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 da last one of my poems

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PostSubject: da last one of my poems   Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:49 am

here it is

In control

On a day
For it is no longer necessary
To be at a fight
With me self about how
So very much sorrow fills my life
For I have besitted myself
With anger and
It turned to furry in an instant
For I have came to a disarray
With this nothingness
For I have decided
To be whole
With no more weeping and scream
For I have grown out
Of my sorrow and anger filled ways
For we have grown apart
So very much I no longer need him
To protect my vulnerable self
So I learned to be at peace
With this thing
Of nothingness I no longer fear
That I will be over came
By this anger and envy
For I learned I must
To be in control
That I must be
In so much peace with myself
To control this darkness inside my self
For I must learn to life live with joyous
With happiness
With a sprit of me
To come to terms could mean
So very much happiness
So much joy
For which I must embraces this darkness
With loving arms
To control it
So very much to make me happy

tell what u like bout it please!!!!
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da last one of my poems

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