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Chicken Byproduct Lovers
Chicken Byproduct Lovers

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PostSubject: poems   Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:56 pm

here is another poem i did

So silent
Yet weeping
So incessant
It screams and shouts
For he knows more about what I am
For no one else has knowledge
For what I am
For Danny Nickels Desson knows all
Of me so true and untainted
For I wish it wasn’t true but
For all the world it
So true but I only wish
That I was
So much smarter
If only I was I wouldn’t have told
So much of me
To a stranger
For that is
So stupid of me I was
So vein wanting him
To text me so endlessly
For days on to no end
For it makes me Oh!
So happy
For he texts bad stuff but only
For a little then i text him back
So fat i wait for him
To text me back and
For all i've tried
To hide my truth
To hide my true self
It Oh! so failed
so miserable failed
in which we yelled at each other
for days and he said
to me i am all he wants
for i am all he needs
to be happy and
yet he is not sure
it is Oh! so true
of me i tried
to hide it but it all come out
to him for no reason
it come like a fluid
of words texted
so fast and now i cry
so endlessly
it was Oh! so stupid
of me i should have been
so much more carefull
for it wasn't suppose
to be known to the world
it wasn't suppose
to leave my mind
for i was Oh!
so stupid
ingluttony and regret
for i shouldn't have said
to Danny my truth
it wasn't supposed to be
at any space except my own
so unknow in my mind
so safe and
so not in the mind
of anyone besides mine
it was so stupid
of me to tell him
so endlessly
for my personal life was
so unknown
to people they know absolutly
so absolutly nothing it was
so good of a time i wanted
it to be so unkown but now
it is so known to a person
it was so reveling
that i wish i wouldn't have told
so much of my life but
that is what made him like me
so much for i liked
for it was so sweet
in a way i liked
so much i giggled endlessly
so i wasn't supposed
to tell so much
to an absolute stranger
that lives in a whole different state
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