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 O-M-G Suri's weird/random/emo/fun/idk poems

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The Pony Buddy
The Pony Buddy

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PostSubject: O-M-G Suri's weird/random/emo/fun/idk poems   Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:30 pm

You want mah poems? Yuh got em~

Missing Love

What do you feel, when you look into your heart?
Do you see happiness, sadness, or joy?
You look deeper, and deeper.
The tender feelings start to flow.

You stare and squint into the wide empty space,
Staring into nothingness,
With your heart beating in place,
There is a chill of ice, feeling empty and cold.

You start to feel alone, alone in this time space fold.
It’s pain, it’s suffering,
You start to cry,
So silent, so deep,
It feels like your life was overthrown.

Missing something that is the world to you,
It’s like part of your life, has been ripped out,
And torn into shreds and bits.

It’s not comforting, the feeling is terrible,
Wanting that love again,
It’s not as easy as meeting a friend.

Whispers start sounding out around you,
“Alone, alone, alone,” the voices repeat.
The agony of bearing this missing gap,
You want it filled, and get it overwith.

Still sobbing, still sad,
You’ve got nowhere to go to.
The eyes are bloodshot red,
Hands soaked from the tears.

Looking up, you appear somewhere else,
Realizing you’re out of your heart,
Where the despair and pain began,
But the tears were real,
Consciousness has returned to you,
Feeling an arm around you, it’s the person who admires you.

Take a glance, take a deep look into their eyes,
They look deeply into you, as if they can read your mind easily.
Staring back into each other, known as meant to be,
This is the right person for you, chosen by fate and destiny.

You move closer to them, they move closer to you,
The lips touch and entwine together, arms around each other,
Kissing deeply in serenity.

This person loves you,
You truly, deeply know that.
Still kissing, a timeless moment,
It’s like this tranquility will never end.

In all the problems you had,
The love was filled in,
By the person who saw you,
And had the decency to love you, and care.

More to come (Edit: I found em, hahaha watch out they're emo-ish)

Shunned By Society

When somebody leaves you,
You feel discreet,
That the one person who understands you,
Has gone for more than a week.

You feel the part,
That has left your heart,
That the one you really, truly know,
Has just left you a chart.

You want to find them,
Oh sure you will,
Just use the chart wisely,
And finding that friend, you will.

And that chart you use,
Will find that friend again,
If by walking through plains or mountains you would,
To find that friend, if you could.

By using that chart you will see,
That’s you’re searching for perfect harmony.
Using the chart will find that friend,
Or thou person’s search, shall never end.

And the graceful memories of one,
Has touched you in much many ways,
That cannot be forgotten,
In any sort of way.

As that person,
That you remember so much,
Has gone, and just left such,
That you will cherish those memories.

As you look, and as you search,
You see others, with the pain of hurt.
People have left them, oh shall they did,
And have crushed their souls, like a cactus best friend 000.

And by finding that person again, that you will see,
That finding them will be such great harmony,
And that they will remember you cared about thee,
They would talk about you, as if you were a brother,
A sister, or closest friend.

And when you find that friend,
From that chart’s eternal end,
You will find that same fate, which everyone has gotten to descend.

When you saw me, that last and final day,
This is what you said to me;

The last you hear from me is the whistle in the wind,
The last you see of me is a cloth blown away,
The last you feel of me is the raindrop on your skin,
The last you remember of me is the smile in the sun,
The last you liked of me was the friendship you remember,
The last you went with me was the beach in the night,
The last you thought of me was a ray of light in the night,
The last you touch of me was the knight’s shining armor, glowing so bright,
The last you get from me is a vial filled with fun,
The last I speak right now, will and shall be done…

The End.

(Yeh, some of this makes no damn sense, oh well)
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The Pony Buddy
The Pony Buddy

Posts : 30
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PostSubject: Re: O-M-G Suri's weird/random/emo/fun/idk poems   Fri May 07, 2010 10:30 pm

Bump. O.o
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The Pony Buddy
The Pony Buddy

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PostSubject: Re: O-M-G Suri's weird/random/emo/fun/idk poems   Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:48 pm

I actually read em'. O-O

I liked the first one alot, easy to relate too. The Second poem was all over the place, not sure what kind of poem it wanted to be. Not necessarily a bad thing at all though.
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PostSubject: Re: O-M-G Suri's weird/random/emo/fun/idk poems   

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O-M-G Suri's weird/random/emo/fun/idk poems

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