, eating their chinese food and playing with the hell hounds they breed. XP!!! Very Happy

Ew, she let it kiss her on the face. XP *the clown*

And apparently, hell hounds eat grapes. O.o XP

"I'm almost damn sure she's lesbian," Cajun grumbled.

"Whuuuuut?" Mega's eyes widened.

"Yeah. She never wants to get laid. I've tried to talk to her about dude actors that are 'hot' and she won't even gush about that." >>> GOSSIP. OMG And from me. OOOh so spicy. :3 Lol lesbian. XP

Connect 4 is a great way to start/end any chapter on Megabuddies. =) XP

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Cajun Canine

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PostSubject: Re: CON Hunters: Devil's Edge   Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:20 pm

Chapter 7

"Hey, dude, did you know Emery is lesbian?" Cajun said as T_L sat down to play a game of Connect Four.

"Whuuuut?" T_L stared at Cajun in surprise. >>> LOL XP

"He's lying," Simian replied, "She's only Thesbian >>> WTF? XP

"Thespian!" T_L and Cajun snapped at the same time. >>> LOL again. xPPP

"Hello," Emery said, getting up. She got up and started to kiss him again, pushing him back towards the bed. T_L went wide-eyed as the girl rubbed against him, not seeming to notice the fact that this was a very awkward situation to be in. >>> IS T_L ABOUT TO BE FEASTED UPON? ;_; T_L is horny or something, and gonna be stupid and not notice things. D= While Emery's face demonically transforms, revealing circular layers of sharp razor sharp jagged teeth for ripping off flesh, her jaw unhinges, and her eyes change to something that looks nonhuman! D= NOT T_L ;_;

He's been tricked! D= At least he didn't get it on with a thespian vampire. =) XP

Right before their lips could lock, bullets slammed through the glass window, shattering most of it. Joe pulled away and grabbed Belbell, pushing her away from the window. >>> Thank god, last thing we need to read is a creepy clown makeout scene. XP

Lol, T_L's gf must be saved. XP

Chapter 8


An apology," he replied sturnly. Emery hissed and shoved him out of the way, storming toward the estate once more. >>> T_L's heartbroken by her thespian betrayal. ;_;

A cow? Poor *******. =C Hmmph, women. XP

"Oh hell." Red looked down at the scratch on his arm. >>> RUN RED!!!
Chapter 9

She's sadistic and playing games. .=.

Baby? Every man for himself. LEAVE HER. xP

Pickaboo! I SEE YOU. O_O

"He killed Nathan Joel, I only took part in his murder! You're arresting me for the wrong murder!"

"...It's the same crap," The SWAT grumbled as he dragged her out of the estate. >>> LMFAO XPPPPPP

"Doesn't matter." She shot him a glare. "If you ever leave me for anyone else, I'll personally kick your $$$. Got it?" >>> Wow. lol


T_L has to wait for his evil gf. XP

Hooray for Kate Beckinsale chick. :3

Lol we're parting ways. Will there be a sequel? HOW WITHOUT... THE TEAM!? O_O XP ;_;

Funny story, loved the anticlimactic ending and wtf dialogue with us expressing our futures. XP

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PostSubject: Re: CON Hunters: Devil's Edge   

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CON Hunters: Devil's Edge

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